Black Threads

By Nanaho-Hime

For Static Lull

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Regulus Arcturus Black has never been fragile and he's never really cared to know anyone who is fragile. He's met people who are fragile on the outside. Narcissa and Bellatrix and Andromeda are all fragile on the outside, beautiful porcelain dolls with rosy cheeks and glass complexions. Easily breakable, but not so easily replaceable for all their beauty and all their personality (for no one could accuse the sisters Black of being fragile on the inside).

Sirius likes to tell him he's fragile. In his eyes Regulus is the pampered prince, who'll shatter if he comes into contact with the outside world. Sirius isn't like that. Sirius is tough and brash (and brave) and Regulus wonders if Sirius ever remembers a time before there were Marauders; that once upon a time it was just Sirius and Regulus and fragility wasn't an issue. He misses his brother (because once upon a time Sirius was a Black too).

When you are a Black, it is expected that you will always be a Black. It is never forgotten, even for the girls who are married off. It is the threads that tied them together, stronger than any marital bond or friendship. He knows this, Bella knows this, Cissy knows this.

Unfortunately Sirius and Andy don't. Some Black threads are meant to be broken.

When Regulus defies the dark lord, it is with a twisted smile on his face.

Dear Brother, I was never fragile.

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