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I am Alive

I wake up slowly, the warm feeling of sheets beneath me feeling like a gentle cocoon. I feel my heart race at the memory of last night, my mouth burning with the memory of kisses and my skin burning with the memory of those soft touches. I know that I have been sleeping soundly for a long time due to the temperature of the sheets under me, and yet I feel…a little cold. I'm still naked but that isn't exactly it. My mind is lethargic but it puts the pieces together as I realize I am alone. There is no one against me, neither soft and luscious nor hard and toned. I feel a little surge of panic in my gut as I feel very awake. I pull myself up and look around the room with wide eyes. They were gone.

My heart pounds in my chest as I check again. But the bed is still empty. They...left? I feel a little lost, hallow. They left; just left. I find it strange and I take a moment to breathe before I think again. I can hear something, something moving in the apartment. The kitchen. I stand quickly and yank on a loose pair of pants from the floor. I don't bother with a shirt as I wander out to the small hallway and immediately feel a swell of relief. T'Pol is moving to sit at the table, her back straight and her eyes trained on a padd in her hand. I watch her glance up at me. She has obviously heard me and I work hard to make my heart calm down, to make myself look casual.

I glance around the room and notice another cup, this one filled with coffee sitting on the table and looking quite fresh as steam billowed from the rim. I walk with a greater strength then I think I have. I feel somehow more refreshed even after last night's activity. Perhaps just the thought of it makes me light on my feet. I am tempted to kiss her, but I am curious why she wasn't in bed with me this morning, and where Jon was, I feel myself suspicious. I give as a soft cough as I sit down by the delicious smelling cup. "For me?" I ask at the Vulcan who pays me little attention.

"Actually. No." She responded, setting down the mechanical device with a straight face and looking up to me. It seemed she was very much back to the Vulcan woman I know so well. I sit in the chair by the coffee and look at the cup quizzically. "It is for Jonathan."

I feel myself perk a little bit at the mention of the older man. "Where is Jon this mornin'…?" I ask trying to stay calm as I take the coffee intended for the older man and sip it. I notice the slightest hint of a smile on the woman's face as she sips her tea.

"His presence was required on the base early this morning." She replied, adjusting herself to look at me clearly. "He is currently on his way back. He should be arriving shortly."

I crack her a smile and lean back in my chair, feeling a little better with the explanation she provided. I pull the cup to my lips and take a small sip of the hot beverage. I'm not really a coffee drinker, always more favored sweet tea, but it is an explosion of flavor that I don't realize, till now, I really missed. I haven't been eating or drinking much exciting things, but I do love the feel of the hot creamy liquid in my throat. It probably doesn't really have any stimulant in it, but I don't mind. I assume that the Vulcan made the coffee with what she knew Jon likes and I am a little surprised that he takes it with so much milk and sugar.

I glance up at the Vulcan, noticing that instead of going back to her reading, she is looking at me. I find myself nearly squirming under her firm gaze. "It appears we have some things to discuss…" She says, her voice even as she sets down her mug and assumes a very taught posture. She continues when I neither protest nor urge her forward. I'm not usually the silent type but my brain is rather similar to a puddle of goo still groggily attempting to grasp the morning. "The doctor informs me your therapy has progressed well and there is no reason your recovery could not continue under minimal medical supervision in another location."

I open my mouth to ask her a question but find myself jumping as the door swings open rather quickly and without warning. Archer walks in with a wide stride and shuts the door behind him none too gently. I glance up only to find his green eyes surprised. "Something wrong Cap'in?" I ask, concerned for his agitated appearance. The older man seems to consider something and shakes his head.

"Nothing Trip. Just…" He walks leisurely toward the kitchen, his muscles tense but relaxing as his anger dissipates. It reminds me of him getting a call from the Vulcans and how worked up he could get. He pours himself a mug of liquid and puts nothing in it. Taking a sip of the black brew. I smile to myself with the realization that T'Pol did make coffee for me and made it sweet for my benefit. I smile at myself and take note of her grown sense of humor. I turn my attention back up to the man in the small kitchenette as I shift in my seat. I know he's calming down already and I can see his brain working through whatever problem he was solving before coming in here.

I never wanted to be a Captain, and I never wanted a command, I'm not the kinda guy that wants all that pressure and all the responsibility, and yet I know my best friend, and his frustration now is one of a caged tiger. I know he'll calm down soon enough. The best way for him to deal with this was to stop thinking about it. There was a time for work and a time to think about other things and now was not a time for work. I watch him shrug off the thoughts of his early morning and lean against the counter. He looks older at the moment. Much older than I remember him, and far older then he was last night. "Just a long day already…" he finished and took a deep sip of the dark bitter liquid.

"I am sorry to hear that." T'Pol responded, her hands going back to the padd. As her face tilts and the long strands of brown hair fall from behind her shoulders to tumble down the front of her tight outfit. I let my eyes glance down at the very familiar white cat suit. I always liked the white one. I watch her push her hair back as she stands, handing the small device to the man against the counter.

He takes it and smiles a little at the document as he reads it. "You are quick aren't you…" He responds to the woman and gently sits it down on the table as he sinks into one of the chairs. He seems a bit cheerier with the news T'Pol has given him and his eyes drift toward me. I feel a little naked as he doesn't seem shy about checking me out. I suddenly wish I had bothered to throw on a shirt. The silence seems a little drawn out and it only makes me more jittery. I am nervous about what they are gonna say or do. Part of me wonders if we will fall into being together or if they will just ignore what happened last night. To be honest, part of me is simply terrified. T'Pol pushed me away once and although I don't think Jon would hurt me that way, it still hasn't been that long for me. I sit staring into my coffee waiting for someone else to make the first move. I guess I should have known it would be the Vulcan.

"I believe we need to have a discussion concerning your wishes for the future." She responded, setting the pad centered in front of her and brushing imaginary dust from the table in apparently a slightly nervous habit. She is becoming so human, or maybe that little wall that kept her so well presented was starting to crack down just a bit.

I cough slightly and wiggle in my seat. Jon has a smirk on his face, and I suppose he knew she would just blurt out the words without any possible cushion. "I guess…" I tell her, pulling back. I want…I don't know what I want. But I have never really been the kinda guy to back outta anything. Last night I threw all my chips in the pot and I put down everything on a gamble with these two gorgeous people and right now I am hoping that no one has something different in mind.

"Are you…uncomfortable with a relationship with me, considering our history I understand this may be difficult for you and you may wish to only consider me a friend." She asked, her words direct and her voice level.

I feel like I'm getting the third degree. I wish this could be more casual but something in Jon's posture tells me she is going to do this her way and I might as well relax. So I do. I cover up my fear as I always do with humor. I lean back and give her a gentle shrug. "I'm plenty comfortable with it."

She nodded as if this information was almost expected, at the very least it seemed to just be information and not at all able to effect her emotions. Yet for a second I feel something flare in the back of her mind and bleed into mine. It seems like it might even be excitement, or relief, or a mix of the two. I try not to crack a smile and I take another sip of the sweet coffee and relax. This is what T'Pol must have meant by needing to talk. "Are you as equally comfortable with Admiral Jonathan Archer."

I feel myself smirk at her with those very strangely loaded words, and yet I can't bring myself to just answer. "I've had a relationship with Jonathan Archer for almost two decades, I'd say I'm plenty comfortable, I mean, we're havin' coffee together right now." I say with a candid smile aimed at the other man. He gives me a little smile himself and at the easiness of my attitude he seems almost …unsettled. I watch as he shifts a little and leans his arms on the table. A gesture I recognize as nervousness. I wonder if he is about to start pacing.

"Trip…seriously." He asks, and I slowly lower the cup to the table, my bright blue eyes meeting his in a tight gaze. "I know you've never been with a man before. I just want…to be sure you know what your getting into."

I look up at him and I know I must look a little surprised. I slide forward and close to him, looking at him hard and long. "Jon" I keep my voice low, and reach out to run my fingers through his slightly graying hair. "I didn't get drunk last night and I wasn't coerced into anything. I made a choice to sleep with two…" I make it a point to glance down the older man's uniform and remember his chest, the tone muscles and the feel of my hands against his flesh. I only tear my eyes away to glance at T'Pol's slim and curvaceous body. I remember her hot skin and let my eyes linger down her clingy cat suit and admire the fabric across her breasts. I even think I can see her breath slightly quicken. "incredibly sexy…amazingly smart people," I pull my eyes back to Jon's and focus them pointedly on those green eyes again. "Who are great in bed I might add." I feel a flush of satisfaction as I watch him blush. "and I did that because I wanted to. Wanted…you."

I see him shift uncomfortably doubting me for a moment. He always was a little careful considering how often we tease each other, but I don't want him to doubt me now so I lean forward and I kiss him. My lips meet his with soft pressure as I kiss him I make sure it is tender and delicate rather than passionate and reckless. The hand I have on the side of his face slides into his hair with tender caress and I resist the urge to explore his mouth with my tongue. No. This isn't about hot rabid 'want to fuck your brains out' kissing. This is about showing him I want him and care about him for more than a good tumble in the sheets. I pull back with what must be a goofy smile on my face and I peek at him while still leaning close. Damn…that flutter in my chest, the lightness in my head…and the tightening of my barrowed sweats all tell me the same thing. I really really like this man in front of me.

As I settle myself back into my chair I keep hold of the man's eyes with mine. He seems to be a bit happier with my reassurance, yet it doesn't seem completely convinced. He's spent far too much time out of the hot seat of exploration. I wonder where his drive for the unknown has gone. Where was the cowboy who kissed a girl to shut her up while he fixed his universal translator. "What is it?" I ask him.

He puts his hand on mine still gently touching him, and lets his fingers trail down my exposed wrist. I feel goosbumps prickle up my spine as he gives me a soft smile. "I spent quite a bit of time thinking about how I could possibly convince you to give this a shot, and now…I feel like I have just found myself in one hell of a dream and I'll admit I never saw this coming."

"If I didn't know better I would think you just called me easy…" I give him a big smile and straighten my back pulling my arm back slowly, not particularly sure where to go other than the joke.

I just shrug and take another sip of coffee before my attention is once again pulled to the Vulcan and her curious questions. "Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a male before?"

I choke a little on my coffee from the bluntness of her question. I feel the hot spots splatter down onto my chest and gulp my mouthful down quickly and wipe the sticky heat from my skin. I shift in my seat before I answer. "Well…no" I answer, but I recover rather well as I smirk up at the handsome man in front of me, posing a question of my own. "What about you? Any angry ex-boyfriends I should be worried about?"

I watch the cute blush spread over his face and see his bright eyes sparkle with something mischievous and frankly quite sexy. I think he is adorable like that and I wonder how often I can make him do it. He shifts and shakes his head. The negative, although doesn't completely surprise me, does make me curious, he was quite good at touching me.

"Then why are you so willing to accept such an unconventional encounter?" She asked, slight dismay in her voice.

I smile at her and feel the need to show her what I did Archer. I stand slowly and lean forward over the small table top to claim the woman's mouth. She is rather unyielding for a moment, however her lips did soon soften to my touch and become slightly responsive. I let our lips disconnect but I do not move away from her. "T'Pol… I told you once…that I loved you. You ignored me. Just because you pretend it isn't there, doesn't mean I stopped feeling it. Doesn't mean I ever stopped feeling it. As far as Jon goes…I've loved him for years. I've shared everything with him, he's been with me and there for me, more times than I can remember, so what's to say that we can't share this?"

"And," She asked, lips still close to mine, "to show this affection…simultaneously?"

"Mama always taught me to share" I claim, leaning forward to take her slightly swollen lips again. She doesn't seem to resist as much this time. I must be making sense to her, which is obviously not what she expected. I feel her kiss me back, soft and hesitant.

We break apart and I know she can't help but clear the air. It's what she does, despite my intended distraction. "I would not appreciate humor in this moment Commander…" She whispers, voice tight and serious.

"Of course not…" I tell her, landing one tender kiss on her forehead before sliding back into my seat and leaving the large smirk on my face. She opens her mouth to talk again but I can't resist interrupting. "Why do you have to make this so difficult T'Pol, these aren't the questions you wanna ask me. Just spit it out."

She shifted in her seat slightly and I can feel her off kilter in the back of my head before she shuts the connection down hard. She didn't expect me to figure it out and I find it cute that the Vulcan would underestimate me so quickly. I've been asleep a long time. Her voice is steady and she doesn't hesitate at my request. "The Admiral is being recalled to Earth, and my superiors also grow restless at my absence. With Phlox's recent conclusion to discharge you, me and Archer have discussed the possibility of you coming to live with us on Earth, if indeed your intentions are to seriously pursue a relationship with either party."

I feel like I need to smile, like I've won something. "Sounds fine with me, when do we leave?"

Jon rubes his face with a wide hand. He looks tired and I almost feel guilty for keeping him up all night. Almost. "My transportation arrived this morning, they'll be leaving space doc tomorrow morning, 0300."

I am a little surprised. I would think that they would want to ask me this a bit farther in advance. Even before last night, they are both less than spur of the moment individuals. "They call you back just this morning?" I ask, feeling myself spurred with the drive to know.

"…Most recently." He comments, eyes not meeting mine.

"Most recently?" I repeat for him as a question.

"They have…attempted to recall me several times in the last month, but I didn't take them too seriously until their most recent message. They sound… quite determined." He comments, hiding his mouth within his coffee cup, when his eyes flicker down they catch on the PADD on the table. Suddenly I have the very distinct impression that I'm not even in the room anymore.

I feel a rush of something but I can't quite place what it was. It wasn't that I was ungrateful for having Jon here for my recovery. He made it fun, he made the pain of physical theory bearable, Jon made my world less lonely and seeing him everyday made me excited to wake up. But to know he ignored orders to stay with me? I knew there was probably more to it. He carefully dodged orders; volunteered for business here, or talked his way out of returning, but now he was out of options. He still didn't want to leave Denobula without me. That can give a man's ego a nice stroke.

I stand slowly, because I'm tired and I don't want to talk anymore about what this complicated thing will be. I just want it to be us. Them and me and us together. I let my legs and back stretch out the strain in my muscles. "Guess I should pack then huh?" I ignore the idea that I don't really have anything. No possessions. These clothes aren't even mine. "Can't wait to go shopping…" I shift a little in the soft cotton. "no offense Cap'in but your clothing options do leave something to be desired."

I turn and feel more then see his smile and I know he is watching me. "Where will you ever find more of those Hawaiian shirts?"

I give a bark of a laugh and throw a smirk over my shoulder. "You watch me"

She's watching me too. And not that normal leering or looking or observing kind of way. They are staring at me with the knowledge that I should be dead. Dead and gone but instead I am awake. I am tempted to shake my ass at the beautiful duo behind me. That would treat them to quite a show. I smirk to myself and retreat back to the quite bedroom. I feel like I need a moment to myself and despite the abundance of sleep I jump back into the comfy bed and crawl under the sheets. Sleep is not really on my mind, however as I relax in the softly illuminated room. I just want to enjoy this moment, here, letting my mind float blankly.

Archer and T'Pol pack it all. Everything. The dishes, the pictures, the sheets. They brought it all with them in the first place and now they are taking it back, because with me awake, I don't think any of us will be coming back soon, despite the desire to visit the lovely doctor, I think we've all had enough of Denobula for a long time.

Our trip is relatively short. The most exciting part is this is our hosts, an Andorian ship in fact, gave me a wonderful look at their engines. I guess I should have spent more time with Jon or T'Pol but I couldn't help it. I am vaguely aware of them watching me for some time. I glance back at the older man's smile, and I know my face is beaming, my eyes sparkling. The engine is amazing, more advanced then I've ever seen before, but it has been seven years. I find my mind racing with ideas and concepts and captivated by the brilliant design. By the time we reached San Francisco I'm eating dinner with their chief engineer and it's all shop. T'Pol is there, but she says little and I feel a slightly guilty that I mostly ignore her. The engineer is talking about balancing the matter and anti-matter injectors and their impact of plasma manifold stability at warp 8 and just talking about it makes my heart jump.

I don't stop talking about it on the way out of space doc, I don't stop talking about it as we carry a small group of bags toward the waiting line of cabs and cars. I am rambling about it and I know I am but I don't think about it other than the fact I am bounding about like a child. I turn and walk backward laughing and relaying something to Jon in a rush of numbers and gibberish. The taller man reached out and pulls my arm forward so I don't walk backward into the street. I just keep prattling on, until we get to our destination.

Archers house. This is where Archer and T'Pol have lived, together, for at least three years now. I recognize it with a flood of sentiment from T'Pol's memories. Though it is a modestly sized home, being an Admiral defiantly has it's perks. "Damn…Cap'in…I gotta get me a promotion." I drop the small bag I'm carrying at the door next to the bags that have already been delivered in the main hallway. I walk slowly, but this is so familiar, like I have been here before. I feel something inside me, chomping at the bit. That thing behind me screaming, go go go. Go forward. Go on. Exploration of something new, someplace new and it feels good. Like the entire day with those strange engines. It's invigorating.

The living room is wide and open, there is a large television and large comfy sectional sofa. The room opens to a sizable table and a sizable kitchen I recognize in shape to the one T'Pol once nearly destroyed in anger. It is open and airy and the design is lightly modern. There are many candles lining the living room and I surely recognize the balcony outside a large set of glass doors. I can't resist the urge to walk toward it. The doors open easily as I walk out into the cool open night air. The ocean is beautiful and the city lights cast a glow I haven't seen in so long, and yet I just walked through them. I take a deep breath, living in this one moment where I bothered long enough to shut up and realize that I am in a home that can truly be my home. I am in a place that I can stay and feel settled and even more feel love.

I am brought from my thoughts by the feel of warm arms wrapping around my middle. It's Jon, and I can feel his body heat and the hard lines of his muscles up against me. "Great view" I tell him, in a hushed voice and say nothing more.

"Must be." He mentions, soft lips descending to my neck and giving me a small kiss. I can feel his smile against my skin. "It's the first thing to shut you up in over 15 hours…" I laugh softly as I feel myself blush.

"Sorry about that…" I say quietly, and lean against the railing, making a conscience effort to bite my tongue.

I feel now, more than just his smile as he lets his hands run down my sides. "You must be tired…" he says with a soft voice, his touch warm but not seeking, not demanding. I lean against him knowing he will hold me and I don't answer immediately. I just want to feel him for a moment.

The silence stretches out, but as soon as I figure it out for myself I don't hesitate to tell him. "This is the first time I've gotten to really explore something in so long, I guess I was a little…over excited. I guess I need to get out more often." His arms are encouraging as he turns me and I feel him flush against my front. He is beautiful in the glow of the city, the moon full and bright illuminating his face. I toss him a soft smile as I look up at him and lean back letting my arms trace up the taller man's arms. This feels odd, standing in such a romantic setting with a man, and yet this feels right. I've spent a lot of time with Jon, at night, alone and close together, yet right now this feels so comfortable. He is gentle and he is solid. I trust him with my life, trust him in every way, I find myself realizing, even with my heart. I find this a very interesting interaction.

I hear something rattle inside and it is a sharp sound. I blink and both me and Jon shift to peek through the glass window into the kitchen. I watch T'Pol putting away dishes and things from the cases that were delivered ahead of us. Her movements are stiff and sharp. There is defiantly something wrong with her although I can't really think of what that might be.

My best friend for decades must see my confusion written all over my face because he lets out a little laugh. "I understand…I know what that feeling is like, finding something new, getting swept up in something exciting. It's only human, and I'm sure you didn't even notice the chief engineer of that ship was female." The man shrugged and looked back over his shoulder, turning to slip beside me as we both lean on the railing and observe the woman so emotional in only the slightest tells of movement. With a soft smile that strikes me as knowing and humor filled, the older man continues in a teasing and yet understanding tone. "Much less that you were flirting with her so shamelessly."

I find myself giving a soft chuckle. "I was not…" The look he gives me however is all the banter I need. "I guess…well maybe I was flirting, but I was just…s…She can't possibly…"

"Think that after seven years asleep you'd jump into bed with any alien that bats their eyelashes…" Jon asked a sweet little smirk covering his face that I can't help but find endearing. "This from the man who holds the record for first interspecies pregnancy…when we were barely out of space dock. Or suspect that despite loving her desperately you would push her away out of stubbornness. Nah, never done that before" He doesn't stop to dispute my reaction as I bristle from his statement. "You know being green runs in her blood..."

I smile and find myself leaning back against the railing to bite my lip. Okay, I admit I was really excited, and I can still remember her giving her Vulcan semblance of a smile to another person, how much that made me surge. She's jealous. It kinda feels nice to have her so possessive of me. I miss it really. "Well I'll just have to show her how very sorry I am."

Archers wide smirk told me that he considered that to be a very good idea. "Very sorry indeed…"


"Your jealous." I tell her, letting the most false bravado I can fill my voice, but truthfully, when she bristles at the word I know I'm right and my bravado is no longer so false.

"And you are extremely flirtatious." She snaps back her eyes boiling and yet her voice is firmly deadpan and logical.

I slink forward with what I know is a sultry smile on my face. "You bet I am sweetheart." She seems angry as I yank her up against me and leave her no room for argument. My lips are crushed against hers and I feel her burn like fire raging in the back of my head. Damn. She is mad and hot and all that roaring emotion balled into one amazing ring of concentrated woman. It doesn't take her but a second to react and start crushing my lips back. She presses her curvy body against mine and I don't try to hide my growing hardness. My tongue sucks hers into my mouth and our slick muscles dance together in a breathless roll of sensation. It takes a second to break our dancing tongues and catch her soft ear with my lips, my voice is deep from arousal when I speak in her ear, "and yet you are the only woman I want to fuck senseless…"

I feel her shiver in my arms and I wonder if she really knows what I mean by that statement. She kisses me again and I feel her passion erupt in the back of my head and it threatens to overwhelm me. My knees go weak and I feel her hands run against my sides, fingertips running slowly up my shirt and against my skin. My arms reflexively let her go and they collide roughly with the counter behind her as they take my weight and I struggle to comprehend the taste of her and the smell of her and the feeling of her hands and lips on my skin.

I feel myself groan and my head falling back as she leans down and sucks hard on my neck as if she is trying to mark me, her hands peeling off my shirt as I suddenly feel super heated. So super heated. God she feels good against me, her hot hands trailing up and across the musculature of my chest and upper body. With my head back and eyes closed I feel her make an interesting sound, something between a coo and a possessive growl as she rips my shirt away. I know that all is forgiven as she assaults my body and I hear myself groan as she kisses down my chest and my arms strain to support me against her onslaught on my body and in my head.

"You like to talk dirty Commander,..?" Her voice whispered, sultry and hot against my skin, "I can do better than that." Her hand snakes up against my face and I feel Jon then, coming behind me and the humor in his voice is evident as he whispers somewhere but I am not really able to pay that close of attention, it's something along the lines of 'hold on.'

I think my heart might have stopped for a second before it explodes in reaction. Her thoughts bombard me. Not memories, but fantasies. I only know that for sure however because it is all the dirty things I wish I could do to her and some I have never thought of before. It's not like she's forgotten about Jon either. It's honestly hard to tell the reality from the fantasy in our minds. I go from one moment sandwiched between them, still in my pants, then I am bent over her, her bare ass pressed against my pelvis, my throbbing cock buried deep inside her and she is so wet and so wonderful I almost come in that moment alone.

Then it has changed and I'm up against the shower wall, and the feeling around me is there again. Yet this time it is her mouth around me, hot, wet and now the suction is pulling on me and her tongue is around me. Oh holy shit she isn't playing around. I feel myself ready to come and suddenly I am the one bent over, leaning against a table and there is a sensation I have never felt before. I'm full. I'm so…oh god damn what was that? I feel it crash over me as those familiar hands tighten on my hips. He's in me. Oh God Jon is fucking me and it feels…so good. My back is pulled taught and I claw at the table. Suddenly I move again and this time I am licking my way down Jon's chest moving down and I want to taste him and I can't take it anymore. "Stop" I tell her. The word reverberates through my mind and hers as well as being on my lips.

In a hair's breath I'm back between them and I haven't moved. That was all in my head and it felt so real. I open my eyes, air in my lungs burning, and my cock burning in my pants. Oh holy shit I am hard. So incredibly hard. I look down at her doubtful brown eyes and see immediately that despite being in my head she doesn't know why I told her to stop. She pulls her hand away and shakes her head softly pulling back "I must apologize…"

I groan and push my confined erection against her hip, craving friction and sensation real enough to make me come. "Oh no you don't," I pull her back as she attempts to pull away. "Where those mine…or yours?" She is about to answer when I cut her off. "Oh I don't care…either way I consider those thoughts as good as promises." I grind out, before my mouth claims hers again, hard and unyielding. I am not about to give her power to control me now, she wants to tease me and make me wait and I can't let that happen. I dominate her mouth on no uncertain terms. My tongue demands hers and my hands sink into her hair almost too hard. God I want to be inside her like I've never wanted anything in my life before, and somewhere in my mind I register the fact that if I don't slow down, and I mean now, I'm gonna come before I even get the chance to be inside her. I groan and break away, my body encountering the hard planes of Jon's body behind me and I am suddenly all too conscience of the last image in my head.

Why would I want to imagine something, fantasize about the two amazing people when they are both right here? They are right here with me and so willing to do every fantasy I've ever had and apparently more. But right now, I remember that I want to taste Jon. To know and explore him like he is brand new territory. I turn, worked up and hot under my skin. Jon's lips are warm and soft but he is certainly not expecting the passion behind my touch. I grab for his shirt and yank the cloth over his head, only breaking our kiss when the fabric forcibly pushes us apart. I look up at him, his face is shocked and his eyes are on fire. I give him a short gruff laugh. "Hold on indeed…you knew exactly what she was doing."

His little smirk is adorable, just that knowing little smile on his face as he shrugs his shoulders and steps back. "Actually they were both your fantasies and hers, but as I suspected, you have a very dirty, dirty, mind my friend." I feel like I want to growl as he takes a step back with that teasing smile a little wider. I suddenly rather do believe him on that one as I reach out and grab his belt pulling us together roughly into another kiss. His lips aren't nearly as hot as T'Pol's in a sense of their temperature, but they are very very responsive. His tongue is against me, despite my aggression, and he is sucking on me softly, teeth grazing the muscle and his hands aren't idol either. His hands drop to my ass and grab with wide fingers. The pressure grinds my rock hard arousal against his, the fabric of our pants is scratchy but I don't care because in this moment I can feel him hard against me and I remember my goal vividly.

My hands are working at his belt before we even break our kiss, his hands wandering up my bare back and I am struck by the sweetness of his touch. I strip off his belt quickly and toss it to side. I watch Jon's eyes peek over my shoulder as he looks at the sultry woman still leaning against the counter. I push the man back to against the island and drop to my knees. I watch the man's eyes widen as he looks down at me, he did not expect me to do this. I smirk up at him as I unbutton his pants and pull down his zipper. I'll be completely honest, I don't have any idea what I'm doing here. I watch the swollen length of Jon's arousal pressing against his underwear and can resist the urge to smile when I hear him whisper. "Shit…"

I lean forward and kiss his stomach, my lips and tongue starting hotly on his tight abs despite the slowness of my fingers as they peel down his cotton briefs. I glance up at him with the sudden quest for permission but I know I already have it. He's staring at me with a mixture of excitement and surprise and I know exactly what his short breath is from; anticipation. His eyes are locked on me with rapt attention while his hands are tightly griping the countertop, knuckles turning white. I hesitate a moment as I expose him, looking down at the flesh that seems to swell at the very thought of me touching him. I feel myself smirking as my hands finish pushing the fabric down around the taller man's ankles and I run my fingers up his tone thighs. I can feel him shiver under my touch and I am suddenly struck by just how completely under my control he is.

I turn my attention down to the body in front of me and let one hand travel to the curly mess of hair, and wrap around the base of his length. It's strange touching another man like this. But certainly not in a bad way. He's hard and he's soft at the same time. His warm skin darkened with the influx of blood. I lean forward and give him a small lick across the tip of the swollen head and smile when I feel him twitch and hear him groan. I smirk to myself, in for a penny in for a pound. I lick my lips once before I dive in, never having been one for patience. I feel Jon buck against me when my mouth engulfs him, the sudden surge of heat and I am a little unprepared for the taste of him. "Fuck Trip.." I hear him say as his head falls back and I swear his hands are about to break the counter top of the island he is leaning against.

He is thick and he is hard and I think I can feel his heartbeat him my mouth. The skin is soft and slippery over the hard core and I feel a rush of power as my tongue swirls slowly around his swollen head and his knees shake. I know how good it feels to have a mouth wrapped around me and although I've never done this before I do know what I like and I work toward sucking him as my hand twists and pulls. He is salty and musky and the skin tastes strong in my mouth and that is defiantly not a bad thing.

I glance up at him as his hands sink into my tussled hair and I relax as I feel him straining not to move. I can see him kissing the Vulcan woman, her hands holding him steady in his kiss. It's not that I'm an attention hog or anything, but I do enjoy turning Jon into a puddle of goo. It's a little awkward at first but I think I'm getting the hang of having so much in my mouth. I give him a long suck and tug back hard, inspiring him to break the kiss with the hot woman and let out a long sound that hitches in his throat. I pull back and give him another long lick along the underside of his jutting erection. "Oh…damn…" He whispers, fingers tightening and nudging me back as I feel goosebumps run up his muscular thighs and his legs tremble under my hand.

I stand slowly without letting my hand leave his length and I listen to him groan in appreciation before claiming my mouth as I give him a few lazy strokes, refusing to let him calm down. I meet his lips with mine in a soft encounter and this time it is him who is passionately overloaded and driving into me with unmatched force. I break the kiss and whisper against his lips, voice deep and shivering. "You taste…good"

Jon's breath comes against me in a harsh rush. "..Damn Trip…are you trying to drive me crazy?"

I smirk and give him a hard tug marveling as he visibly shivers, I love how responsive he is. "As a matter of fact I find it quite fun." Archer pants softly, eyes closing as he relaxes like putty against me and I can see that he is giving up on trying not to come. My hands are caressing him and trailing the line of each muscle I find myself enjoying how very easy the sounds flow from him, "how can this not be fun Cap'in…" I speak aloud, making the rank he no longer holds as sexy as I can. I slid the hand still caressing him down to cup his sensitive flesh at the base of him and travel lower. He groans at the tease and his hand finds its way to gently caressing my crotch still tightly contained in my pants.

I pull back. It takes a lot to walk away. He's naked, and I look down to appreciate him leaning up against the island counter, those toned muscles straining and his poor weeping erection jutting from between his tone legs and I smirk wide at him. He is frankly gorgeous, standing there and staring at me with those hot green eyes. He wants me and I know it and I feel like I am a slice of pecan pie just waiting on a plate with a side a whip cream. I know that if I don't turn around I eventually back into the other counter. The Vulcan standing next to him however is looking at me the same way. I feel like I want to blush, but I am far too aroused for that to happen, I'm already flushes and overheated. I feel her eyes picking me apart, her kissable lips slightly spread. "You two are extremely hot…you know that?" I wait another moment letting my eyes trail down the woman's tightly clad figure. "Kiss her…take off her clothes."

I see Jon's smirk at my uncharacteristic order and I am not sure what he's thinking, but I know that the Vulcan next to him does. She leans in to accept his kiss and I watch them with rapt interest. He wraps his arms around her, similarly to the way he held me as he grabs her ass and grinds her against his erection. His body undoubtedly begging to be touched and quite honestly I find myself wanting to touch him, touch her, touch them, but instead I let them stay for a moment, only a few feet in front of me, locked in a passionate embrace. They are so hot.

I smirk to myself as his hands squeeze her bottom appreciating the swell of her flesh before sliding up the curve of her back and up her spine to settle at the juncture of her shoulder blades. He doesn't hesitate to move his sensual fingers up and hook his sensitive fingertips around the top of her zipper. Slow and steady I watch him pull down the closure and expose the woman sensual skin. I see his eyes open as he still kisses the woman in his arms, but now he's watching me through half lidded eyes, as I watch him undress the woman between us. God that is hot. I shift a little uncomfortable as my pants seem to tighten impossibly further.

I watch as halfway down the man slides one hand into her tight clothing and I watch him caress her skin. She is so amazing, the way she arches in his arms. Her skin looks soft under his touch and I find myself missing the feel of it. She is sexy as she stretches against him and she knows it. I wonder if she can hear it from my head, or Jon's or both. I watch her move her arms and help the man in front of her strip herself slowly of the skin tight clothing. Suddenly Jon can't possibly look at me anymore. Her skin is flush and tan as her graceful movements make her the object of every eye in the room.

I feel myself shiver as the fabric disappears to reveal the rest of her body. It's beautiful and soft and I feel my heart patter at the sight of them together. They are both so gorgeous. I smile at them as I watch his hands roam her skin, and his mouth caress her neck sweetly. I hear Archer's aroused groan as she wraps her hand around his hardness and pumps him slowly. He whispers something to her and it makes her smile. I watch her give him a gentle and sensual kiss, and when she breaks it he looks entranced. Her serine back muscles tense and slowly move as she turns to look over her shoulder at me with her sultry eyes. Her hair long and shiny flowing down her back. "He is very turned on. Jonanthan…"

I feel her burning in my mind, shivering over the connection and I feel a confidence I am not particularly attune to feeling in these matters. I push myself forward and turn the woman in Jon's arms toward me. Claiming her lips sweetly and showing her just how sexy I think she is. It doesn't take her long however to flip herself around and push in order to sandwich me once again in the middle of them. Somewhere in my mind I know I have just been bested. She baited me, brought me to her and trapped me between them. For some reason I am so okay with that. "I believe it would be inappropriate for us to continue to ignore Mr. Tucker, when he is so obviously in need of assistance." Her hand descends over my tight pants and I jump at the sudden sensation.

"Got anything in mind?" I ask her with a smirk and a glance down at her breasts.

"I want to fuck you…" She whispered sliding forward and pressing those glorious swells of flesh against my chest. I feel my body shiver at the sound of those words on her lips and I am very okay with that idea.

I can feel Jon's body up against mine, hard and hot against my ass as his gruff voice reaches my ears "What a coincidence…I want to fuck you too" and I suddenly feel very aware of the idea that I want that very very much. I groan my assent and rock my hips against the hardness behind me.

"Hell yes" I grind out as the deft and gentle fingers of the woman in front of me quickly removes the fastening of my pants and my breath starts to come at a faster pace.

I hear myself let out a strange strangle of a sound as she pulls me forward, pushing herself once again against the opposite counter as she shoves my pants down my legs. I step out of the fabric and kick it away as I push myself forward and toward her. Instead of descending on her mouth I reach down and hoist her by her thin waist and set her sensually curved body on the counter so I can stand between her spread legs and let my mouth cover one of her breasts. She tastes fantastic and despite her controlled demeanor the woman's body is wet and begging for me to touch her.

I can't take it anymore. The feel of her so unbelievably hot and wet around my fingers makes me want to come right there but I just can't let go, not until I'm buried inside that delicious heat.

I think I'm getting a hang of this connection because I hear her groan in response to my vivid thoughts. "Please" she whispers struggling to pull me closer with her tone legs, I want to chuckle and hold back from her, but honestly I don't think I could tease myself that brutally.

I lean forward, releasing her breasts, from my worshiping mouth and remove my now wonderfully sticky fingers from her tightness.

Suddenly I can't resist the strong urge to lick that strong smelling musk off my digits. I love the taste of her the moment it touches my tongue . It is almost spicy in my mouth and I suddenly think that despite the few times we did make love I never got a chance to taste her quite this intimately and in a flash, being insider her can wait just a moment longer.

I drop to my knees and ignore the cold jolt of the kitchen floor. My hands push her knees apart and I immediately dive between her legs. I smirk at the humor in Jon's voice as he comments on my actions. "He always did have trouble keeping his mouth shut…"

Now this I've done before, and yet she feels a little different than I remember in tasting a human woman. Her taste and smell are both strong as I lick her sweet folds between her legs. She is delicious and the pop of her hips comes slightly as a surprise. Did she really just buck into me?

I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as her fingers dig into my hair and I find her spot with my tongue. I know it is the right spot when a soft scream erupts form the Vulcan's throat. It feels like she didn't expect this at all. I devour her like a starving man. I never was one to be polite while eating. Her hips rock into me as I let my fingers slip below my lips and through her folds to sink into her again. She seems almost tighter and I can feel her back and legs twitch with renewing tension.

Gasping softly she pants and those gripping fingers in my hair pull me closer. Her voice is a strangled whisper as it sinks from her in a rush. "Trip" My name on her lips is so hot that I drive my fingers up and suck again on her hot bud in a silent reward. I feel her tense again, winding tighter as the woman's body began to shake and I can feel her close to coming.

"Please" She begs in a breathy whisper that I can barely hear with her thighs nearly clamping down on my ears. "Trip…Please"

I seem to know she isn't begging me to stop. I stand quickly and claim her lips in an easy motion. I taste her mouth and her flavor from between her legs at the same time as I grab her thighs and pull them forcefully toward me and wide apart. Her chest is almost heaving when it presses against mine and I feel like my heart is pounding harder than it can take.

I line up our hips and break the kiss to watch myself sink into her wet heat. I take a long breath and steady myself as I slowly push into her. "Dear lord." I hear myself whisper. She is tight. Ungodly in-humanly wonderfully tight. And hot. I know she's hotter than a human body but when she is beautiful and naked in front of me I have a tendency to forget details like she isn't human.

I feel myself teetering as I take it slow with a ragged breath and bury myself completely to the hilt before I stop and just breathe.

Her swollen lips let out a long whimper pleading me again to move, but if I do I will explode far too soon. That's when I notice something that makes me jump. Jon. I've been so distracted I'd forgotten about him, but then I realize why I noticed him now- movement. Specifically I noticed him coming back into the room.

I wonder where he went until I hear the slurp of lubricant accompany the hot demand of his raspy voice. "Hold still"

I hold very still despite the wish to be pounding into the sweet willing flesh that grips me, instead I lean closer to the woman in my arms, leaning my forehead on hers and feeling her gentle hand stroke my cheek. I breath hard, finding it very difficult to control myself while buried balls deep in this hot alien woman.

I can't help the deep groan that comes out of me when the man behind me lays a firm cool hand on my back. The fingers trail lower and I already know what he wants and I want to give it to him. He is slow and soft and teasing as the massages the swell of my ass with slick fingers. I find my heart speeding up with the realization that Jonathan Archer, the man I've known for all intents and purposes forever, is about to put his fingers in my ass. Just as the thought hit me I feel the soft hand on the side of my face stroke me slowly and her kiss swollen lips seek out mine for reassuring contact.

Although I know it's coming and I am prepared for his touch it still makes my muscles jump when his coolly lubricated fingertips glide over the crack in my ass and I feel the sudden urge to pull away, especially when they ghosts over the puckered hole there. I feel him pull back a little and his lips descend on my shoulder. "We don't have to do this…" He tells me, breath heated and broken. He's having trouble keeping control as well. He wants me and the thought is slightly intoxicating because I can feel the heat from his weeping cock and the hardness of it so close to the back of my thigh.

"Fuck me" I demand, voice hard as I push my hips back and drive them forward hard making the Vulcan woman on the counter throw her head back in a gasp of shock and pleasure. Just as I suspect when my ass pulls back it bumps into the hard flesh behind me and makes the older man groan audibly. He doesn't hesitate now to slip his fingers toward me and this time gently but efficiently seeking his goal. His long thick finger elegantly prods for entrance to my body and yet I feel myself tense with anticipation and natural apprehension. God damn my body. I want him to fuck me and for that I need to relax. As if T'Pol can hear me she threads her fingers into my short blonde hair and pulls me into a soft kiss. One hand slivers to my neck and rubs, her fingers deftly pressing into two spots there that I recognize from hours of nuro-pressure. I feel my body relax and I let it, taking a slow methodical breath.

I feel Jon's free hand on my hips gently press me down a little bending me over the woman in front of me, bending both of us over and at the same time his knee inside mine coaxing me to spread further. I lean on my hands spread on either side of the woman before of me and keep my lips in her relaxing kiss. I spread my legs open a little and bend myself forward a bit at his pressing hand on my spine, I'm bent over the woman before of me now, practically towering over her and I know that all I would have to do is give a nice hard thrust and I would be ramming her into the counter full force.

I am distracted however as I break the kiss in a startled gasp because Jon's finger finally pushed past the ring of muscle in my ass and is pushing inside me. It isn't a bad feeling, just strange. I've never been touched there before, and although I am certainly willing to explore in bed I've ju- HOLY FUCKING SHIT. My hips jerk uncontrolled for a second and my head spins. I know that I just said that out loud because I can heard Jon chuckle and T'Pol is smiling and I now realize my eyes are wide open and I'm farther above T'Pol then I was a second ago. So…that is the prostate I assume as he strokes it again and I feel those soft heavenly hands coaxing me to relax.

It feels good, rocketing through me in tight little waves and I can't help but dip my head and move with the slow rhythm. He pulls the finger out and in, out and in and I can hold still for that, well mostly still. But when he brushes that spot again and again, when he adds a second finger, that is when I find myself thrusting slowly into the woman under me. He's moving those fingers and I can feel a slight burning as I stretch. The cool slickness of his fingers are burning me up as he adds another and he grabs hold of my hips stilling me. He wants me to hold still but now, only shallowly buried in the Vulcan's intense heat she takes it upon herself to move her arms back and lift up her own hips.

I am panting so hard now, my eyes glued to the wanton woman below of me as she arches and pushes herself up onto my throbbing cock in time with Jon's fingers slowly…oh so slowly moving in my ass. "More…" I grind out and struggle to breathe as yet another finger begins to push me apart and the woman underneath me arches with a soft sound. God…she is so hot and those fingers make it hard to think every time he brushes against me.

It seems to take forever, forever at such a slow inconsistent mind burning pace until his fingers leave me and as he does I find myself pulling back almost completely out of the woman tight wet heat in search of those wiggling digits. But they are gone and instead I feel the slippery hot head of Jon's arousal positioned to take its place. "Relax" He whispers, fingers on my hips and stroking my flesh gently as he very, very slowly pushes himself forward. I am panting, holding so completely still I can feel the tremble of my legs as he almost pops through the tight ring of muscle and slides in a little farther.

"Your so tight.." He tells me, voice breathless with the effort not to just drive into me and split me apart at his mercy. I take a few deep breaths, my back arching and my head falling back with my eyes screwed shut but I keep my eyes closed and tight. He is hard. No really hard. He is hot and slick and…hard. I know what a cock feels like in my hand and I know what his feels like in my mouth but somehow inside me it feels even harder, even hotter and even bigger than I ever imagined. It burns, and I won't lie it kinda hurts. There are burst of slight pain as pushes in. He's stretching me slowly as he works his way in, moving careful and slow and for once I really am okay with not doing something fast as he inches deeper inside me. He changes his angle and I feel it happen a few times. It isn't till the ripple of pleasure bubbles up inside me and rockets up my spine that I realize he is positioning himself to get that delicious spot again.

Before I know it he is buried inside me, completely. He's still for a moment before his hips push mine and with his balls tight to my ass he pushes me into the woman below me until I am pinned between them. Holy shit. I need a minute and they give it to me without being asked. I breathe but it's hard because my heart is pounding and the feeling of that throbbing hot cock spreading inside me kind of burns and kind of hurts and yet I am thankful as it pulls me back a little from the brink, I might last longer than two seconds, thank god. He eventually gives me a slow thrust, his cock presses against my prostate every time he moves and makes me want to scream but it doesn't help that the burning hot, impossibly tight woman before me is still wrapped so perfectly around my cock that I think I'm floating. Ah man, now I pray to last long enough to claim two seconds.

"Oh fuck" I say to no one and nothing in particular but somehow Jon knows that I only want more. As he pulls his hips back I feel like he is dragging me out of the woman's tight heat with the friction of his thick cock against my tight ass. I can't help but pant as he pushes back into me only to drive me farther into the wet warmth. I can't open my eyes. I can't think. I can't talk. Their hands are on me, Jon's steadying himself on my hips and T'Pol's stroking me all over. I can't take it, not really, it's like there are a million bright lights ripping through my body and sending so much pleasure over me that it's painful.

I want more. So much more and yet I'm not even sure if I can handle what their doing to me now. I know that my hips are moving with him in his rhythm, bumping against his hips and I can feel the delicious slap of his balls against me. God damn it he can fuck me harder than that and I tell him so. I'm rewarded with his hips pounding into my tender ass and I know I'll be so sore in the morning. I don't fucking care. I drive myself into the panting puddle of goo that used to be a woman and I can't take the idea of not slamming into her again and again and again. I want to do this forever.

I don't last long however. How long could I possibly last with my cock buried deep in such wonderful heat and that amazing man driving me crazy in my tight ass? I'm light headed when the knifing sensation slips up my lower back and my balls retreat up toward my body. My thrusts are sudden, hard and reactive as every muscle in my body tenses and whiteness explodes behind my eyes. I'm coming and I'm coming so hard that I can't think even remotely straight. I spill into her, all of me throbbing and draining into her tight body as it clenches tight around me and if I'm not mistaken that is her coming. To be honest I don't have enough wits about me to know for sure. I do know however, that in the following few moments of Jon's hot breath on my shoulder I become aware that my ass and thighs are very wet and he's going soft. He's amazingly breathless and I wonder if I can stay standing at all, much less support his weight against me.

T'Pol is breathless beneath me and her thighs are so very wet that although I wasn't really conscience enough to know if she came I am pretty sure she did. Her boneless arms stroke my muscular ones and I feel like they are turning to jelly under her touch. I want to say something sweet and romantic, but honestly I'm having enough trouble breathing as it is. Jon's body, slack and weakened stumbles back as he slides out of me and I feel my body shake with the sudden realization that I'm completely spent. I struggle not to lock my knees with the knowledge it may make me pass out.

"Are you going to pass out every time…?" Archer asked with a soft chuckle in his voice, warm strong hands tight on my hips to keep me up.

"You gonna blow my mind everytime?" I ask, feeling my world spin a little as I step back and feel the man's soft hands supporting me, as well as the woman's graceful fingers tightly holding me as well. I'm still struggling for breath as I try to make my brain start thinking again but I don't think it will anytime soon.

"Maybe we should move this someplace more comfortable." T'Pol almost sounds composed and I am almost fooled if her thighs weren't still soaked in my cum and her body covered in a sweet little sheen of sweat. Especially with her nipples still hard, and her skin flushed from passion. She's not fooling anyone. Suddenly I realize that I have just had a mind blowing orgasm, something so amazing I'm not sure I'd ever even considered it before and now, and to top that this lovely woman in front of me wants me to take her to bed. Yet now it dawns on me I am such a horny bastard I don't even know where the bedroom is. I can't help cracking up. My laugh is purely driving the last of my breath from me and I see the Vulcan's confusion as see stares at me like I'm crazy. It only makes me want to laugh harder and I don't have the strength for it.

Jon's arms snake around me and slightly pull me away from the confused goddess. I laugh softly and look up at him with a smirk. He seems to understand with a stifled chuckle. And I don't remember anything until I'm falling into their huge bed and collapsing with those two amazing people next to me. T'Pol's naked body is so close to me that I cannot resist the urge to hold her. I pull the soft body languid with pleasure against me and capture her supple lips in a gentle touch. I can't resist the feeling spreading out from my chest. The feeling of love, of pure sweet completion, at having her and even more at having both of them. I struggle to lift my head so I can peek around looking for my other lover and find him returning from what must be the bathroom with a small damp towel. He looks clean and I groan as he bends over and cleans my over sensitized flesh with an efficient swipe of the warm cloth while his mouth plunders mine in a mind spinning little motion.

I hear myself groan as he pulls away and then slips over the woman in my arms and claims her mouth as well, his hand disappearing between her legs and cleaning her with gentle attention. He gives her a soft smile in return as she gives his face a fleeting touch. There is something in it that reminds me of how long they have been together, how long they have loved one another without me. I feel their tender familiarity as Jon tosses the cloth aside and they roll in a move I can only describe as gracefully practiced until he is below her and she is on top, their limbs perfectly tangled in a sweet closeness and in a flash I remember them like this. I remember them like this in that bed on Denobula, hands extended to the other side of the bed, missing something, physically missing something and my heart lurches with the thought that in this moment, I fill that spot.

I feel Jon's hand reach out and pull my shoulders close while T'Pol's manicured nails scrape softly over my hip and pull me too them. My chest constricts and I feel Jon's face bury in the top of my head. If I weren't so tired I think I might want to talk to them about this. Question just when they knew they wanted me, why they want me, how I could possibly compete with that they have with each other. But when T'Pol shifts and spreads herself over both of us her small head tucking under my chin and I am frankly enchanted by the feel of her soft hair spread over my naked body. I also know when to shut the fuck up and not ask questions. I don't care about what decisions they made when I was, for all intents and purposes dead. Right now I am alive, and I want to spend as much time as I can living like this.