New Beginning

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Inugami: Hey I changed my pen name! My friend said I can't use her 1st name as my pen name any more. T3T

Natasia: Nope you can't cause I say so.

Asuna: So let me get this straight. The Natasia we knew was you? *Points at real Natasia*

Natasia: Yes. Inugami was off somewhere else, so I pretty much took over hosting for her fanfictions. Just call me her sidekick. ^w^

Asuna: Okay than.

Setsuna: Nice to meet the real person behind the stories.

Inugami: Nice to meet you too Setsuna-san.

Konoka: Ohhh Inugami is the author while Natasia is the host I get it!

Inugami: Well please enjoy this fanfiction writen by the real author your's truely!


Months after the trip to Mundus Magicus, or in other words the Magic World, swordsman, Setsuna Sakurazaki and Magi healer Konoka Konoe had decided to travel to the United States to live a normal high school life. Asuna Kagurazaka had accompanied the two along with young ten year old Magister Magi Negi Springfield.

It was Konoka, Setsuna and Asuna's first day of high school. The school that they had attended was Panther Creek, a typical public high school. Unfortunately Asuna had chosen different classes than Konoka and Setsuna. Asuna not being the brightest student in the world had chosen lower classes to accommodate her academic level. Where as Konoka and Setsuna took all honor classes and high level math classes.

Konoka and Setsuna had the same class schedule and homeroom teacher. The only class that they had Asuna in was Lunch and that wasn't even a class. They didn't even have any elective classes together at all. Of course though Setsuna and Asuna were in the same club activities, the Kendo club and the Martial Arts club. Konoka chose her favourite club activity, the fortune telling club.

Heading to her first class, Asuna looked around the building for the Biology room. Not looking where she was going she had ended up bumping into a girl. Coming out of her daze, Asuna looked at who she had run into. The teen looked to be the same age as Asuna, she had black hair, looked more like a really cute boy than a girl, wore a beanie hat that was colored brown and had dog ears flopping off the top of it, she was even dressed as a boy, right down to the baggy brown shorts and black Nike shoes.

As if nothing happened, the girl gave Asuna a big smile flashing a pair of nice white teeth as if she had just gotten back from the dentist. "Hi! Are you a freshman also? Let me introduce myself, I'm Natasia Tadeo! But you can just call me Enep!" The girl said still smiling at Asuna. Asuna smiled at her, she reminded her so much of Noriya Tan back in Japan. "Nice to meet you Enep, I'm Asuna Kagurazaka."

"What class are you heading to? I'm heading to Biology right now." Enep told Asuna. Asuna looked at her curiously and took a glance at Enep's schedule. Enep was in all of Asuna's classes except for English. "I'm heading to Biology also, looks like you and I have almost all of our classes together." Asuna told the spirited girl. Enep was glad to hear this, and overjoyed that she made a new friend on her first day. She couldn't wait to tell her middle school friends about everything.

Having classes that were an hour and a half long was tiresome and boring. Natasia was taking wholesome notes and tried to listen to the class, while Asuna was having a hard time absorbing everything in. Asuna was always the type that drifted off into la-la land during long classes and periods of time. She eventually though was caught by the teacher. "Miss Kagurazaka, would you like to tell us what you are thinking of right now?"

Snapping out of her daze, Asuna looked up to see the Biology teacher looking at her straight in the eyes. Panicking Asuna tried to think up an excuse of why she was daydreaming and not paying attention. "I-I'm sorry, I'm just a little bit tired that's all. Hehe first day jitters, I'll pay attention now."

Asuna hadn't come off to a good start with her Biology teacher. And things got worse along the continuation of the school day. Asuna was really down by the time lunch had came. Asuna, Enep, Setsuna and Konoka were all sitting at the same table. A new start, things came great for Setsuna and Konoka, Asuna's day was poop, and Enep was glad she made new friends on her first day of school.

Inugami: Well there you have it folks the real Natasia has been revealed!

Natasia: Oh shut up Inugami. *Head locks me*

Me: Ok I give I give!

Natasia: *Laughs*

Setsuna: You two must have known each other for a long time huh?

Inugami: Nah not very long we've only known each other since the beginning of 6th grade.

Natasia: Yup, but she's been my best girl friend since.

Inugami: Uh huh! Well hope you like this story until next time!