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After taking Morgan, Emily and J.J. out to the search base camp, Sheriff Hicks returned. He'd put it off long enough. It was time to get statements from all four men and from Rachel. It was looking very much like Mary had gotten away. On his way back into town, Hicks had stopped at her brothers' places but Donnie and David claimed that they hadn't seen her. They were barely civil, not that he blamed them.

It was a slow, gruelling process but it had to be done. Matt wasn't a lot of help because he still couldn't really remember anything. He got the occasional flash but there was no time line, he had no idea what came first. When Hicks showed him a series of pictures Matt was able to pick out Rachel as the woman who'd helped him down the grandstands but that was it.

The more Hicks listened to the men's stories, the more he realized he really didn't know Mary. Jared, Reid and Hotch were all able to pick her picture out of the line up. They were also able to pick Rachel out but none of them indicated that she had hurt them.

That gave Hicks hope. He really didn't want to put Rachel in jail. She was more than repentant and willing to do anything he asked. He hadn't enjoyed transferring her to the station. There he'd taken her statement personally. Then he gave her the chance to call her family. He hadn't gone to them yet to tell them where their daughter was. Hicks wasn't sure he wanted to be there when they found out.

Instead, Hicks set Rachel down in the hallway outside his office with his cordless phone. Deputy Cullen was still there, still hovering and so he let him supervise while she dialled the phone number with trembling hands.

"Hi, Mom, it's Rachel," Rachel managed to say without breaking down when she heard her mother pick up the phone.

"Rachel? Where are you? Your work has been calling every day this week looking for you!" Mrs. Carson asked. Rachel could hear the concern and fear in her mother's voice. It was only going to get worse.

"Listen, Mom. I'm in trouble. I've done something awful. I'm down at the Sheriff's station. They're going to hold me over until I can appear before the judge," Rachel explained in a rush. She had to get it out fast because she could all ready feel the knot of emotion beginning to choke her. While she spoke she was very aware of Jack's presence just a few feet away.

"What are you talking about? Rachel, have you been drinking?" It was the only explanation that made sense. Mrs. Carson had never had to worry about Rachel. She hadn't done anything wrong since getting caught shoplifting in the fifth grade.

"No, Mom. I did this. I've filled out all the paperwork. I'll probably be going to jail," Rachel said. The lump in her throat was getting worse, threatening to strangle her voice. "I drugged a young man at the jamboree instead of helping him to the first aid station. I took him home and took care of him. Then Mary found out. Do you remember Mary?"

"Yes, I remember her. I was glad when you stopped being her friend. What do you mean you drugged a young man? That doesn't sound like you at all Rachel. Were you doing drugs or something?" Mrs. Carson asked. She was still trying to find excuses for her daughter's bizarre behaviour.

"No, Mom. I was just tired of being alone and he needed me. Mary found out about him and did terrible things to him. I couldn't stop her. Then she kidnapped three more men. Two of them were FBI agents. They're searching for her now because she ran away. I'm so sorry." Rachel lost it then. Her mother was talking, trying to get more information but Rachel couldn't speak any more. The tears were welling up, silencing her. Frantically, Rachel looked around for some way to escape her mother's voice. It was only making matters worse.

Seeing the woman's distress, Deputy Cullen stepped toward her and gently took the receiver from her hands. The woman virtually collapsed to the floor, sobs wracking her body. Sitting with her back against the wall, Rachel wrapped her arms around her bent knees and cried into her arms.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. Rachel can't talk any longer. Sheriff Hicks or someone else will be in contact with you," Deputy Cullen said before disconnecting the call. He looked down at the woman. Then he walked a few feet away and let her be.


"When can Jared get out of here, doc?" Dave demanded. Dr. Marcus was becoming very tired of the question. He knew the brothers hated hospitals but he wasn't ready to let the younger one go. He wanted to keep him for one more night, just to make sure.

"Tomorrow, if there are no complications," Dr. Marcus said. He'd stopped in the room to check on Jared and Matt. The younger man had yet to remember anything. Dr. Marcus wasn't sure if that was a blessing or not. Eventually the memories would break through. Then Matt would have to deal with them.

"Oh, come on. Jared's fine," Dave growled. He glanced at his brother for confirmation. Jared was sitting up in his bed looking very bored. There wasn't a TV in the room and he'd all ready read all of the magazines Dave could find.

"I hope you're right. Just in case I want to observe him for another twelve hours. You too, Matt," Dr. Marcus said. "Since there aren't any monitors around here so you could use your laptop if you'd like. "

That brought a spark to Jared's face. "Can I use my internet stick to go online?" Jared asked.

"Sure. It shouldn't interfere with anything." Smiling, Dr. Marcus left the room. He had to go check on the FBI agents.

Opening the door he found the ever present Ms. Garcia sitting in the chair staring at him. Dr. Marcus had gotten used to the woman glaring daggers at him every time he stepped into the room. Once she realized who it was she always softened but he didn't miss the fact that her hand was hidden in her bag every time.

"Good afternoon Ms. Garcia," Dr. Marcus said as he stepped up the Dr. Reid to do a quick examination. The young doctor was sleeping lightly. It was probably the best way to escape the pain he was in. Dr. Marcus knew the younger man was in a great deal of pain and that the Tylenol really didn't do a whole lot. It took a lot of guts to be willing to live through that. As he palpated Reid's hip, the young profiler groaned and tried to move away. He was still propped up on his side but they were going to have to find a new position for him soon before bed sores started up. That was the last thing the kid needed.

"Sorry," Marcus said quietly.

"When can we take them home?" Garcia asked.

"That seems to be the theme of the day. I need to monitor Agent Hotchner for at least 48 hours to make sure he doesn't come down with an infection. I also want to make sure Dr. Reid doesn't injure his hip. I know you don't like hospitals. Most people don't but I really do think they need to stay a little while longer," the doctor said. He moved over to Agent Hotchner's bed. The older man was lying quietly but was definitely awake.

"How are you feeling?" Dr. Marcus asked as he checked the IV. He felt the man's dark eyes staring at him without looking. The agent really did have an intensity about him that was a little disconcerting.

"Fine," Hotch replied. It wasn't entirely the truth. He could use some more pain killer, what he'd been given so far helped to take the edge off but that was about it. However, he knew Reid was in even more pain with fewer drugs so he held his tongue. Besides, he didn't like how the drugs fogged his mind.

"I somehow doubt that but okay," Dr. Marcus replied. In most hospitals the nurses would clean the bandages but he preferred to do it himself. "I'm going to redress your wound. It's not going to be pleasant."

"I'll be fine," Hotch said. Then he gritted his teeth as the doctor rolled him most of the way onto his stomach so that he could reach his shoulder. The pain in his groin wasn't as bad but it was still enough to take his breath away. It embarrassed the hell out of him when the doctor came in and changed the cold pack he had down there. It seemed to be helping but not quickly enough by Hotch's estimation.

"Sorry about that," Dr. Marcus apologized. He felt the man's muscles tense under his hands and knew the pain had reared its ugly head again. He made a mental note to increase the pain medication while he carefully undid the back of Aaron's gown to reveal the swath of bandages.

No matter how careful he was, Dr. Marcus couldn't keep from pulling the sound while he removed the tape they'd used to secure the damned thing. Agent Hotchner barely made a sound. Yet the doctor could tell that it hurt, at lot. He was relieved, however, when he finally got through the bandages and got a good look at the wound. It was clear of obvious infection and was showing signs of healing.

"How is it?" Hotch asked. He tried to keep his voice as normal as possible but failed miserably.

"The exit wound is looking good. If this keeps up you should be able to start physical therapy in a matter of days instead of weeks. I'm going to replace the bandages on this and check the entrance wound."

As the doctor worked on him, Aaron concentrated on watching Spencer breathe. It helped him move out of himself while the pain flared and spread. Still, he realized he was panting quietly. The doctor didn't seem to notice so Hotch ignored it too.

Finished his examination, Dr. Marcus left the room and headed out to deal with the other patients that were piling up at the reception area. It may be the emergency room but they got everything from cardiac problems to ingrown toe nails. He nodded at Dr. Luka and took the first file on the top of the pile.


The next day the searchers were no closer to finding Mary. The woman appeared to have fallen off the face of the earth. Even her brothers had no suggestions for them to look at.

Matt and Jared were released because there really wasn't a reason to keep them. Dave was ecstatic. The cops had their statements about what had happened. It was going to have to do because he had no intentions of coming back here. Ever.

Morgan, Emily and J.J. watched as Rachel went through the process of standing before the judge and pleading guilty to the charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap in the case of the three Mary took. The judge decided to wait on sentencing for a month in case Mary was caught. He too was hoping to decrease Rachel's sentence by putting most of the blame on Mary.

While Rachel was being escorted out of the courtroom back into custody, Morgan watched the woman. He still hated her for causing all of this but he'd read the statements and knew that she wasn't responsible for what had happened to Hotch and Reid. Still, he hated her.


Two days later the doctors released Hotch and Reid to go back to Quantico. They were still to be under close observation by their own physicians but there was no reason to hold them any longer. Reid was on a pair of crutches to take the weight off his hip while Hotch had a sling for his arm. It drove them both nuts. But it was so much better than the alternative.

Garcia settled the two men in the back seat of her large car and gunned the engine. They couldn't get out of here long enough. She just hoped she could outrun the memories as well. The others were going to spend the rest of the day on the search and then return to Quantico themselves. Tomorrow they were all going to have to go back to work. Garcia just hoped Hotch and Reid were ready for it.

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