Carlisle's POV

My arms were leaning on the door to the porch. A couple raindrops fell onto my blonde hair, making them glue to each other like magnets. I let my toes touch the wet splotches that I knew I had to clean when the rain stopped and Esme came home.

Alice and Jasper decided to take a trip to LA since she saw that it was going to be raining. Rare weather for sunny California. Rosalie offer her company to my wife when she wanted to pick up a new dining room table since Emmett gladly broke it while wrestling a giant teddy bear she got for Rosalie at Carnival Night. She decided that London, England was the place to get it.

That left me, the lucky guardian of this unorthodox family, to babysit the two most frightening vampire children in history: Emmett and Edward.

They were both extremely polite and well behaved alone. But when they were together, it would be pure horror. From the usual wrestling and contact sports, to who can sling shot their mates' thongs farther. Rather disturbing, I'll admit.

Sometimes I joined in when the lovely ladies were out. When Jasper was with them, things would either calm down slightly, or someone would be lying on the floor half naked. It all depended on his mood, really.

Today was rather uneventful. Despite the rain, my two remaining sons were outside arguing about… well everything. I expected them to "keep their cool" instead of fighting, and mostly they did.

"Shut the hell up, Edward," Emmett growled.

"Aw, is Teddy Bear Wrestler angry," Edward rebuked in a baby voice.

The response was an ear-splitting growl.

I walked into the rain and immediately got soaked. "Emmett, calm down," I said, "And Edward, Stop provoking your brother."

"I'm not provoking him," Edward snarled rudely, "He's just being a big baby."

"Big baby? You're the one who's been dating Bella forever and haven't swiped your V-card," he rebutted.

"Boys!" I shouted.

"What?!" they screamed back at the same time.

I thought for a second. They were fighting about something they've been fight about for a couple of weeks. It felt useless to scold them anymore.

Edward dared Emmett to take Rosalie to a sex shop with those 25 cent peep shows. He wanted his brother to purposely get caught in the mentioned shows, and see what his mate's reaction was.

I waved my hand, "Never mind. Continue whatever you two geniuses were doing. I'll be in the house if you need me," I said as I turned around to leave.

As soon as my shadow disappeared from their sight, their shouts were still in my hearing range. I could also hear punches and snarls. Being the pacifist that I know I am, violence is strongly against my nature.

But they were doing it so often now, and they usually came back either glaring at each other or hugging it out like brothers should. Never really hurt, to say for short. A scratch here or there, but that was usually it.

I picked up my battered copy of War and Peace and started flipping through it. My hand reached for the stereo remote to play whatever disc was already in it. Better to drown out the violent noises than to let them make me anxious.

As I settled on my favourite chapter of the old book, a fingernails-on-chalkboard shriek made me jump up and crouch by instinct. My book came clattering to the floor and I immediately ran outside. It couldn't be from my home, could it?

I stopped at the edge of the soft white wood paneled porch; shocked by the image. I hissed at the sight, which scared me.

Emmett, the good-natured boy that I've known for quite a long time now, was twirling my first son's left arm in his fingers. I guessed that the venom-dripping scream came from Edward.

He was panting like a dehydrated dog, yet he was standing straight and upright. His right arm traced his wound and I winced along with him. That must've hurt damn well.

There was no blood, but the clear, wet venom dripping onto the perfectly cut grass.

"Give back my arm, Emmett." Edward shot a glare straight at him.

"There's no reason why I shouldn't just toss this into a nice bonfire… or feed it to the wolves," he smirked.

I ran right in front of Emmett. That annoying—and rare—cocky smile of his wiped completely off his face.

"Actually, Emmett, I can think of a few. First, he's your brother. Nothing he's done to you deserves to lose a limb, much less an arm. You know he loves to play the piano," I said light-heartedly, even though I wanted to whip him right then and there and didn't care who was to see.

A strange feeling it was. The feeling to love someone, yet have the need to hate him.

"Carlisle, I…" he started.

"I don't think any of your excuses will make up for this one, Emmett. Go wait for me in my study. Don't even try to run. Edward still has his legs, perfectly functioning," I said sternly.

"My arm?" Edward asked politely. I nodded with him. My usual happy-go-lucky son passed the severed limb to me and sulked all the way to my office.

"Are you alright?" I asked, deeply concerned. He gave me an "Are you kidding?" look.

"Let's get you fixed up, shall we," I smiled.

Edward let out a held-in sigh of relief. "Yeah."

"Em's not the only one in trouble, you know?" I warned him.

Fear crossed his face. Then understanding. "I guess you're right," he sighed again.

"You can tell me about it after I get you fixed up."

Because I really want to know what's got into you and your brother these days.