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The ABC's of Jacob Black and Leah Clearwater

Arrogant. They were both arrogant, lovesick fools. They knew they were the best and strived to be better.

Bella. Jacob adored her. Leah hated her. Simple as that.

Confusion. They say that love is like a rollercoaster. This one definitely was.

Dangerous. They were wolves. Of course they were dangerous.

Envy. Everyone envied their relationship. Emily envied the closeness. Bella envied the public displays of affection.

Forever. They would be together forever. Nothing and no one could stop them.

Glow: When they were together they just had a glow about them that was absolutely enthralling.

Heartless: They said Leah was heartless. Jacob disagreed.

Impatient: They both were. They couldn't wait to get home and behind closed doors.

Jealousy: Jacob hated they way that they stared. Leah hated the way they gawked. They both hated the whistles.

Kick Ass: This is how Jacob described Leah.

Laughs: They shared many of these. Leah loved Jacob's laugh.

Magic: What they shared was like magic that no magician had ever discovered.

Notorious: They were each notorious. Leah for being a bitch (literally and figuratively) and Jacob for once loving two vampires.

Open Minded: They had to be. They had no choice but to be.

Perfect: Leah hated perfection. So did Jacob.

Quileute: It's the blood than ran through them. It's what started everything.


Sex: Jacob loved it. Leah loved it. Their neighbors didn't.

Terrifying: There were risks. And to Leah, the risks were terrifying.

Unbelievable: Who would've guessed that Jacob would fall in love with the girl he once called the 'bitter old harpy'.

Verbal: Their love was verbal. I love you's were traded hourly.

Wanting: They wanted so much and received so little, but at least they had each other.

Xerox: Their love could not be copied.

Yours: They signed each letter, each note, each text with Forever Yours.

Zealous: enthusiastic, intense, passionate. Their love was zealous.