We Hate the Internet

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Final chapter: When the Yaoi hits the Fan.

Zoro and Sanji couldn't believe who it was that was doing all this yaoi shit to them. They recognized her anywhere, the long blonde hair, those soulless icy blue eyes, and that hot body. Sanji was the first to say something. "Holy shit! Your Ino!" Zoro got up and realized it too, "That chick form Naruto!?"

Ino smirked proudly, "That's right you fags! I am the one how put the Zoro and Sanji yaoi's to their height! ME!"

Zoro looked victimized, "But, but, but why???" Ino turned angry, "WHY YOU ASK??? BECAUSE! I hate you two! So fucking popular on your goddamn show. (in high pitched voice) 'Oh look I'm a 3 style swordsman, I'm a lame ass cook who can't get girls unless I LIGHT MYSELF ON FIRE!"

Zoro chuckled, "You got Dartboard pegged but come off it, that shit's weak. No way you're doing this for that reason what's the real reason."

Ino seemed to be set ablaze, "Oh I don't know. Maybe I found out WHO PUTS SAKURAxINO YURI SITES UP FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!!!!!" She looked at Sanji as if she was trying to set his soul on fire from the inside. Sanji tried looking around innocently while whistling, "woooooooohoooo"

Zoro's eyes widen and pointed his finger at Sanji, "YOU!!! YOU DID THIS!!!"

He grabbed Sanji by the throat and started choking him, shaking him back and forth, "YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sanji tried to defend himself, "(wheezy voice) I........ didn't know.......... this would happen." He starts to slightly loose consciousness near the end of his sentence.


All the fangirls started screaming.






As much as she enjoyed this Ino stopped the squabbling "SILENCE!!!!" All the girls stopped cheering, even Zoro stopped bashing Sanji's head against the floor. "Move Zoro boy, I WANT HIM." Ino was ready to kick Sanji's ass.

Zoro picked Sanji up and pushed him toward Ino, "He's all yours." Sanji stumbled towards Ino, still really messed up from Zoro, "Uggggg... I~m so~rr-"


Ino punched then kicked him. She picked Sanji up and swirled him around and tossed him at Zoro, "Hey! What the f-" Sanji hit Zoro and they both fell. Zoro got up, "Ugh... What was that for?" Ino smirked, "Hey just cause I hate Sanji so much doesn't mean I like you at all. And if you're here to ask me to stop the yaois, you have a better shot at catching Michael Phelps smoking weed." Sanji tryied to stand up, "Ugh....... actually you probably CAN see him doing tha-" "Sanji, shut the hell up." Zoro dusted himself off, "You know what? I came here to kick some YAOI-MAKING BITCH'S ass. And so I shall." He got into a fighting stance, "Let's go In-hoe." He motioned his hand in a 'bring it' motion. Ino became infuriated, "IT'S INO JACKASS!!!!"

(Warning: For all the people that wanted a fight seen and some major ass kicking.........: here you go. Not much fighting, but hopefully enough.)

Ino ran for Zoro, she threw two punches then swung her left leg at him.

Zoro dodged the two punches then caught Ino's leg. Zoro swung is right arm at Ino, but she bent backwards and dodged it. This caused Zoro to be able to see up Ino's shirt and momentarily, Zoro lost focus.

Due to the distraction, Ino threw up her other leg and kicked Zoro in the face.

Zoro let go of Ino's leg as he grabbed his face in pain, "FUCK!"

Ino came at him again with a flurry of punches and kicks. Zoro blocked or dodged most of them, catching only a few. At one point, Zoro managed to grab both of Ino's hands and slung her over his shoulders and slammed her down on the ground.


Zoro chuckled, "You can't take the heat babe, get out of the-" Ino grabbed Zoro's bent down head with her legs and spun around in a hurricanrana. She let go and tossed Zoro, sending him flying.


Zoro got up. Ino chuckled, "How do you the kitchen now dick!?" Zoro chuckled as well, "Now that we're all warmed up." he looked at Ino, "I'm gonna FUCK you UP!"

Ino slightly blushed, "Don't say FUCK to me!"

Suddenly Zoro appeared in front of Ino and kneed her in the stomach. He grabbed the back of her clothes and picked her up over his head. "THIS'LL TEACH YOU THAT RORONOA ZORO DON'T TAKE ANYTHING UP THE ASS FROM ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY THE FAG SANJI!!!!!!!!!"

Zoro threw Ino as hard and as far as he could. She flew at least 30 feet before she landed on........ Sanji, Who just started to recover. "Ugh.......... you winning Zoro???"


Zoro dusted himself off, "And that......... is how you kick ass."

Ino got up and was outraged, "You........... you BASTARD!!! GIRLS! KICK HIS ASS AND KICK THEM OUT!" All the fangirls turned to Zoro, there were at least near 1,000. Zoro knew he couldn't beat them all, or live though their assault. So he had to come up with something.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" They threw Sanji at Zoro, this time Zoro dodged it and Sanji landed on the floor.

"Aw man! We're fucked Zoro, SAVE US! I have so much to live for. I have Nami and well you..... you have no one..... but that's not the point!"

Zoro looked at Sanji in annoyance, "You know what!? First of all! You can die here for all I care! This is you fault over all! Secondly! During our whole show, I've dated AND fucked, the chick that was Ms Valentine, the chick that was Perona, the chick that was Jewelry Bonney AND a whole bunch of extra girls that aren't even credited!! And it took you 7 seasons for Nami to EVEN SAY yes to a date so SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

Sanji looked at Zoro shockingly, "Wow........."

All the fangirls stopped at hearing this 'backstage gossip' and freaked out, "EEEEEE! Zoro, you dated Ms Valentine! I always thought they were a cute couple!"

"EEEEEEEE!!!! Jewelry Bonney!?!? Two supernovas!?!? So CUTE!!!!!"


"NO!!! FUCK ME!!!!!"

"BACK OF WHORE!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!!!!!"

Zoro then realize how he could save his ass........ and to lesser extent, Sanji's too.

"Hey fangirls listen up!" All the fangirls looked at him, Zoro began his speech he hoped would save his life.

"Look you all love me or Sanji or whoever right!? Well don't you realize that these yaois are killing us inside!? Pictures, stories and........ god forbid how, but videos!?! Is this really how you want to idealize your icons!? Your heroes!? Your love interests!?!? I say hell no!!! Why make us fuck each other in the asses when we could be doing girls instead!?! Why make us who we are not inside. Do you all really want us to be gay??? Where do you girls fit in all this??? How does this help you???"

Some of the fangirls were crying, one of the Luffy fangirls spoke up, "He's right!!! I don't want Luffy to fuck his brother Ace anymore!!! I want him to fuck me!!!!" She started to cry. An Ace fangirl started to cry too, "She's right!!! I want Ace to fuck me, not Smoker!!!!" Most of the fangirls were crying now.

Zoro knew he had them now, he pretty much just single handily ended yaoi, "Besides....... If you're all such big One Piece fans, why the fuck are you listening to a bitch form NARUTO!?!?" He pointed at Ino, all the fangirls became angry with agreement and stared down Ino. Ino was scared now, "Uh.... I.... um...."

Zoro walked over to her, "Clam down girls. Look, Ino in honor of you being a good fighter, and good will twards men and all that other shit. I'll keep you from being killed by all these ONE PIECE fangirls and you shut down this yaoi mega site. And I'll make dumbnuts over there shut down all the yuri sites of you and Sakura he put up. Ok?"

Ino looked at him, "R-r-really?" Zoro rolled his eyes, "Look I like lesbian porn as much as the next guy but hey, it's cause I'm a guy. Anyways, I'm not an asshole like Sanji, so, yeah we'll take all the yuri shit of you that we can off the net, k?" Ino smiled, "Deal!"

Zoro walked over to Sanji, "Ok dipshit, let s go home." Sanji looked at him from sitting on the floor, "Umm.... can you carry me? I have no feeling in my legs." Zoro looked away an continued to walk, "Fuck no, hey! Some of you fangirls come carry this looser." A bunch of Sanji fan girls jumped out of nowhere, "OOOO! ME!" "NO! ME!" "ME! ME! ME!" Sanji screamed in horror, "You bastard! Don't leave me with them!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

Before they left Ino walked up to Zoro, "Hey...... um thanks for everything........ you don't fight to bad yourself." She blushed, "Um....... here take this and give me a call ok?" She gave Zoro a sheet of paper and walked off.


Back at Sanji and Nami's apartment. "Ok........ there. Happy." Sanji finished deleting the last of the yuri sites he had. Zoro smirked, "I'm good."

As he was leaving, Nami walked in, "Oh hey guys! There you are, hehehe, were you been, hahaha." She was trying not to laugh again. Sanji smirked, "Oh.... what are you laughing at hunny, could it be the YAOI OF ME AND ZORO YOU HAVE ON YOU COMPUTER!?!?!" Nami gasped, "AH! How di- how do you know!?!"

"I found out! How could you Nami!?!?"

Nami looked down in shame, "I.... I'm sorry.... I.... I......"

"Well you should be sorry! I can't believe you!"

Zoro couldn't believe that Sanji was manipulating Nami like this, the his smiled, "Don't worry about it Nami, until 5 seconds ago, dumbass here was the creator of over 50 SakuraxIno yuri sites." Nami looked up at Sanji, "Those bitches from NARUTO!?!?!?!"

Sanji looked at Zoro, "YOU SOLD ME OUT!!!"

Zoro chuckled, "SOLD you out? First I have to like you to be PAID to ruin your life. I just did that for fun."

With that Zoro walked out the door. He could hear Sanji's screams of pain, "OH MY GOD!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! MY ARM'S BROKEN!!!!"

Zoro looked at the piece of paper Ino gave him, "Ino huh? Kinda sexy. Might give her a call."


And so, Zoro, and I guess Sanji, single handedly destroyed the yaoi world from the inside. Zoro hooked up with Ino, for awhile. She was a bitch from Naruto after all, a One Piece actor as popular as Zoro couldn't have that could he? Ruins to much street cred.

Sanji got his arm broken by Nami and she dumped him. He later hooked up with Sakura from Naruto. When Ino found out she told Sakura what he did, and she broke his other arm and dumped him too.

Later, for revenge Sakura and Ino got together and started a ZoroxSanji yaoi site with over 1 million hits within the month.

Goddamn it.

Well, I guess you can't beat yaoi. Like schizophrenia, and that feeling you're being watched by a sex offender, it will always be there. But as Zoro proved, you can at least kick it's ass into retreat, for a little while.



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