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POVS:- Emmett's, Alice's,

Little Emmett- The Sequel

Emmett's POV

"Esme, are you sure this is a good idea?" Bella said, frowning. Edward wrapped his arm tightly around her, then sighed.

"Bella, don't fret," I laughed. "A family trip to Isle Esme will not be too dangerous." I chuckled with silent laughter and that thought. Bella has always been the worry wart if the family...

The whole family was gathered in the dining room, sitting at the huge wooden table. We had been discussing a yearly family trip for nearly 2 weeks now. Alice sat bouncing in her seat, obviously excited by what we were talking about. I rolled my eyesv at her, once I caught her gaze. She stuck her tongue out at me, and I laughed. Rosalie squeezed my hand tightly from under the table, and I squeezed back.

"Oh believe me, what has happened in the past 10 years hasn't exactly been... normal." Bella snapped, her lips tugging up at the corners.

I suppose she was right. Ever since I had become a vampire 10 years ago, and we had moved back to Forks, everything had been... odd.

And everything got blamed on me.

First, I got arrested for carrying too much alchol in my car. It wasn't that much... Only 30 bottles of wine, 9 bottles of Vodka, and 55 bottles of beer... Okay, maybe that is alot. But I couldn't consume it anyway! Too bad Edward told me that after I had done it... Bastard. I heard him laughing, and glared at him.

Hmm... What else had happened... Oh! Rosalie and I had accidently knocked down the barn on Oak street. It wasn't even my fault! Rose was the one who pushed me against the wall! Esme and Carlisle were not happy at all by that. They recieved a stern call from the residence pf that house... The Newtons. I let out a hysterical laugh, and everybody became silent.

"Nothing," I waved them, off, and they continued to plan.

It felt so good to be home, in foresty, bushy, green Forks. That was the best thing. Mobile gets boring after being there for so long.

The past couple of years had been fun. Rosalie and I are now in our final year at Forks high school. Again. Or again for her anyway. We had recieved countless visits from Renesmee and Jacob, who are happy and well. Even the Denalis had come. Bella was not happy about Tanya's countless flirting with our very own Eddie. I chuckled again. Silly Bella... Our little jealous vampires.

I suppose I shouldn't talk.

Latley, alot of men had been asking Rosalie out. And I mean alot. Once or twice I had punched them out, and Esme got a very angry call from Mr Green... Well the dudes deserved it! They were practically taking her clothes off! One had a broken nose, broken jaw, broken cheek bone. Luckily I had thought of not punching them too hard, seeing I could have shattered there weak skulls into a million pieces.

"Then it's settled. We'll leave tomorrow." Esme declared, breaking me out of my trance.

"Cool. What's Isle Esme like?" I asked. I had never actually been there. It kinda amazed me, seeing Esme and Carlisle had been there 3 times, and Edward and Bella 5.

"The most beautiful place you have ever seen," Bella grinned. She exchanged a long look with Edward, then they started giggling.

"What—Actually, I don't want to know." I said. Ew, Edward and Bella, my brother and sister... That sounds gross. "Oh, and Bella. 'The most beautiful place in the world' doesn't exactly narrow it down."

Roslalie slapped me on the back of the head, and I swiveled around to face her directly. What the hell?

I shrugged it off, and turned back to the family. I noticed Carlisle and Esme had already gone upstairs, probably to pack. I pulled myself up, and then pulled Rose up after me. She smiled.

"We're going to go pack." I said, heading for the stairs.

Jasper laughed. "Right... Pack." He winked at me, before I flashed him the finger. He disappeared behind the wall, and I began sprinting up the stairs.

"Oh! Em, Rose! You want help packing!?" Alice yelled, from the bottom of the stairs.

Rose and I looked at each other, with worried glances. "No!"

I heard Alice grunt, then sigh in annoyance.

"We'll be here for awhile if we let her." Rosalie laughed. By now, she was speeding round the room, like a whirl wind. A really hot whirl wind.

I followed suit, running round the room very, very fast, gathering clothes as I went.

Alice's POV

Oh. My .God.

We are going to Isle Esme! In 14 hours! This is going to be soo fun!

And the best part is, I get to pick out the bathing suits; And, by strict orders from Esme, Bathing suits only. I was pretty annoyed at that, but I'm cool now.

Of course I had already packed them, like 13 hours 45 minute ago. Yes I'm keeping count. That's just how hyped I am.

Now I was standing in the middle of our room, making out with Jaz.

"Are. You sure. You. Have. Everything?" I said between lip locks.

He smiled. And kissed me again before speaking. "Ali, relax. We have like, 16 hours left."

I leaned back, and swang my legs around his waist. "Hello? 14?"

He laughed, and kissed my neck. "Oh, well how did I get that so wrong?"

I rolled my eyes, and stuck my tongue out at him. "Nobody likes a smart ass. Actually on 2nd thoughts, maybe I do."

I looked at him, clearly hinting. He got the message, and let out a loud laugh.

"God I love you." He whispered seductivley in my right ear.

"Right back at you, honey." I said. That's when I questioned myself... Have I got everything I need for this kinda not honeymoon? Hmm... Jasper likes it when I—

"Alice, don't worry that spiky little head! Everything will work out for the best!" He said. By this time, we were sitting on the bed. I was in his lap, with my arms tightly around his neck, never letting him go.

"It's not that, it's... Maya and Oliver." I said.

Maya and Oliver were twins from Saskatchewan in Canada. They are visiting staight after Isle Esme. That's why we are only spending a month there. Otherwise we would have been there alot longer. (A/N: More on them later ;)

"What's up with them?" Jasper asked. I randomly glanced at the clock. 12:36.

"Well... I don't know. I'm just curious about them, that's all. We've known them for over 20 years, but still. You can't trust everyone, you know?" I replied. He looked at me skeptically.

"I guess your right." He said, looking away. I pulled his face to mine, and we began where we left off.

Rosalie's POV

I guided Emmett out the door, and too Carlisle's Mercedes.He was carrying my 3 suit cases, and his 1. Alice insisted I bring a spare of everything. I wasn't sure why. I must ask Edward about that...

"See you at the airport Rose!" Alice shrilled, and kissed my cheek. She was riding with Bella and Edward, and Em and I were going with C and E. I giggled at Emmett's names for our 'parents'.

I climbed into the back seat, and sat beside Esme. She squeezed my hand reassuringly. "You excited?"

"Sure." I nodded. "It'll be fun, right?"

"Sure will. And who knows what shenanigans Emmett will get into." Esme sighed. We both sighed, as the car revved, and drove out of the drive way behind Alice and Jasper.

"So, C, what do we plan to do, at this mystery island?" Emmett asked.

"Mystery Island?" Esme asked. "It's only a mystery to you Em... And C?"

"Yup. You better believe it E." He put emphasis on the 'E' part. Esme laughed, and leaned forward in her seat to squeeze Emmett's shoulder. Or maybe to hit him in the head...

"Anyway, there's plenty to do. Swim, volley ball, numerous wild life dives and things..." Carlisle said.

I'll always remember when I went to Isle Esme before I met Em. I swam with the sea turtle so many times it's ridiculous. I loved them. Too bad they swam away from me...

"Ooo! Volleyball!" Emmett shrieked. God that was girly. I laughed at him, while C and E looked at him in surprise.

"Wow Em, you should have told me you were getting a sex change." I giggled. He turned around, and glared at me. I shrugged.

"You know I love you, girl or no girl." I said, and strained against the seat belt to lean forward. I kissed his cheek lightly.

"Hey guys!"

I looked around in surprise. Where did that little voice come from?

Everyone was looking around the car just like me.

"Hello? I'm talking to you people! Answer me!"

Huh? Was she in here somewhere...?

Esme looked at me in confusion. I shrugged.

Oh! She must have installed a speaker in the car.

"Alice? What the...?" I said. I leaned closer to the console in the middle.

"Hey Rosie! How are you!" She squealed. I heard Edward and Bella whispering in the back seat of the car.

"Um... Fine. Why did you install a speaker in C's car?" I asked.

"Glad the names catching on." Emmett laughed.

"Well... Spur of the moment thing. I dunno. It's fun!" She replied. That's so Alice.

"Alice, how did you do this with me being un - aware?" Carlisle asked. He still looked confused.

"Well, Carlisle, it's not like you spend that much time in your car, anway." Alice said, matter – of – factly.

"But, I take it to work everyday." Carlisle saidm raising his eye – brows in a very carlisle – ish way.

"I know people."

I stared at the radio, as if I was staring at Alice. "Never under estimate Alice, right?" I shrugged.


I smacked my head to my fore – head. What would we do without Alice?

"Alice! Turn that darn thing off!" Edward scolded.

"Nope." Alice replied. I smiled at the little conversation going on in the other car.

"For the love of god! It's not necessary!"

"Yes, but it's fun."

"I don't see it."

"Well, you're a party pooper. Bella should know."

There was silence. Obviously Bella wasn't answering.


I let out a laugh, as I saw Esme and Carlisle's eyes widen. Emmett was too busy shaking with laughter in the front seat.


Then the line went dead, with a crashing, let blurry sound. Kinda like the sound you here when the televison screens goes black and white with fuzz.

E rolled her eyes, and sunk back into her chair. I followed suit, still gigglling.

"I swear they were related in a past life." I said.

"Yeah." Emmett said, nodding. "They squabble just like siblings."

"Can you imagine poor Jasper and Bella? Must be like like World war 3 in that car right now." I said.

I looked out the window to my right, past Esme's head. I saw Alice's familair yellow porsch, and broke out in a fit of laughs. The windows were down, and Alice and Edward were slapping each other. Just like girls.

I think Edward had a sex change as well.

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