HARRY POTTER And the Veela girls


Chapter 01

So… you fancy girls

This is my first Harry Potter fic, and it contains the relationship between two females, so if it bothers you, please don't keep reading.

It begins with the ride on Hogwarts Express in the fourth book with some "little" changes.

Bare in mind that I own neither Harry Potter nor its characters, so if you recognize any of them, THEY'RE NOT MINE. I only own the idea of making Hermione a half-breed veela.

I also not own the veela bonding/courtship ritual, that was an idea from D. Geheimnis and Dreiser; I came upon their fics "Accune Defense pour toi" and "No Defense for you", I strongly recomend you read those fics. Fleur's line """patience in all things, patience in one thing""" in "Accune Defense por toi" was what triggered this plot in my head.

Chapter 01

So… you fancy girls

The Hogwarts Express, a gleaming scarlet steam engine, was already at platform 9 and three-quarters, clouds of steam billowing from it, through which the many Hogwarts students and parents on the platform appeared like dark ghosts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione set off to find seats, and were soon stowing their luggage in a compartment halfway along the train. They then hopped back down onto the platform to say good-bye to Mrs. Weasley, Bill and Charlie.

"I might be seeing you all sooner than you think" said Charlie, grinning, as he hugged Ginny good-bye.

"Why?" said Fred keenly

"You'll see" said Charlie. "Just don't tell Percy I mentioned it… it's classified information, until such time as the Ministry sees fit to release it, after all."

"Yeah, I sort of wish I were back at Hogwarts this year" said Bill, hands in his pockets, looking almost wistfully at the train.

"Why?" said George impatiently.

"You're going to have an interesting year" said Bill, his eyes twinkling "I might eve get time off to come and watch a bit of it…"

"A bit of what?" said Ron

But at that moment the whistle blew and Mrs. Weasley chivvied them toward the train doors.

"Thanks for having us to stay, Mrs Weasley" said Hermione as they climbed on board, closed the door and leaned out the window to talk to her.

"Yeah, thanks for everything, Mrs. Weasley" said Harry

"Oh it was my pleasure, dears" said Mrs. Weasley "I'd invite you for Christmas butt… well, I excpect you're all going to want to stay at Hogwarts, what with… one thing and another"

"Besides, most certainly Hermione would want to go back home to meet her muggle girlfriend again" said George making Hermione blush.

"She's not my girlfriend" Said Hermione annoyed

"But you want her to" said Ginny

"I only want my book back" replied Hermione

"Yeah right, and we don't like pranks" said Fred

"It's going to be very exciting, mind you" said Mrs. Weasley "I don't think you'll want to come home Hermione. I'm very glad they've changed the rules…"

"What rules?" asked Harry, Ron, Fred and George together

"I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will tell you…" began Mrs. Weasley

"Mum!" said Ron irritably. "What d'you three know that we don't"

"You'll find out this evening, I expect" said Mrs. Weasley "Now, behave, won't you? Won't you, Fred? And you, George?"

The pistons hissed loudly and the train began to move.

"Tell us what's happening at Hogwarts!" Fred bellowed out of the window as Mrs. Weasley, Bill and Charlie sped away from them. "What rules are they changing?"

But Mrs. Weasley only smiled and waved. Before the train had rounded the corner, she, Bill and Charlie had Disapparated.

Harry, Ron and Hermione went back to their compartment. The thick rain splattering the windows made it very difficult to see out of them. Ron undid his trunk, pulled out his maroon dress robes and flung them over Pigwidgeon's cage to muffle his hooting.

"So, what is this about a girlfriend Hermione?" asked Harry

"You won't believe it mate" began Ron excitedly. "Our friend here fell for a muggle girl" Hermione blushed and lowered her gaze

"I already told you Ronald, she's an annoying thieve"

"Yeah, she did steal your heart" Said Ron playfully

"No!" said Hermione "She merely refused to give me my book back"

"What did I miss?" asked Harry now concerned

"Sorry Harry, I meant to tell you but…" began Hermione "but with the World Cup and what happened there, well I kinda forgot"

"What happened?"

"Well, it all started a couple of weeks after I got home. I went for a stroll at the park and…"

Hermione walked through the park with a book under her arm, she was looking for a tall tree that might provide her with a nice cool shadow to set down an read when she spotted the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. It was a young female, silvery blond hair and amazing blue eyes. Their gazes locked and neither could help the smile that crept to their faces, Hermione was locked in place, wasn't able to move from where she stood. The blonde walked towards her and as she approached Hermione's smile faded and she began to feel uncomfortable and really annoyed, the blonde seem to doubt a little noticing the change in Hermione's attitude but kept going and passed by the brunette carrying on her way towards a bench nearby.

Hermione had to remind herself to breathe when the annoyance passed; she then turned around and say that the blonde was at a safe distance so she too carry on in her quest for a tree.

The next few days were pretty much the same, Hermione hadn't expected to see the blond again but smiled nevertheless when they crossed paths again, oddly enough the annoyance crept again so she turned away and headed to her now proclaimed tree.

After a couple of weeks, Hermione had noticed that the blond girl kept coming closer and closer to her tree each passing day and that she herself was feeling wary every time someone else approached the blond and even more when the blond engaged in conversation with them.

Hermione was leaning back against the tree thinking about her reactions, it was really annoying not knowing what exactly "annoyed" her about the other girl, Hermione acknowledged that the blond was gorgeous but she didn't know a thing about her. Then it happened, she hadn't realized how close her tormentor was when someone snatched the book she had at her lap.

"'ou do know zat reading a book upside down might be a tricky zing?" asked the blond in an accentuated French accent, which annoyed Hermione furthermore

"And you do know that snatching a book from a stranger is impolite?" said Hermione trying to recover her book, which she realized was none other than 'Hogwarts, A History'

"Zat can be eeezily arranged. I'm Fleur Delacour" said the blond offering her right hand to Hermione.

"Miss Delacour, could you give me back my book?" said Hermione trying to keep calm, she was really annoyed by the blond.

"I will w'en 'ou tell me 'our name"

"Fine, keep it" said Hermione leaving the blond stunned.

"So you let her keep your book, it's not robbery" Said Harry

"Of course it is, she stole it and didn't give it back" Retorted Hermione

"You could have just told her your name you know?" said Harry "Why didn't you? You said you liked her"

"Yes, I know what I said thank you very much" said Hermione

"Hold mate!" Began Ron "They made a bet, right after the muggle told Hermione she liked her"

"She told you that?" asked Harry, Hermione merely nodded.

"A week after that, I told her I needed my book because I was to leave for the rest of the summer to a friend's place. She said that she liked me and that wouldn't give up"

"Look, I really like 'ou and for now I only want 'our name" said Fleur under 'their' tree.

"Well, I don't like you so you better stop harassing me" said Hermione

"'ou are ze one woo keeps coming 'ere to meet me" said Fleur with a smile on her face

"I only want my book back" said Hermione getting angrier

"I didn't bring it with me, in fact I'm reading it" said Fleur triumphantly

"You are?" said a pale Hermione "Why would you do that?"

"I figured if 'ou wanted it t'at badly, zen it muzt be a really good book, but I'm telling 'ou, if 'ou 'adn't read it already, it eeezz really boring. Exzzept maybe for the sorting zing…"

"Sorting thing?" Asked Hermione

"Yes, if it was real, I might zink 'ou'd be sorted into Ravenclaw, because 'ou look really smart. Or maybe into Gryffindor, since 'ou're so passionate and determined" Smirked Fleur

"And then you'd be a Slytherin!" Retorted Hermione

"Oh, so 'ou've read t'e book. W'y do 'ou want it zen?"

"It was a gift from someone I really care about" said Hermione in a low voice.

"I told 'ou, if 'ou want it, 'ou just 'ave to tell me 'our name"

"Why do you want to know my name?" asked Hermione annoyed

"'ave 'ou not payed attention at all? I really like 'ou and I will not give up"

"And I don't like you. In fact you annoy me so let me be"

"Lets make a bet" said Fleur "'ou're leaving tomorrow, right?" Hermione nodded "I bet we'll see each ozer again before Christmas break eeez over."

"You're delusional" said Hermione

"'umor me zen" began Fleur "If I win, 'ou'll tell me 'our name and I'll give 'ou 'our precious book"

"And when I win?" asked Hermione pretty sure she would win

"Zen I'll meet 'ou here, a year form the day we first saw each other, I'll give 'ou ze book and 'ou'll never 'ave to see me again"

"Miss Delacour, you have a deal"

"Then why would you want to go back for Christmas?" asked Harry confused

"She realized that she rather have her muggle friend annoying her than not having her at all" said Ron matter of factly

"So… you fancy girls now" said Harry

"Only her" Confessed Hermione after a few seconds

"Then why didn't you tell her your name?" asked Harry

"I already told you, even when I like her she just annoys me, her mere presences annoys me almost as much as…" she fell silent noticing that there was a chat in the compartment next door. "almost as much as that" she whispered pointing toward the compartment next to theirs. Harry and Ron listened, and heard a familiar drawling voice drifting in through the open door.

"… Father actually considered sending me to Durmstrang rather than Hogwarts, you know. He knows the Headmaster, you see. Well, you know his opinion of Dumbledore --- the man's such a Mudblood-lover --- and Durmstrang doesn't admit that sort of riffraff. But Mother didn't like the idea of me going to school so far away. Father says Durmstrang takes far more sensible line than Hogwarts about the Dark Arts. Durmstrang students actually learn them, not just the defense rubbish we doo…"

Hermione got up, tiptoed to the compartment door, and slid it shut, blocking out Malfoy's voice.

"So he thinks Durmstrang would have suited him, does he?" she said angrily. "I wish he had gone, then we wouldn't have to put up with him"

"Durmstrang's another wizarding school?" said Harry

"Yes" said Hermione sniffily "and it's got a horrible reputation. According to 'An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe', it puts a lot of emphasis on the Dark Arts"

"I think I've heard of it" said Ron vaguely. "Where is it? What Country?"

"Well, nobody knows, do they?" said Hermione, raising her eyebrows.

"Er, why not?" said Harry

"There's traditionally been a lot of rivalry between all the magic schools. Durmstrang and Beuxbatons like to conceal their whereabouts so nobody can steal their secrets," said Hermione matter-of-factly

"Come off it" said Ron, starting to laugh "Durmstrang's got to be about the same size as Hogwarts, how are you going to hide a great big castle?"

But Hogwarts IS hidden" Said Hermione in surprise "Everyone knows that… well, everyone who's read 'Hogwarts, A History' anyway."

"Just you then" Said Ron

"And her muggle girlfriend" said Harry

"I told you, she's not my girlfriend!" said Hermione

"Ok… so go on, how d'you hide a place like Hogwarts?" said Ron

"It's bewitched" said Hermione "If a Muggle looks at it, all they see is a moldering old ruin with a sign over the entrance saying DANGER DO NOT ENTER, UNSAFE"

"So Durmstrang'll just look like a ruin to an outsider too?"

"Maybe" said Hermione shrugging "or it might have a Muggle-repelling charms on it, like the World Cup stadium. And to keep foreign wizards from finding it, they'll have made it Unplottable"

"Come again?"

"Well, you can enchant a building so it's impossible to plot on a map, can't you?"

"Er, if you say so" said Harry

"But I think Durmstrang must be somewhere in the far north" said Hermione thoughtfully "Somewhere very cold, because they've got fur capes as part of their uniforms"

The rain became heavier and heavier as the train moved farther north. The sky was so dark and the windows so steamy that the lanterns were lit by midday. And after the confrontation with Malfoy later on, neither Ron's nor Hermione's mood improved for the rest of the journey. They didn't talk much as they changed into their school robes, and were still glowering when the Hogwarts Express slowed down at least and finally stopped in the pitch-darkness of Hogsmeade station.

As the train doors opened, there was a rumble of thunder overhead. Hermione bundled up Crookshanks in her cloak and Ron left his dress robes over Pigwidgeon as they left the rtain, heads bent and eyes narrowed against the downpour. The rain was now coming down so thick and fast that it was as though buckets of ice cold water were being emptied repeatedly over their heads.

The Great Hall looked its usual splendid self, decorated for the start-of-term feast. Golden plates and goblets gleamed by the light of hundreds and hundreds of candles, floating over the tables in midair. The four long House tables were packed with chattering students; at the top of the Hall, the staff sat along one side of a fifth table, facing their pupils. It was much warmer in , Ron and Hermione walked past the Slytherins, the Hufflepuffs and the Ravenclaws, and sat down with the rest of the Gryffindors at the far side of the Hall, next to Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost. Hermione was lost in thought until she heard Harry again

"Brothers and sisters usually go in the same Houses, don't they?"

"Oh no, not necessarily" said Hermione "Parvati Patil's twin's in Ravenclaw, and they're identical. You'd think they'd be together, woudn't you?"

Hermione looked up at the staff table. There seemed to be rather more empty seats than usual. Hagrid of course, was still fighting his way across the lake with the first years; Professor McGonagall was presumably supervising the Drying of the entrance, because of the prank Peeves pulled. But there was another empty chair too.

"Where's the new DADA teacher?" said Hermione

"Maybe they couldn't get anyone" said Ron looking anxious.

Hermione's attention drifted back to the staff table where she could see little Professor Flitwick, Professor Sprout, Professor Sinistra, Professor Snape who was staring intently at her, and at the center of the table sat Professor Dumbledore, the headmaster. After a couple of minutes of the staring match with Professor Snape, the potion master, Hermione's mind went back to her summer, that was until she heard Nearly Headles nick speak about The Bloody Baron, the Slytherin ghost, controlling Peeves.

"Yeah, we thought Peeves seemed hacked off about something" said Ron darkly "So what did he do in the kitchens?"

"Oh the usual" Said Nearly Headless Nick shrugging. "Wreaked havoc and mayhem. Pots and pans everywhere. Place swimming in soup. Terrified the house-elves out of their wits…"

Hermione had knocked over the golden goblet. Pumpkin juice spread steadily over the tablecloth, staining several feet of white linen orange, but Hermione paid no attention.

"There are house-elves here?" she said, staring, horror-struck, at Nearly Headless Nick. "Here at Hogwarts?"

"Certainly" said the ghost looking surprised at her reaction "The largest number in any dwelling in Britain, I believe. Over a hundred"

"I've never seen one!" said Hermione

"Well, they hardly ever leave the kitchen by day, do they?" said Nearly Headless Nick "They come out at night to do a bit of cleaning… see to the fires and so on… I mean, you're not supposed to see them, are you? That's the mark of a good house-elf, isn't it, that you don't know it's there?

"But they get paid?" she said "They get holidays, don't they? And, and sick leave, and pensions and everything?"

"Sick leave and pensions?" said de ghost "House-elves don't want sick leave and pensions!"

Hermione looked down at her hardly touched plate of food, then put her knife and fork down upong it and pushed it away from her.

"Oh c'mon, 'Er-my-knee" said Ron spraying Hary bits of Yorkshire pudding "Oops, sorry 'Arry" He swallowed. "You won't get them sick leave by starving yourself!"

"Slave labor" Said Hermione, breathing hard though her nose "That's what made this dinner. Slave labor"

And she refused to eat another bite.

When the last crumbs had faded off the plates, leaving them sparkling clean, Albus Dumbledore got to his feet. The buzz of chatter filling the Hall ceased almost at once, so that only the howling wind and pounding rain could be heard.

"So!" said Dumbledore smiling around at them all "Now that we are all fed and watered"

"Hmmph!" said Hermione

"I must once more ask for you attention" continued Dumbledore giving the standard notices "It is also my painful duty to inform you that the Inter-House Quidditch Cup will not take place this year. This is due to an event that will be starting in October, and continuing throughout the school year, taking up much of the teachers' time and energy, but I am sure you will all enjoy it immensely. I have great pleasure in announcing that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year"

"You're JOKING!" said Fred Weasley loudly

"I am not joking, Mr. Weasley" said Dumbledore "Though now that you mention it, I did hear an excellent one over the summer about a troll, a hag and a leprechaum who…"

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat loudly

"Er, but maybe this is not the time… no…" Said Dumbledore "Where was I? Ah yes, the Triwizard Tournament… well, some of you will not know what this tournament involves, so I hope those who do know will forgive me for giving a short explanation"

Dumbledore went on with explaining what it was, and the rules changed because of the death toll. He then added that the contenders of Beuxbatons and Durmstrang would be arriving in October and that the selection of the Champions would take place at Halloween by and impartial judge.

A little after that, arrived a man with a strange look who was introduced by Dumbledore as Professor Moody, the new DADA teacher. Then afterwards there was a great scarping and banging as all the students got to their feet swarmed toward the double doors into the entrance hall.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George set off for the entrance Hall, Fred and George debating the ways in which Dumbledore might stop those who were under seventeen from entering the tournament.

"Who's this impartial judge who's going to decide who the champions are?" said Harry

"Dunno" said Fred "but it's them we'll have to fool. I reckon a couple of drops of Aging Potion might do it George…"

"Dumbledore knows you're not of age, though" said Ron.

"Yeah, but he's not the one who decides who the champions are, is he?" said Fred. "Sounds to me like once this judge knows who wants to enter, he'll choose the best from each school and never mind how old they are. Dumbledore's trying to stop us giving our names"

"People have died, though!" said Hermione in a worried voice as they walked through a door concealed behind a tapestry and started up another, narrower staircase. They made their way up to the entrance to Gryffindor Tower which was concealed behind the portrait of the Fat Lady.

"Password" she said as they approached

"Balderdash" said George "a prefect downstairs told me"

Te portrait swung forward to reveal a hole in the wall through which they all climbed.

"On the bright sight Hermione, you might want to owl your girlfriend with your name" Said Fred "and tell her you won't be able to make it"

"ha ha, really funny" She said casting a dark look at the crackling fire that warmed the circular common room, which was full of squashy armchairs and tables. "Slave labor" she muttered before disappearing through the doorway to the girls' dormitory.

That night Hermione dreamed of Fleur Delacour, and wondered what her muggle obsession might have seen in her.

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