Emer-chan: Hi minna!! Here's another lil story for you guys!

Ikuto: you are such a procrastinator…

Amu: agreed…

Emer-chan: SHUT UP!!

Ikuto: well…at least it is a good story…in my opinion *smirks*

Amu: O_O….w..what?!! what's in this story

Emer-chan: don't worry Amu…its only rated T….for now…*grins evilly* just some major kinda dancing….And many different songs…*smirks*

Amu: AHHH!!! WHY?!!!

Ikuto: aww, its ok Amu c'mere…


Ikuto: that's so cold…

Emer-chan: anyways…before we go on I'd like to say that..


Ikuto: even a better reason to do this….*wraps arms around Amu pressing her back against his chest*

Emer-chan: There are English songs, and both Japanese songs! Its kinda like a fun whacked out version!

Amu: *blushes madly* AH! NO! I-IKUTO!!

Ikuto: You make it sound so wrong….Amu *smirks*

Emer-chan: so, ENJOY!! And also….there is some different kind of dances in this story…like I said before…you can always skip those parts…so….ENJOY! NYA!


Emer-chan: HA! You both said nya…*snickers lightly to self*

Ikuto & Amu: *sweat drops* maybe I shouldn't have said that…

Emer-chan: ENJOY!!

Ikuto: box ghost…

Emer-chan: URUSAI!!

Amu: *giggles*


I'm miss American dream since I was 17 Don't matter if I step on the scene Or sneak away to the Philippines They still got pictures of my derrière in the magazine You want a piece? Piece of me…

A current 16 year-old Amu danced in her room, her IPod plugged into the stereo that was now booming piece of me rather loudly.

I'm miss bad media karma Another day another drama Guess I can't see no harm In working and being a mama and with a kid on my arm I'm still an exception And you want a piece of me

She walked forward towards her glass balcony door with a straight face mouthing all the words with hand motions following the words.

I'm Mrs. 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Oh my God that Britney's Shameless'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Extra! Extra! This just in'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'She's too big now she's too thin'
(You want a piece of me)

Her parents and little sister were going to be gone for a whole week, leaving the house to her alone. Of course she was going to spend it doing crazy stuff she would never do in front of anyone, well, anyone that she was aware of at least.

I'm Mrs. 'You want a piece of me?'
Tryin' and pissin' me off
Well get in line with the paparazzi
Who's flippin' me off
Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc
End up settlin' in court
Now are you sure you want a piece of me?
You want a piece of me…

She flipped her hair then flicked the imaginary air off in front of her, spinning and swaying her hips in question as she lifted her hand, pointing to herself as the other stayed on her hip. She was in such a good mood that she just wanted to dance the day away….which was exactly what she did.

I'm Mrs. 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets'
When getting the groceries, no, for real..
Are you kidding me?
No wonder there's panic in the industry
I mean, please, do you want a piece of me?

She scoffed as if she was annoyed and fed up with it, waving her hands in a 'dare you' motion. Her mini white skirt swaying so lightly, the black belt keeping it up from falling down from all the motion. Her low cut, sleeve-less black shirt attached to her neck, covering her now rather large chest from growing older, allowed the cool air to hit her thin and muscled stomach being shown.

I'm Mrs. 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'
(you want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Oh my God that Britney's Shameless'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Extra! Extra! this just in'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'She's too big now she's too thin'
(You want a piece of me)

She loved dancing; it was one of the things she was actually good at. Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia had approved of it, as long as she didn't do anything stupid with the way she could move. So, with all her spare time, and when no one was around, she would just plug in her IPod and dance to the beat. Too bad she didn't realize that this one time that she was dancing…..she wasn't actually quite alone.

I'm Miss American Dream since I was 17
Don't matter if I step on the scene
Or sneak away to the Philippines
They still gon put pictures of my derrière in the magazine
You want a piece of me?
You want a piece piece of me…

She pulled up her skirt revealing her underwear for a second flashing what she thought was air while laughing. She turned back around pointing to the dark not knowing that someone was watching her every movement with wide-eyed amusement and lust from that very spot, his tail flicking back and forth.

You want a piece of me?

She then suddenly began to slowly walk down her room staring with a straight face, her head up in a challenging way. Her hands making a motion that fit perfectly with the words. In a way that most would call un-believably sexy.

I'm Mrs. 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Oh my God that Britney's Shameless'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Extra! Extra! this just in'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'She's too big now she's too thin'
(You want a piece of me)

She placed her hands on her stomach letting them slide down near her front and down her sides, keeping them on her thighs as she danced her eyes closed and smile on her face. She swayed her hips as the song came close to the end.

I'm Mrs. 'Lifestyles of the rich and famous'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Oh my God that Britney's Shameless'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Extra! Extra! this just in'
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'She's too big now she's too thin'
(You want a piece of me)

She lifted her arms above her head as her hips came to a slow stop, her hands locked as she spoke the last words of the song.

You want a piece of me
You want a piece of me

She slowly opened her eyes as she suddenly grinned; she gave her self a thumbs up as she stuck her hand into the air.

She then bursted out laughing; her hands holding onto her stomach.

"I want a piece of you…" A deep husky voice sounded out from her now balcony door.

Her laughter was silenced as she slowly lifted her head up to stare wide-eyed at a midnight-blue haired boy with cat ears atop his head, dressed in all black, and his blue tail swishing back and forth.

His eyes held nothing but amusement, and a bit of something else he was working so hard to keep back. But, his eyes were not what Amu was focused on right now, she was more focused on if or if not he had seen her dance. Though, she wasn't able to keep back the shrill scream that suddenly escaped from her mouth.

"AHHHHH!!!! I-IKUTO?!!!!!"

She jumped back in surprise and fear, her arms covering her stomach.

"W-W-W-W-What, are y-you doing h-here!?!" She was finally able to sputter out some sort of sentence as Ikuto slowly removed his hands from his now human ears, wincing slightly.

"Geeze, you're too loud Amu. Why I'm here? Oh well, I heard loud music booming from this one house in the neighborhood….and a young, foolish, yet somehow sexy pink headed girl dancing in her room, and thought that I should go check it out." A huge smirk was clearly written across his face as he took a step towards Amu.

"YOU!! YOU P-PERVERT!!" Wait….Did he just call me sexy?

Amu shook her head to clear her thoughts as she took a step back away from the slowly approaching boy she that was the biggest pervert she had ever met.

No he's probably just teasing me. She glared at him as she felt that her cheeks had already unknowingly turned a bright red, rivaling that of a strawberry's color.

"It was an interesting sight….and by the way…nice pink underwear, loved the blue kitty cats dancing across it." Her whole face then turned a deep shade of red, and if there was any other colors of red…it turned that too.

"IKUTO!!! H-How was I-I suppose t-to k-know that you w-were there d-damnit!!!" His eyes flickered to Amu's stereo and her IPod plugged into it, changing his course to there instead of towards Amu with a smirk.

"Its fine, I enjoyed the view…Very much I might add." He glanced at Amu as he lifted her pink IPod, running through the list of songs.

"You're such a PERV!!!" She screamed as she grabbed the nearest thing and threw it at his head.

"AND GET AWAY FROM MY IPOD!!" It happened to be her biggest pink pillow.

He looked up from Amu's IPod as his eyes widened and was suddenly knocked to the ground in surprise from her pillow hitting him square in the head.

Her IPod landed back on her desk, selecting a random song. (btw I suggest you listen to the songs while reading this, its actually pretty funny! This one is Nakimushi Shounen by Buono! So look it up….NOW)

Utsumukanaide kao wo agete
kimi no tame ni utau yo
nakimushi shounen doshaburi All right
kono basho wo tobikoete ikou

She then tackled Ikuto just as he had removed the pillow off of him, glaring at him.

"What did I tell you about messing with my IPod???!!!"

Amu sat on his stomach right above his waist, while grabbing his wrists to keep him from getting up.

Shashin no naka ni iru kimi wa
dore mo fuzakete bakari de okashii
kanashii koto mo atta hazu na no ni
BURUU na kimi nante ichido mo mita koto nakatta

He smirked with his eyes narrowed as he moved his arms about, hoping to get Amu to let go.

"What's wrong? Have something on there you don't want me to see?"

His smirk grew as her eyes widened.

Yogoreta BASU no mado kara mieru
keshiki ga tooku chiisaku natte yuku

"I'll take that as a yes." His eyes suddenly traveled down her body. Now realizing what position they were in, and with what clothes she was wearing.

Damn, she's got such a hot body yet doesn't even know it. And her face is just as nice. That was when an idea came to his mind.

Furimukanaide mae wo muite
doko he datte ikeru sa
horoniga seishun hachamecha All night
kanashimi wo ketobashite ikou

"Well, Amu. If you really wanted me that bad, you should have just asked." He forced his gaze away from her delicious body to look up at her big golden eyes.

Her cheeks grew red as she finally realized where she was as she glared down at Ikuto. Her grip lightening by much on his wrists.

Michibata ni saku zassou mitai ni
motto tsuyoku naritai to omou
ichinen mae no jibun ga mou
mukashi no koto ni omoete sukoshi sabishikatta

"I-I DO NOT W-WANT YOU!!" She then realized her mistake as Ikuto suddenly sat up pushing her off lightly and reaching upwards to grab her IPod, standing on his knees.


Onsoku de hibi sugite iku nara
sore yori hayai SUPIIDO de ikite yare

She jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck in hopes of bringing him down but only faltered him by lowering him.

His hands reached the top of her desk as he suddenly yelled, "HA!"

Utsumukanaide kao wo agete
kimi no tame ni utau yo
nakimushi shounen dosha-

The song was abruptly changed as Ikuto pressed the next button a few times before Amu finally brought him down to the floor. Though unfortunately he landed on top of her, her arms still wrapped around him tightly as he continued to reach up.

The two though, were too stupid enough to realize their situation, too set on getting the bright pink IPod sitting on Amu's desk.

Lalalalala…. Lalalalala…

Ikuto's eyes widened with a grin, while Amu's grew wide in horror. Shit…

Oh baby baby
Have you seen Amy tonight?
Is she in the bathroom
Is she smokin' up outside

"Wow, Amu…I never knew you had this song on you're IPod…" He smirked as he looked down at Amu who's face was nearly touching his as she sent him an evil glare.

Oh baby baby
Does she take a piece of lime
For the drink that Imma buy her
Do you know just what she likes

"THAT'S BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSE TO KNOW!!!" He shuddered involuntarily, his smirk though growing wider as he reached up again for her IPod.

Oh Oh
Tell me have you seen her
Because I'm so
I can't get her off of my brain

"Hmmm…I wonder what other songs are on there…"

I just want to go to the party she gonna go
Can somebody take me home
Ha ha he ha ha ho


"Oo so there is more then what I think on there…"

Love me hate me
Say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If You Seek Amy
Love me hate me
But can't you see what I see
All of the boys and all of the gir-

Another click was heard as Ikuto slowly stood, pushing down Amu's head as she tried to get up and smack him but ended up only smacking air.

"Oh so you have karaoke on here? Wanna sing? Amu?" Music could now be heard.

"NO!" She glared at him, here cheeks a bright red as she realized that she was leaning on her stomach.

"C'mon, just one song and I won't touch you're IPod again…" He looked down at her with a smirk.

She turned her head to the side, finally pushing his hand off her head and folded her arms.

"You promise?" His smirk grew.

"I promise…" He restarted the song.

"W-Wait!! Why t-this song it's-!!" But she never finished her sentence.

She was immediately cut off when Ikuto suddenly came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist tightly. As if that if he let go, he would surely die. Her back was pressed firmly against his front as he leaned in and whispered while singing the lyrics into her ear in perfect tune. (song is Electropop! Jupiter rising! so look it up people!)

Hey girl what's your name
L-u-v I see your game
It's okay I do it too
Make me want to play with you

She glared at him, her cheeks a bright red as her face was turned to his behind her.

Well boy, sign the line Fools like you don't waste my time I ain't game to play with you Are you gonna follow through?

Her voice was surprisingly, well to Ikuto, surprisingly perfect in tune and matched the singer well. He smirked as she tried to get out of her grip.

Step inside we'll take a ride Bonnie Clyde you and I We can do this do or die Why don't we just take a ride?

He smirked as he let her go just long enough for her to turn around and smirk back at me with her hand on her chin as if she was deciding on something.

Sounds gangster I'm game sir We'll play the town prankster Usin up this bar we play Then we make our getaway

He suddenly pulled her back to press his front against her back as she came quite willingly, surprising him, let alone her own self.

Electropop hot
funk addiction when I can't stop

She pressed her hips against him, swaying them with fun and tease as she sang the words.

I may be you're sweet spot
Take me to you're candy shop

His arms were suddenly wrapped around her waist holding her tightly.

Electropop hot
Funk friction when its gettin hot

I'm feeling like it's gettin hot
Come on baby what you got

She lifted her arms to wrap around behind Ikuto's neck as she pressed more against him as the chorus repeated once more before finally continuing.

Damn girl were moving fast
It's a movie who's that cast?
I can be you're leading role
Won't you let me take control?

He released her as he narrowed his eyes with a smirk staring at her while chara-changing; His blue cat ears and tail appearing.

Like Juliet I'm femme fatal
Take your pick I'll play them all
Each one can satisfy depending on the type of guy

She pulled back, fanning herself with her hand, then running her hands down her body as she spoke the last words of her line. Why am I singing this with Ikuto? Why am I DANCING WITH IKUTO?!!

I'm just a nervous type
Put me in the spotlight
I can talk this all night long
Only if we take it home

Ikuto's smirk grew wide as they continued to sing together. He felt a strange feeling inside of him building. Well other then the other feeling below his waist but, he tried not to think of that.
Damn, Amu is so sexy right now. Wait.... Have I....really fallen for Amu?

Oh that is not what I'm about
'member that I'm acting out
That is how I strategize
So hold your breath for the surprise

Ikuto reached his hand out as she soon took it as he twirled her back against his front smirking the whole time; her face flushing a deep red.

Electropop hot
funk addiction when I can't stop

I may be you're sweet spot
Take me to you're candy shop

They swayed their bodies in time with the beat, unknowingly laughing lightly at each other with fun.

Electropop hot
Funk friction when its gettin hot

I'm feeling like it's gettin hot
Come on baby what you got

After the chorus repeated once more, Amu suddenly turned in Ikuto's arms. His arms now wrapped around her waist as she not-meaning to-ly, placed her arms onto his chest. They now took slow steps, matching the suddenly slow song as Amu sang her solo.

Don't want to spend this night alone
Cause your just what I need
I'll lock your digits on my phone
For as much as I tease
I know this affection may be temporary but
Night like behaviour it is necessary
Look for tonight yes we're doing it right
But you got my number if you like what you like

She was staring deeply into Ikuto's eyes with much passion that surprised not just Ikuto but even herself. She blinked and suddenly looked down as she pulled back away from Ikuto, singing the oh's, her thoughts going crazy. W-What was that just now?! Why did I feel as if....as if....I don't even know.

Electropop hot
funk addiction when I can't stop

I may be you're sweet spot
Take me to you're candy shop

Ikuto stared at her with wide-eyes as he watched her glance down and shake her head. Though they continued to sing the song together as if nothing had happened as she lifted her back up to smirk at him. He smirked back, though his thoughts were still on something else.

Electropop hot
Funk friction when its gettin hot

I'm feeling like it's gettin hot
Come on baby what you got

What was that just now? It felt as if...some of those words that she said were...They twirled back and fourth, his hands gripping hers.

Electropop hot
funk addiction when I can't stop

I may be you're sweet spot
Take me to you're candy shop

As if it were real....Amu stared back at Ikuto with a grin as he did the same with a smirk.

Electropop hot
Funk friction when its gettin hot

I'm feeling like it's gettin hot
Come on baby what you got

They found themselves pressed against each other tightly as the song came to a quick end. They were staring into each others eyes as they both panted from all the dancing and singing. A light layer of sweat covered the bodies; Hidden under Ikuto's clothes, though see able across his forehead. Sweat could be seen across Amu's stomach and forehead.

Ikuto slowly began to walk forward pushing Amu against a wall; as she let out a gasp in surprise. Ikuto's arms pushed her body up, her head back as he slowly leaned forward.

W-what?! What is he going to do?! He's not going to kiss me...IS HE?!! Amu though was silently anticipating the moment his lips met hers in the back of her mind, as her lips were already parted.

"I-Ikuto..." She whispered his name as he did the same.

"Amu..." Their lips were less then an inch apart, Amu's eyes already starting to fall close.

Ikuto's eyes were half-way closed, and just as their lips were about to brush-

God, I want to dream again
Take me where Ive never been
I want to go there
This time Im not scared

Ikuto suddenly let out a rather loud groan as Amu pulled back only to lightly smack her head against her pink wall.

"Ow..." Even though Amu had tried pushing him away, Ikuto kept his arms around her body as she slowly reached into her back-pocket; her face a bright red.

Now I am unbreakable
Its unmistakable
No one can touch me
Nothing can st-

"Mushi-Mushi?" She glared lightly towards Ikuto as he smirked back at her.

"Hinamori-san? Did I interrupt something?" Tadase's voice rang out from the receiver.

Amu immediately covered Ikuto's mouth with her hand just as he was about to say probably something smart-ass like, and blow her cover.

She smiled and laughed lightly.

"No of course not, what's up Tadase-kun?" Ikuto let out a sigh as he narrowed his eyes towards Amu.

"Oh ok, I was just wondering if you were free tomorrow morning." Amu glared right back at Ikuto.

"Mmmm, not that I know of...why?" An idea suddenly crossed Ikuto's mind as he smirked.

"Well, the aquarium just re-opened. You remember? The one we went to when we were younger?"

Amu's face flushed a bright pink, remembering her run-in with Ikuto then, and remembering that that was her 1rst ever 'date' with Tadase.

"H-Hai." She smiled, not paying attention to the now paying attention Ikuto, who was waiting just for the right moment.

"Well, I was wondering, if you would like to go with me to see it?" Her smile grew wide as she nodded, even though she knew he couldn't see.

"Sure! I'd love to!" Amu suddenly felt something wet and slimy slide across her hand that was covering Ikuto's mouth.

"Great! I'll come by around…" Tadase was suddenly cut off as Amu screamed into the phone.

"AHHH!!! IKUTO YOU PERVERT!!" Amu immediately pulled her hand away from Ikuto's mouth, wiping it on her clothes as he pulled back laughing while wiping his mouth.

"Well, you wouldn't take you're hand off, so what do you expect?" She glared at him.

"Hinamori-san? Is Tsukiyomi Ikuto there?!" Her eyes widened as she placed her attention back on the boy who was still on the phone with her.

"U-Um…come by around noon! See you there Tadase-kun!" Not waiting for a reply she hung up to glare down at a certain cat boy who sitting on the floor gazing up at her with pure amusement and some other emotion that she couldn't figure out; her hands on her hips.

"YOU IDIOT!! Look what you made me do?!!" He smirked.

"I didn't do anything, you did that all by you're-self." Her face flushed a pink as she turned to walked over to her doorway.

"Whatever….I'll be right back….Do you want a water?" She rested her hand on her door as she glanced back at him.

Ikuto's eyes grazed over her body, not being able to control him-self. Damn that body of hers…. He suddenly shook his head and met her eyes with his, and a smirk.

"Are you actually offering me some-water? That's so sweet Amu-chan." Her eyes widened and she stomped her as she walked down the hall-way stairs.

"NEVERMIND!! FORGET I EVEN ASKED!!" With that, Amu walked down-stairs, leaving Ikuto alone in her room to think for at least a few short minutes.

Ikuto fell back onto the pillow that Amu had earlier thrown at him. His hands behind his head he gazed up at her ceiling.

Was I really going to kiss her?

Emer-chan: omg!! What the hell?!!

Ikuto: What? I liked it

Amu: SO!!

Emer-chan: this came out TOTALLY different from what I thought…like…totally!

Ikuto & Amu: how?


Ikuto: *covers Amu's ears* Ow…you're too loud…


Emer-chan: T_T….*watches*

Ikuto: Cause I didn't want you're little ears to be hurt..

Amu: MY EARS ARE NOT LITTLE!! Wait…are you calling ME LITTLE?!!

Emer-chan: Anyways…I really shouldn't have written this but….ill try my best to update…

Ikuto: you're a little dense that what I'm calling you..


Ikuto: Really?

Emer-chan: I'll think about making it long….depending on how many reviews I get saying they want me to continue or on how they like the story…

Amu: YES!!

Ikuto: What's 5X8X9-10+11+12+13-9 equal?

Amu: 377!!!

Emer-chan: so please tel- O_O…

Ikuto: O_O….

Emer-chan: d-did….did she just answer that correctly?

Ikuto: *nods slowly*

Amu: ITS CORRECT?!! NO WAY!! I MEAN! Um….yeah! of course its correct!! Pft…

Ikuto and Emer-chan: *eye twitches* u-um…

Amu: *smirks* YEAH!! Now…review!! See you guys later!!

Ikuto & Emer-chan: b…bye?