Pairing: Naruto/Hinata, and more in the future.

Rating: M

Chapter 1: The Fox Boy

It was early in the afternoon in the city of Konoha, where a curtain blond ninja was being chased down by a angry villager. "Get back here, you thieving demon!!" The villager shouted as he chased after the blond boy. Naruto Uzumaki, also known as the "Demon" ran away on all fours, with his long bushy orange fox tail fluttering in the wind as he made his escape. He wore pair of black slacks with a hole in the back so his tail hang out, ninja sandals, a white shirt, and a green camouflage jacket. But he also had fox ears, fox eyes, razor sharp claws and large canines.

"I don't think so, you old goat!" Naruto laughed. "If you want your money back, you're gonna have to catch me! But good luck trying to catch up with this demon!" He learned about the Nine-Tailed Fox being sealed inside his body at a young age. And that's when he learned why all the adults and kids hated him so much. He was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of six, and was forced to live by himself in a apartment. He had to go days at a time without food. He had to get food by stealing it from villagers to survive.

"That's the reason no one will ever accept you, you dirty monster!!" The man shouted. "They're afraid you'll steal everything they have and kill them!" Naruto leapt onto the side of a building and used his sharp claws to climb up to the roof.

"No! That's not the reason, you weak human!" Naruto growled as he sent down a glared at the villager. "The reason no one will accept me is because of how I look! Because of my eyes, ears, claws, teeth and tail why no one likes me! And quite frankly, I don't give a shit!" And he jumped from rooftop to rooftop, while the villager called out for help.

(Two Hours Later, At The Hokage's Office)

Two ANBU dragged Naruto into the Hokage's office and placed him in the seat across from Sarutobi. "Thank you…. You two are dismissed." The two ninjas bowed and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naruto stared at the old man across from him, and waited to hear what he had to saw. After lighting his pipe, he sighed and began. "Naruto….. You need to stop stealing from the villagers. I can only protect you so much." Naruto raised a eyebrow and scuffed.

"I don't need your protection, old man…. Everybody hates me for something I had no control over. And I can't leave because I'd be hunted down by hunter ninjas. And even if I do manage to get to another village, they'll hate and despise me there, just like the villagers do here! So I'm stuck here in this rat hole of a village…."

"I know…." Sarutobi said, in a sincere voice. "And I'm sorry that the villagers treat you with such hostility. I wish I can be around to make sure they leave you alone. But you're gonna become a ninja tomorrow, so you need to start acting like the ninja you'll soon be." Naruto laughed in a sarcastic manner.

"O.K! And while I'm at it, I'll magically get some friends who accept me for me, and look past my demon appearance!"

"It may be hard to believe… but not everybody who knows you hates you. Your sensei Iruka doesn't hate you. I saw him after classes helping you with your chakra control." But Naruto wasn't convinced.

"That's because he just wants me out of his classroom as soon as possible! And he doesn't even bother to help me out when all the other kids are picking on me! That's another thing! All the kids know about my prisoner! Either they hate me like Sasuke Uchiha does, or they're too scared to talk to me, like Hinata Hyuuga!" He shouted as he slammed his fist down on the desk, causing it to crack. "Face it, Sarutobi! You can't help me! No one can!" And then the fox like boy rushed out of the room, leaving the old Hokage alone, feeling guilty.

'I'm so sorry, Naruto…..'

(In The Streets Of Konoha)

Naruto marched down the street, receiving glares from adults and children alike. As he passed by the people, he also heard the usual silent threats. Like wishing for his horrible death, and swearing they'll avenge the people "he" killed. He merely returned their glares with his own. He looks extra menacing with those blood red fox eyes. He also bares his large canines to frighten anyone who stares at him too long. As he walks past the stores, he noticed that all the stores had a sign on the windows that says:

No Demons Allowed

'Very funny, you assholes.' Naruto thought angrily as he raised his middle finger at the store owners.

"There you are, Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto turned and saw his teacher Iruka standing behind him, with his hands on his hips and a stern frown. "Playing hooky again?! This makes it the forth time this week!" The blond half demon smirked.

"That's because I already know everything there is to know about being a ninja. Send the demon boy in first, let him get killed, complete the mission and say he "accidentally" died." He answered with a smug tone.

"Just come on, Naruto…." Iruka sighed as he massaged his temples. "Tomorrow is the last day. So just bare with us."

(At The Academy)

"Everybody hide! The demon is approaching!!" Sakura Haruno cried, pretending to sound scared. Naruto and Iruka entered the class, and Naruto sent a death glare at the pink haired kunoichi in training.

"Shut up, you flat chested ninja wonna be. Go and drool over the stuck up asshole Sasuke." He growled, receiving some snickers from some of the other girls in the class for the "flat chested" comment. Sakura turned red with anger, while Sasuke sent a cold glare at him.

"At least I have a family, you demon spawn! And don't talk about my Sasuke like that!" She screamed, getting way too personal. Naruto hands curled up into fists at the last comment. But before things got out of hand, Iruka stepped in.

"O.K, you two stop fighting this instant! Naruto, get up to your seat so we can start today's lesson." Naruto growled as he sat down, and heard Sakura giggling at him getting in trouble. "Sakura Haruno….." Iruka continued, getting the girl's attention. "you have no room to laugh. You're among my worst students." Sakura turned red with embarrassment as the class laughed at the statement. Every day was the same. Which ever side Naruto sits in, everybody on that side moves to the other, leaving him to sit by himself. Everybody, except the shyest kunoichi in the class, Hinata Hyuuga, who sat in the very back of the class room. And every day after class, some kids will stay after class to clean the seat he sat at that day. They say they need to "Purify" it before some unfortunate kid sits there, and gets possessed by the demons presents "Now…. Lets start with a quiz."

(Six Hours Later)

Class was finally over, and Iruka waved good bye to his students as they went home to prepare for the graduation tomorrow. "See you all tomorrow morning! Make sure you all get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow, you all become ninjas and will receive a team with certain members of your class!" The Chunin shouted cheerfully as the students filed out of the class.

'Finally! It's finally over!' Naruto shouted in his head as he got out of his seat. But he wasn't watching where he was walking and accidentally bumped into Hinata. "Sorry." He growled, not expecting a apology back. But to his surprise, she started to talk.

"N…no…. I…I'm sorry. I…. I wasn't w…watching were I w…was walking…" She stuttered in a quiet and shaky voice, before rushing out of the room.

'Still scared as hell….. But at least she apologized.' Naruto thought as he left the classroom.

(In Town)

'Man….. I can really go for a few bowls of ramen by now….' Naruto thought, as he stumbled down the street looking for his favorite ramen stand. He started to near Ichirakau's ramen stand, when he noticed three villagers already there eating. But when the old stand owner saw the fox boy coming, he did what not too many people did and smiled happily.

"Hey there, Fox Boy! You hungry today?!" Naruto saw the old man and chuckled.

"Very." He sighed as he took a seat, earning some dark looks from the men who were already there.

"Beat it, you worthless demon brat…" One of the men snarled. "We're eating here, and we don't want any of your tail hair falling off and landing in our food. It's bad enough you're alive, we don't need poisoned food too." Naruto looked up and glared at the villagers, but Ichiraku came to his defense.

"Now listen here…. He's may have the spirit of the demon inside him, but he's my best costumer. So if you don't like eating my ramen near him, you all can just go ahead and leave." The shop owner said in a stern voice. The villagers looked at one another, and left, not even bothering to finish their food." Naruto sighed and smiled softly.

"Thanks…….." Ichiraku, along with his daughter Ayame, are the only venders who will feed Naruto anything. They knew about him having the fox spirit inside him, but they didn't care. As long as he kept wanting to eat their ramen, he was welcomed.

"It was no problem at all, kid. Besides, if you stopped eating here, I would surely go out of business!" He laughed as he handed a bowl of chicken ramen to the hungry Naruto. He smiled, and handed him at money he stole earlier that day to pay for the food.

(At The Hokage's Office)

Kurenai Yuuhi walked through the door to see the Hokage, at his request. She saw Sarutobi, smoking his pipe and reading documents. "You wanted to see me, Hokage?" She asked as she closed the door behind her.

"Yes I did, Kurenai….." The old leader sighed as he closed the document he was reading. "I understand you're gonna be teaching a team this year, is that correct?"

"Yes." Sarutobi took a deep breath.

"I've chosen your team. It will consist of Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki." The mention of Naruto's got Kurenai's attention.

"The fox boy? Are you sure that's a wise choice? Did you consider Kakashi or Asuma?" Kurenai asked as she took the seat across from Sarutobi.

"Yes…. And while I find both to be excellent Jonin, I don't think they're right for the task. If I placed Naruto on the same team as Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, nothing good can come from it. The last Uchiha despises him and the Haruno girl will only make things worse. Not to mention the favoritism Kakashi will show towards Sasuke for having the Sharingan eye, and he needs all the help he can get. Asuma was my second choice, but he insisted to taking the second generation Ino-Shika-Cho team. You seemed like the best choice. You are far, knowledgeable, and will show each student with the respect they deserve." Kurenai was flattered that he thought so highly of her, but she still had more questions.

"I understand your reasoning, but why would you put him on the same team with two members of well known clans?" Sarutobi chuckled as he put out his pipe and sat it aside.

"I'm doing this for his sake. He grew up with a rough life. Did you know that the orphanage kicked him out when he was only six years old?" Kurenai was blown away by this news.

"Y…you mean they threw a helpless six year old out in streets?" He nodded, sadly. "No wonder he's so mad."

"That's not all…." Sarutobi continued. "He has been chased down and beaten to near death on many occasions. It was only when he was accepted into the academy they slowly stopped chasing him."

"You mean to tell me they chased him down and BEAT him, even though he was just a child?!" She asked, sounding angrier with every piece of new news.

"Yes….." He answered again. "They left him alone when he started training to be a ninja. They feared if they kept harassing him, he'll start using jutsus to keep them away…"

"But you still didn't answer my….."

"The reason is because I wish for him to get friends. The Aburame clan is well known for being passive and logical. So Shino should warm up to him quickly. As for Hinata……." He paused as he laughed at the remembrance of the Hyuuga heir. "I have a hunch she might have feelings towards the boy. I noticed her staring at him, and blushing when I made occasional visits to their class. I feel having her on the same team as him will not only give Naruto a much needed friend, but also help her with her crushing shyness. Because of that, he believes she's afraid of him as all the other kids are. And being hated and shunned his whole life, he wouldn't know how a love struck girl would act." He concluded with a warm smile. But his smile disappeared when he looked at Kurenai and asked the important question. "Kurenai… will you take Naruto Uzumaki as one of your students?" And to the Hokage's pleasant surprise, Kurenai's answer was quick.

"Yes…. I will."

"Thank you Kurenai…. It means a lot to me, and a lot more to Naruto." The Hokage thanking, as she walked away to prepare to meet her team tomorrow morning.

'Well…. He may prove to be a tough nut to crack, but I'll help the little fuzz ball….'

(At Naruto's Apartment)

As he walked down his hall, everybody slammed their doors shut. And once again, someone sprayed:

Go and die Demon!

On his front door with spray paint. "You pricks….." He grumbled as he walked through the door, and slammed it as hard as he could without breaking it. There were empty ramen cups and scrolls lying everywhere in his one bedroom apartment. He then looked at the clock. 10:37pm. He didn't even bother taking off his clothes, because he didn't have anything else to wear that was as clean as the ones he had on. He closed his shades and set his alarm clock to go off at 7am. And as he got into his small bed and slowly started drifting off to sleep, he only thought one thing. 'I hate this village…..'

To Be Continued…….

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