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"Wake UP, Ashley!" Ashley woke, drowsily, to Tori shaking her, frantically. "IT is here!"

Ashley was still half asleep when they Jumped. Where…"Where are we?" she asked no one in particular.


Tori looked around and gasped. Were they…? Yes! South Park! Was that? YES! TWEEK!

"Ohmaigawd!" Tori squeed. "It's TWEEK!"

"AH!" Tweek exclaimed. He ran off, Tori after him. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"



Tori caught up to him and scooped him up into her arms. "AWWW! You're soooo cute! Omochikaeri!"

"NO! Let me GO!" Tweek yelled.

"Hey! Tori, what are you doing to the poor kid?" Ashley scolded, catching up to them. "Oh no…you want to take him home, huh?"

"WHAT??" Tweek's eyes widened.

"Put him down," Ashley demanded.

"But…but…lookit him!" Tori held up the twitching Tweek in front of Ashley's face. "HE'S SO CUTE!"

"What'd she find, now?" The Nose asked, walking up to them.

Ashley poked the nose, "You know, you're really creepy. Stop acting like a creeper…" The Nose snapped at her. Tweek shrieked and turned to bury his face against Tori's shoulder.

"JACK! You scared him!" Tori scolded. "Ashley…I think it's time to slim down…."

"I'd be honored. But I'm taking Carl too…"

Ashley grabbed Jack by his nose. She dragged him to where Carl was filming Craig giving him the middle finger. Carl Denham is a dumbass.

"CARL! You are going home! Griffin! Keep an eye on Tori. She'll most likely wander off, toting Tweek with her…" Ashley demanded with one breath.

"She's already gone…" Griffin said, nonchalantly.

"WHAT?!" Ashley exclaimed. "Well, go look for her!"

"What?!?" Griffin snapped. "Why me?!"

"I won't get you a jacket if you don't…"

"FINE! But only THIS ONCE! I'm not a babysitter!"


"Ashley?" Luigi had come up to her. "I wish to go home as well…"

Ashley Jumped them away and came back later. Everyone had left to find Tori (meaning Preston, Jimmy, David, and Griffin, as a refresher). "And I bet they're not looking in the right place…" Ashley shrugged and started walking. "It seems to be a Saturday, so I'll go to the Jew's house!"


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