Stay With Me

I had attended the wedding after intense urging, blackmailing, and threatening from Gai-sensei and Lee. But right now, as I watched the girl walk down the aisle to Neji, I wished I had refused. I looked at Neji. He looked as good as always, the dark circles under his eyes doing nothing to his looks. I smiled slightly when he looked at me, determined to be cheerful.

Neji locked gazes with me and didn't look away, his eyes telling millions of things that couldn't be conveyed through his lips. My lips lifted a little more, "I know," I mouthed silently.

Neji turned back to Hiashi-sama, the person marrying the couple. After droning on about how they were going to love and care for each other until death, he finally said, "If anyone has an argument with this reunion, step forth now."

I said nothing, determined to keep Neji from getting in trouble with the Elders. "I have something against it."

Everyone turned, collective gasps on their lips as they saw the spunky, tall, blonde girl with a lazy, pineapple genius on one side of her, and a red headed, blank faced sand wielder on the other side. "Temari…." Shikamaru muttered, slapping himself on the forehead.

Temari stood straight and tall, her eyes defiant as she matched every single Hyuuga, glare for glare. "I object and my brother, the Kazekage, agrees with me."

Hiashi-sama looked like he had just bitten into a sour lemon as he said, "State your reasons."

Temari cocked her hip and placed her hand on it, "For one, this marriage is going to be absolutely miserable and both the bride and groom will probably kill either each other or themselves by two years have passed."

"This is a marriage of convenience," an Elder said slowly and clearly, as if he was talking to a child. I winced, I knew how pissed Temari would get now, "The bride and groom's comfort has nothing to do with it."

Temari ignored him, "For another, this girl seemed much more happier talking with Shino about the finer aspects of bugs then sitting with Neji saying nothing at all." I smiled discreetly, I would've known what Neji was thinking.

"As I said before—" the Elder began again but Temari bulldozed through.

"For another," she said loudly, over the Elders arguments, "Both the Kazekage and Hokage disagree with this arrangement, as do I and Hinata-san."

Hiashi-sama turned his cool gaze to poor Hinata who stood as a bridesmaid to the side of the bride, "Is this true?"

"Yes Father," Hinata said clearly, "I'm afraid that all this would do is create unrest among the Hyuuga Clan."

Temari ignored their tiny discussion, "The Kazekage has said that he would withdraw his help on all missions if it involves the Hyuugas if this happens and the Hokage as well as the future Hokage has said that if this happens, Hyuugas will be forbidden from going to missions."

I winced, that was truly blunt and to the point but the punishments seemed a little harsh. I got my answer why when a voice rang through the crowd, "YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! TSUNADE-BAA, I MEAN TSUNADE-SAMA SAID JUST THAT!" Naruto yelled.

Temari smiled and turned to Hiashi-sama with a triumphant smile, "So what do you say, sir?"

Hiashi-sama scowled, "Very well, but Neji must get married by the end of the month or the position goes right back to Hinata."

All of the Konoha Thirteen laughed quietly, knowing that we would be married by the end of that. After that little agreement, the whole place was in chaos. I slipped pass people until I reached the somewhat happy somewhat disappointed bride and relieved groom. "Hello," I said softly.

Neji whipped around, "TenTen…." he breathed. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me softly, "Stay with me," he whispered in my ear, "Stay with me forever and never leave me…."

"Request or command?" I asked suspiciously.


"Then yes," I said softly, kissing Neji on the mouth. When we parted for air, I saw the bride talking to Shino quite animatedly, her eyes bright and happy. "Everyone's happy," I whispered softly, burying my face in Neji's chest. "You know," I added, speculatively, "I really must thank Temari some time…"

"Later," Neji said, "Right now, I just want to stay with you."

I looked up at him, "I will…." I whispered, trying my best to drown in everything that was Neji.

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