I hate him so why can't I kill him?

I've been watching him for weeks now waiting for the right moment, waiting to kill him. My hatred has been building. I'm ready. I stalk into his room. He's sleeping soundly. He looks adorable, almost innocent. No, he's a killer.

I hate him so why can't I pull the trigger. I'm holding the gun pointing at his head, but I'm frozen. Why? He killed my mother and my father.

I never knew why, but my parents lay on top of each other with a hole where their hearts should be. I always wondered why but he didn't get any penalty because there was no proof he did it, but…I knew.

I lightly glided the knife down my arm and watched as it bled. I did this right on the vein of my arm. The tip of the knife covered in my blood; Sasuke still sleep. I lifted my hand and wrote.

'If not today…I will kill you for murdering my parents…'

I licked the tip of the knife and spat it on his floor. I walked out slowly disgusted at myself more than I was than him.

I couldn't kill him…why?

I know my heart was full of love and forgiveness, but…I couldn't forgive him and I wouldn't.

I stepped into the night, under the gaze of the stars. I took in the breeze and exhaled. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a black tank top and a black hoody.

I quickly hurried towards my home on the other side of town. Since the border between the Hyuga's and the Uchiha's were not on peaceful terms.

The war between both of the clans has been long lasting, but never this severe. Since my mother and father were killed it kind of just died down with them and my clan went into hiding. My clan may be fearful of the Uchiha's but I was ready to take them…him down.

I guess I didn't have the courage to kill him and I was still confused as of why.

When I got to my room I flopped onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. The tears in my eyes started to fall. I couldn't hold them.

I was so frustrated with myself.

I turned over and punched the pillow rapidly the tears still falling.

"I hate you…hate you," I repeated over and over.

Why couldn't I…?

"H-Hinata?" I heard a tired voice come into my room

I turned and looked it was Neji and Hanabi.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" I said wiping away my tears

"It's okay, Hanabi, go back to bed," Neji said calmly pushing her towards her room. She was too tired; she'll never even remember she got up tonight.

He walked in and closed the door.

"You were thinking about them and you left…again," he said frustrated looking out at the window and my attire.

Yes, it was true this wasn't my first time leaving; going on to Uchiha land, but…I didn't get hurt.

"Hinata, you need to stop doing that. I don't want you getting hurt,"

"I'm not going to be the one getting hurt…the Uchiha is," I said sharply crushing the air in my fist.

He sighed, "You have to let this—"

"Let it go! Yea, Neji, I'm going to let go of the murderer who killed my parents. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint I won't and until he's in the grave, rioting in hell. I'd feel a lot better if he was dead."

Neji only gritted his teeth

"Revenge isn't always the best healer," he said walking out

"Neither is time," I whispered

He only turned and looked at me and sighed once more.

I opened my window and screamed. This was my release, screaming because it seems nobody else heard me when I spoke, normally. I'd screamed at the sky whenever I needed to.

I would kill him, but maybe I just need him alive so I could torture him the way my mother and father looked.

Eyes rolled back, heart ripped out, but he let them stay close to each other I was always confused by this.

I jumped down and ran nowhere in particular but ran tears streaming and me screaming. I was punching the air from time to time, until I ran into something unexpected.



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