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Emmett's POV

The man at the door was large, and he held a huge bucket of candy. His eyes widened at us awhile he looked at all of our faces. Maybe it was our age, as well, which contributed to the shock. He trained his eyes on Kate, which Garrett wasn't very happy about, clearly. We all held our jack – o – lantern carriers close to our chests.

"Trick or treat?" Esme said in a hushed voice. She was at the front, and the man began pouring the candy into each of our carriers. His whole bucket became empty, and he went to refill it as he closed the door. I laughed hard at his still shocked expression as we walked off his porch.

"Oh my god, did you see how he stared at all of you?" Jake laughed, as we walked down the street. I laughed with him.

"I know. I thought Garrett was going to break that guys neck!" I laughed, holding my stomach. Rose chuckled under my arm.

Everyone's hilarious costumes still amused me to no end – I couldn't stop laughing when I looked around at each of them. Luckily Jasper was snapping pictures. I can use this as black mail later.

We came to the next house quickly, which was extremely dark. It looked worn and dis – owned... Did anyone even live here?

We walked hesitantly walked up the porch steps, and Carlisle knocked on the door. I heard kids miles away squeal in delight as they counted their candy.

The door flew open, to reveal a man that looked tired and un – healthy. He had deep purple bags under his eyes, and stains on his shirt. His face was un – shaven and scruffy. Alice and Rose screwed up their noses.

"Trick or treat!" We all sounded, smiling.

"What?" His husky voice growled. He narrowed his eyes at all of us. "You're all like... 30."

"Excuse me!" Nessie's voice grunted, stepping forward. "We are all under 30!"

"Renesmee..." Bella and Edward said, touching their daughters shoulder. She shrugged them off.

"That's still pretty old for trick or treaters." He mumbled, and screwed up his nose. "So go away."

"That is so rude!" Renesmee huffed, throwing her hands up in the air. This girl had some attitude! "Just because we're not living in a dark, depressing house and are not un – clean does not mean we cannot trick or treat you jerk!" She retorted, and stepped back. I was stunned – I think we all were.

"Renesmee Cullen!" Esme said in shock, as the man slammed the door. "That was rude."

"He was being so mean!" She wailed, her bronze curls bobbing.

"But that doesn't mean we forget our manners." Edward said, his fatherly instincts coming through. I chuckled.

"We never forget them." Bella said, agreeing with them. "Even when people are being jerks, like he was."

I couldn't help but laugh at that.

We all walked in silence to the next house, which looked like a family house. There were toys strewn around in the front yard. It reminded me of my childhood. I sighed. I missed being a little trouble – making – had – family – wrapped – around – my – little – finger little child.

We came to the door, which was already open. Some cheerful people came to the door, with kids hanging off of them. They looked a little tired, but it's understandable.

"Hey, guys!" The blonde man cheered, taking a bucket full of candy from a table near the door. "Take some!"

We all took a handful, and stuffed in our carriers. We left immediately, and onto the net house.

We'd decided not to go to every house in Denali. After all, there weren't that many in the forest, where Tanya, Kate, Garrett, Eleazar and Carmen lived. We had venture a little out into the city, though.

We knocked on the next house's door, to find a little girl in her pajamas. She smiled up at us, as we yelled, "trick or treat!"

She had the cutest expression on her face, as if she was thinking. "Trick!"

We all went silent. We weren't expecting that.

"OK. Little girl, here is a joke for you. But I'll only tell you if you give us some candy afterwards." I said, getting down on my knee. Rosalie was looking at the little girl with such adoration it hurt to watch. The little girl nodded.

She had chest nut coloured hair, which cascaded down her back like a waterfall of chocolate. She was pale, with eyes that matched her hair. It reminded me of a little Bella. I heard Carmen, Esme, Rose and Bella all murmur, "She is so adorable!" But I wanted to tell her my joke.

"OK, are you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah!" She said, clapping her hands together. "Tell tell tell!"

"Is your refrigerator running?" I asked. She had the same perplexed expression.

"I'll go check!" She giggled, and ran into her house. We all broke into cooing sounds, at how cute she was. She thought I was serious!

She returned after a few minutes, with a sad face. "I had to get in there, and see if it was cold, but it wasn't. So, no, sorry, but it isn't."

We all began cooing again, as her eyes welled up with tears. The things little kids do!

"Aw, don't cry! All I know is you better go catch it!" I said, touching her on the nose. She giggled, and wiped away her tears.

"So... Do you want some candy?" She asked, smiling again. "My Mommy gave me heaps. She's in the shower right now, and Daddy's at work. My older brother is here though. Sorry they couldn't talk to you."

"It's OK, honey." I said, as she poured some candy onto each of our carriers. She then closed the door, after flashing a smile, and a timid wave.

"She is the cutest thing ever!" Rose sighed, wrapping her arm around my torso. "I never realised how good you are with kids."

I chuckled. "Yeah, I love them."

She sighed again, as we continued to walk down the emptying streets.

We made it to nearly every house in the street, after that little girl's house. Only one person told us to go away, and that was a old man with a cane. We did. I was afraid he would kill someone with that evil cane. He did hit my legs, my it didn't hurt of course. I had to pretend it did.

Everyone else was cheery and happy to feed us candy – By the end we had all of our containers full to the brim. Jacob will have a lot of chocolate to eat.

As soon as we got home, he began eating... and eating... and eating till he could eat no more and he nearly threw up. Esme had to warn him many times before he listened. Carlisle also said candy can rot your teeth if you eat too much. Jake stopped then, and pushed it all to the side. "I'll finish it tomorrow."

We didn't change into our clothes until after midnight. They were too much fun! Alice and Jaz snapped photos of everyone before we all took it all off.

"Thanks, Ali, for the costume." I said, giving her back my clown suit. "I am going to miss being a clown."

"But you're always a clown." She giggled, and collected everyone's costumes. I glared at her playfully.

Not only that, but Jacob said, with much alarm, he smelt more werewolves. He got worried, but said he didn't want to leave Ness alone. He'd said, "Another time, I'll check it out."

Rosalie's POV

I was absolutely freaking out.

I had just realised, only a couple of hours ago... Louis wasn't here. He should have been, awhile ago. A long time ago, actually.

"Tanya?" I said, and walked into the kitchen and sat beside her on the bench. "Where is Louis?"

I hushed my voice so she could hardly make it out. Her face turned sad.

"He... He left us." She said, and sighed.

My mouth gaped open as I took in what she had said. Louis left Denali? What? Why? When? How?

"When?" I asked, nearly un – able to speak.

"About, six months ago." She said, her voice dropping an octave. "The Volturi came."

My dead heart stopped beating – The Volturi? The Italian scum I needed to worship, but I couldn't help but hate at the same time? Had they killed him?

"Oh no," I said, my voice breaking on the last word. Why would they have done that?

"It's not why you think." She said. My face must have turned to shock, because I could no longer move myself. "They wanted him."

I was puzzled. The Volturi... Wanted him? What does that mean?

"We were sad to let him go." She sighed, looking down. "I became quite close to him, actually."

I could sense the adoration in her voice – They had been a lot more than friends. "That is great, Tanya! Have you told Esme and Carlisle?"

"You said I could not mention Louis to them," She said, her voice coming out in a hiss. "They couldn't know, remember?"

I do remember the conversation clearly, as if it was embedded in my mind. It was when I was explaining to Tanya about Louis, and his situation.

"I know, I said that." I said, defensive after her use of tone. "I'm sorry."

"Mmm, so am I. Did he have that gift before?" She murmured, and looked down. I could see this conversation had really made her feel upset.

On the bright side,she would stop chasing Edward.

But, a gift? Louis had a gift? "A gift?"

"Yes, you didn't know? He's a lot like Jasper. When you sad, he can lift you up." She muttered, as if it was casual. I scowled. I remember that.

"That's right, I remember." I said, biting my lip. How could I have forgotten him? He had surely forgotten me, that's for sure.

"He says he'll come back for me," Tanya said. "But I couldn't go to Italy, because my family is here."

"You chose your family over your mate?" I asked, surprised. That's an unusual thing to do.

"I know what your thinking," She sighed, " I shouldn't have let him go."

"No, if he wanted to go, it's fine..." I mumbled, secretly sad.

"No, I meant, he was yours. I should have made him stay."

Her usage of words confused me – He was mine? How so? "What?"

"Well, you two were the best of friends. He never stopped talking about you until he left, you know." She said, then sighed. "He loved you."

"I know, he did. He helped me through tough times. He was a great friend." I said, staring out the window as the rain came down outside.

"Yeah, he was a good person." She said, in a sad voice. "I miss him so much."

Edward walked into the kitchen, then, looking at us in confusion. "Louis?"

"He was a friend of ours, Edward. Don't say anything to Emmett, please." I said, as Tanya and I looked up at him. He didn't look angry, he looked... Understanding.

"Ok, if you want me two." Edward said, smiling crookedly at us. "I'm sorry I interrupted."

"It's fine," Tanya and I mumbled, and I stood up, and straightened myself out.

The feelings I felt were indescribable. I made a pact to myself that I would go and visit him, even if he is part of the Volturi. I owe him that, after he helped me.

I would bring Tanya as well. She clearly loved him, but didn't want to show weakness. I understood that. We would go secretly-- say to Emmett that we're going on a girl's weekend. He would understand.

Edward, if you tell him, I will shred you into little pieces and give you to Renesmee for Christmas. I thought, glaring at the floor. Tanya was staring at the ground, and I heard Edward's laugh from the living room.

"We'll go see him." I whispered to her. She looked up at me, a smile spreading onto her face. "I promise."

"Thanks, Rosalie."

We both walked out into the living room, a weight off our shoulders.

I sat down beside Emmett, and cuddled into his side.

For once in a few months, I felt as if everything had ended. The drama, I mean. Emmett loved me, I loved him, we all loved each other-- and that was all we needed.

And that, my friend, is the end.

I have been neglecting this story-- I can't deny it. I have had so much on my plate latley, and I just didn't have time.

I might do something else with it, like little Emmett's little funny moments as a kid. The important phases in his life that didn't describe in "Little Emmett". Awkward stages, funny stages...

So it hasn't ended quite yet. Stay tuned.