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Trip Around the Sun

Chapter One: Welcome to My Life

I grudgingly rolled out of bed at seven that morning. It was August, summer, I shouldn't have been up that early, and I most certainly didn't want to be. Mom had come bouncing through my door with her best friend Catherine not too far behind her. I wanted to punch them out, both of them. How did they find the energy to be so peppy so early in the morning. I loved mom and Catherine dearly, but seriously? Didn't they know that the one teenage tradition that I was all signed up for was sleeping in?

It was only a wedding, they did realize that small fact, right? Ok, so admittedly it was my mom's wedding, and it was to Phil. I didn't share an inch of mom or Catherine's enthusiasm about the guy, I just didn't get it. Phil was a little too full of himself if you asked me, and it wasn't just me the sports casters on the evening news agreed with me. Maybe it was just my own awkward and picky taste, but the guy wasn't even that handsome. He was just an overgrown high school jock who played pro baseball. I got enough of his type at school.

Needless to say I wasn't about to join his increasingly large fan club. The man had an ego of a Greek God, and a fan club even bigger. I loved mom, and that was why I had put up with him, he – for some reason God only knew – was the one who made her happy. I even made the effort of being nice to him, and allowed him to take control of the TV when he was over. Nothing said 'I'm trying to be nice here' better than sitting through Phil watching his own highlight reel on Sports Center and listen to his praises to himself.

That annoying habit of his was one of the things that drove me crazy, but mom found charming. Mom and I really couldn't have any more different tastes and opinions, especially when it came to Phil. Phil disgusted me, he actually made me throw up a little in my mouth, and mom couldn't live without him for more than seventy-two hours. I actually prayed for him to have series that were away, and cursed the high heavens during the off season. I simply could not stand the man.

"Bella Honey?" Mom said as she and Catherine practically danced out of the room, "C'mon, get ready for the salon!"


"Ok, mom," I said as the went out into the hall, closing my door behind them.

"We'll be in the car," Catherine informed me through the door, "Hurry up, Bella!"

"Ok," I grumbled angrily, I hated it when they did that.

I crashed back onto my bed, letting my eyes close for another few minutes. Whether I liked it or not, today my whole life was going to change, and I couldn't imagine this being for the better. I had tried to voice my opinion on Phil earlier, when they had first started dating. She had only pretended to listen or care though. She had insisted that if I got to know him, I would like him more, even come to love him as a father figure. That couldn't be further from what really happened. The more I got to know him, the less and less I liked him. The more he was around, the more I wanted to disappear.

I eventually made it out to the car dressed in a flannel button up so it would mess my hair all up when I had to change to my dress, and running shorts. My battered, torn, and dog eared copy of Wuthering Heights was in one hand and my ipod and sunglasses were in the other. These were the three things, along with my cell phone, that I never left the house without. I was quite the social nightmare, opting to read or listen to my music over hanging around with people my own age any day. I had my small circle of friends, but that was about it for my social status.

I just didn't get the point of being a teenager, even when I was little I had mature tastes in just about everything. Men included, in a big way, my friends all teased me mercilessly as they plastered their lockers with the new teenage celebrity, and I told them all about a much older, much cuter guy. They liked to point out that he was about twenty years older than me, but I didn't care. Mom always teased me and told me I was a thirty year old trapped in a sixteen year old's body. I simply retorted that I would be seventeen in September.

I had the hair stylist at the salon do my hair and make up before everyone else, then popped in my ipod and curled up on one of the chairs in the waiting area with my book. I only got through the first few chapters before mom and Catherine were ready to go. The next stop on the wedding express, to my own delight, was Gran's house. She, surprisingly, was one of the few family members that understood me. This small, exclusive club included my father too, but I only got to see him for the month of July each year.

"Bella, Deary!" Gran greeted me as I walked in the house behind mom and Catherine, who were still just about bouncing out of their skin, then she waited for them to get into the next room, "How are you doing? Are you ok? I know Phillip isn't exactly our first choice for Renee, but it's what she wants. All we can do is be supportive."

"I love you, Gran," I said as a rush of affection for my grandmother overcame me and I hugged her.

"I know, there, there," said Gran, patting my back, she was old school, and still believed that if she said 'I love you' it was a sign of weakness, "C'mon now, darling, let's go help your mother."

A weak half smile, half smirk came across my face as I let Gran go and she rolled her eyes as she ushered me into the other room. Mom's big white wedding dress was hanging from a curtain rod above one of the windows, and Catherine and I's big ugly puke green dresses were on the next one over. I sighed heavily as I took my hideous dress down and went to get changed into it.

I walked back into the living room at the same time as Catherine, who was also now dressed in the ridiculous dress. Catherine immediately started to eat grapes with mom, trying to get something into their stomachs, but they were too excited to eat. I felt too nauseous to eat, and I just sat in the corner and watched them for a minute. Gran had put out platters of foods she knew that we even couldn't get all over our dresses, and then she pulled me into the dining room to force feed me little finger sandwiches.

"Bella," Gran said, "I know your upset, honey, but not eating isn't going to help a thing."

My refusal to eat at that moment wasn't because I was nauseous; it was because Gran had just force fed me about forty finger sandwiches.

"Bella!" Catherine sang from the other room, "The photographer's here!"

I gave a pleading look to my Gran, who just motioned for me to head into the other room. I hated pictures, they always made me look terrible. Though, I guessed it must have been a good representation of my real features. I stood beside Gran and mom for about an hour and half's worth of pictures with a bouquet of flowers and a big fake smile spread across my face. I was good at faking smiles by now, I had been doing it every day for the past few years. Finally, we got into the limo and were in route to the church.

So there a stood another few minutes after that, fake smile plastered onto my face as I stood in the front of the church next to mom. Gran had my ipod, book, and sunglasses in her purse where she sat in the front row, and I longed for them. Really, did they have to make these ceremonies last so long?

"…If anyone in attendance can give testimony as to why these two shall not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace," My ears perked up as the minister said this and I shot a frantic look towards Gran.

Gran and I exchanged looks for a minute and my heart sank low in my chest as she shook her head sadly and mouthed 'Let it be'. That was that, the moment had passed and the minister went on with the vows.

I was going to be stuck with Phil for life. Bitter and angry feelings towards my mother instantly came into my head as they said their 'I do's'. This was my life too, why had my mom so blatantly ignored my feeling on the matter? Her marrying Phil affected me, directly, no matter how much she told me that it wouldn't affect me at all. He was going to move in too, and at this thought tears stung the back of my eyes, and I tried not to burst into tears as the Minister announced them as Mr. and Mrs. Drywer.

I allowed Phil's brother, Sydney, to walk be back up the aisle to the back of the church, then immediately excused myself to go to the bathroom. I would not ruin this day for mom by throwing a temper tantrum in front of her, she was happy, and I was miserable. I sat on the closed toilet seat and started crying my eyes out. The tears were falling hard and fast when I heard a knock on the door.

"Someone's in here," I said, managing to control my voice.

"I know, Deary," came Gran's voice, "Can I come in?"

"Mmhmmm," I mumbled and she came in slowly.

"Oh, sweetheart," she said, "They're waiting for you in the limo to go to the reception. I can take you home if you want, you can convince them you're sick, right?"

"No, Gran, I'll go," I said, as she handed me a tissue, which I dabbed my eyes with.

"You're sure?" she asked, showing what was, for her, concern in her eyes, as she slipped on the sunglasses for me.

Luckily my sunglasses were large and mirrored; they would hide my tears and red puff ball eyes.

"Yeah," I said, standing up and pulling myself back together.

I rode in the limo with Muse blasting in through my head via my ipod. Though, even they couldn't get the depressing picture of my future at home was going to be. At the reception, I mostly just sat at the table and waited for mom to be the only one there with me. That was I set in motion my idea to save myself.

"Mom," I said calmly, "I wanna go live with dad in Forks."