Emmett's POV

As I walked slowly to back to the house, I was still sniffling and wincing at how much the rough fabric of my jeans hurt.

I told myself to never, ever get on Carlisle's bad side ever again.

I didn't mean to hurt Edward, much less remove a limb. I deserved every minute of that strapping, no matter how much it hurt. Damn, it hurt.

It was only a couple months ago that Edward informed us that he picked out something from Carlisle's mind. That he wouldn't ever use anything harsher than his hand on us. I chuckled. Too early said.

That's enough, I growled in my head. I stopped my already slow moving feet and undid my jeans again. I slid them down and felt the cool breeze that somewhat lessened the pain.

I swung the pair of ratty old jeans that I kept only to make Alice angry over my shoulder. I could catch Carlisle's scent getting stronger, and suddenly he stopped beside me.

He arched an eyebrow and the bottom half of my body. I shrugged. He continued staring.

"What? It stings!" I exclaimed.

"And not wearing pants makes it better?" he asked, clearly amused. The scowl appeared on my face.

"Denim? Great for working. Not the softest fabric though."

"You'll be fine by tomorrow," he comforted.

"Tomorrow? More like next month," I said, but rephrased. "I don't think you were too hard, though," I quickly added.

"Yet you're unable to keep your trousers on…" he teased.

"Aw, shutup," I pushed his shoulder lightly and he played along by stumbling the other way.

"C'mon, Edward's waiting," My foster Dad said.

I saw him waiting at the door with an innocent smile on his face. I sprinted towards him and picked him up and twirled him around like I always do with Rose.

"I'm so sorry, Eddie!" I screamed.

"Yeah, Em? Shoulder? Ow," he said coldly. I sat him down and frowned at him.

"I am really, really sorry. Did I tell you that already? I'm super sorry," I repeated over and over again and decided to hug him again, but lighter.

"S'alright, Emmett. Apologies accepted," he replied.

I set him back on his legs. "Thanks for being so forgiving. If I were you, I would've made me work harder," I admitted.

"I think you've worked hard enough, my brother," he said choked down chuckles. I gave him a questioning look. Edward gestured to my plaid boxer shorts and then to the pair of ratty jeans hanging from one shoulder.

"I took care of it," Carlisle joined in, and winked. The laughter was much needed.

I loved the way how Carlisle was able to change the mood so fast. I loved the way how he could earn out respect by disciplining us, even though we were all fully grown.

I usually show my affection physically, and my vocabulary isn't the greatest, but who gives a shit about that stuff?

"Hey, Emmett, You want to go hunting with us?" Edward asked, breaking my train of thought.

"Um…" I took a step forward. Even the thinnest of fabric that skimmed my skin made it burn more than usual. I slid my foot back and winced. I sure wasn't going to run in the woods completely naked from the bottom down. Either that or start sobbing again.

Like that wouldn't get Carlisle all concerned and worried. Then he'd blame it all on himself for inflicting so much pain on me that I couldn't hunt without breaking out in tearless tears.

"I think I'll just take a bath and relax for a bit," I said only for my foster father's sake.

"Well, you rest up for a bit. Shall we go, Edward?" he gestured to the deep woods that out looked out house.

My snoopy brother got a little too much information from my head. He's done some pretty bad things himself—including almost killing himself in Italy—and he's never felt the need to go hunting without boxers and pants.

He wouldn't think I was a baby, either. We've been spanked in the same room before, and shit, I took it a hell lot better than he did. He knew it, too.

"Oh and Em?" he asked before he left, "The only person that actually won't puke by the sight of you naked is Rose."

"I'll take that as a compliment," I smirked as soon as he was out of earshot.