This is my very first fan fic so please be kind. I have been reading them for months now and have gotten hooked and thought I would give it a whirl myself. Sorry this chapter isn't really long. If it goes well I promise the future ones will be! Thanks in advance!


Today was my first day at my new job, but I was looking at it as the first day of my new life. I had gone back to school to receive my Medical Lab Technician degree after I left my ex-boyfriend Mike 2 years ago. He was my high school sweetheart and after graduation we seemed inseparable. We had moved in together and talked about getting married for a while. That was until I came home early from work one day to find him in bed with Jessica, my best friend. Well some friend she turned out to be. But I didn't want to think about it anymore. I was starting my new life and forgetting all about my old one. I had lost too many nights sleep because of them and I didn't intend to lose any more.

I pulled up to Seattle General Hospital in my old Chevy truck that I had gotten when I was in high school and just couldn't bear to get rid of. It was old and rusty but it was sturdy and dependable. It had never left my anywhere and I really truly loved this truck because it was mine. I drove it from my father's home in Forks, Washington up to Seattle a few days before so I could get settled into my new apartment. My father let me stay with him when I went back to school so that I could concentrate on my studies and not have to worry about working full-time. When I decided to go back to school I knew that I had wanted to work in the medical field, but I also knew that I did not want to be a nurse. I started exploring my options and found that being a Medical Lab Technician would be right up my alley. I always found blood interesting, as long as it wasn't my own.

My dad, Charlie, was a great guy. He was the police chief in our small town and he had been a single dad since my mom passed away when I was ten from cancer. I had to give him a lot of credit having to raise a daughter all by himself while she went through her teen years. And let me tell you my teen years were not always pleasant. It's hard when you lose your mom at such a young age and don't have a woman around to ask about all of those female things that come up. Lucky for me Charlie took everything in stride and didn't freak out too much.

I pulled my truck into a stall and realized that my truck really paled in comparison to the bright and shiny silver Volvo that I had parked next to. It was a gorgeous car and I envied the owner a little bit. I looked at the license plate and noticed that it said 'CULLENMD'. I laughed at myself and thought that this had to be a doctor's car and he had to be just a little full of himself to have it displayed on his license plate. I locked my truck, not that there was anything worth any value inside, and headed into the hospital. I had done my clinical work back in Port Angeles and was offered a job there after I graduated but I felt this was still too close to Forks, so I jumped at the chance when I was offered the job in Seattle. I kept telling my self 'New Start'! I didn't want to be around anything that reminded of 'what's his face' and his little whore.

I entered the hospital through the employee entrance and headed straight for the Human Resources department like I was told to do. When I walked into the office I was greeted by a gorgeous stud that stood about 6'2 and had blond hair that I would have loved to run my fingers through. He was well built and you could tell that he worked out frequently but didn't overdue it. He had beautiful blue eyes and a smile that could melt even a heart as icy as mine had become. He held out his hand to me.

"Hi, my name is Jasper Whitlock and I am the Human Resources manager. You must be Isabella Swan." he stated as a fact instead of a question. He must have thought that I was crazy because I just stood there looking at him for a moment.

"How did you know it was me?" I asked him a little in shock.

"Oh, we have been expecting you. I spoke to Jane this morning and she told me that you would be arriving today." he said. Jane was my new Lab Manager and she seemed like she was always on top of things. I knew that I was going to like working for her as soon as I met her. When I had agreed to take the job I was told that I would be working the night shift Monday through Friday. Then I was told that I would be working by myself on that shift. That's part of the reason that I was anxious to accept the job. I enjoy being by myself and was looking forward to all of the quite time that this would provide me.

"I'm sorry, I hope that I'm not late. Jane told me to be here around 8 am and I am still having a little trouble finding my way around Seattle." I said as I started my trademark blush.

He just looked at me and smiled and said "No, you are right on time. Why don't we take you down to the lounge so that you can drop off your stuff and we will get started with the new employee orientation that you get the privilege of sitting through today." I smiled at him and nodded my head. This was going to be a long day, but Jasper gave me a very calm feeling being next to him. He seemed to have a way about him that made people feel at ease.

We traveled down through the corridors until we got to the employee lounge. Jasper gave me a locker and combination so that I could place my stuff inside. He informed me that the lounge was used by all of the Lab, X-Ray and ER staff because of our close proximity to each department. He showed me a room just off of the lounge that had a bed and shower for the ER physicians to use when they worked a 24 hour shift. He then took me on a tour of the rest of the hospital. It was a really nice facility and I was just hoping that I could keep my clumsy self out of the Emergency Department. I was on a first name basis with all of the staff at our small hospital in Forks because I seemed to make a trip in there at least every other month. I have a tendency to sprain things, need stitches and every once in a while break something. All in all you could just say that I am the clumsiest person to walk the face of this earth.

Jasper was just leading me to the Laboratory when I caught the glimpse of a man that made my heart stop on the spot. He had brownish red hair that looked like he had just rolled out of bed. This thought made me start to dream that I could be the one that he could be in bed with and I had to quickly shake this idea from my head. What was I thinking! He was wearing a nice pair of blue jeans and a green button down shirt that showed off his nice physique. Then he turned our way when he saw Jasper and I saw the most amazing green eyes that I had ever seen in my life. They looked like the color green that reminded me of the forests back home. They were very deep and beautiful. I had to look away quickly and I started to feel that blush coming up my cheeks again. Then I heard it. The voice that would cause my heart to stop beating.

"Hi Jasper, it's been a long time. How have you been?" the magical voice said.

"Hi Dr. Cullen. I guess it has been a long time, but I never get to see you since you've been doing the graveyard shifts around here." Jasper stated. Oh my god, he is a doctor. Of course he is! I knew he was too beautiful to be just a normal person.

"Jasper, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Edward. I don't care if we are at work it still feels weird. How long have we known each other now, like 15 years or something." said the voice of my angel as he mock punched Jasper in the shoulder.

"I know man, I just can't get used to it. Oh, by the way this is Isabella Swan, one of our new Lab Techs. She will be starting to work the night shift here tomorrow night." Jasper said as he motioned to me.

Dr Cullen held out his hand for me to take and the minute that I did I felt this surge of electricity go through me from my fingers all the way up my arm and then right down into my soul. I stood there like a fool and wasn't able to let go of his hand. His eyes seemed to be probing mine looking for a reason that this could be happening. I don't know how long we stood like that just holding each others hand and staring into each others eyes, but then I heard someone clearing their throat. I suddenly jerked my hand back a little more forcefully than I would have liked and I looked back up to see he had been blushing almost as much as me. Jasper cleared his throat again.

"Hi" I said, "Actually, you can call me Bella. I haven't been called Isabella since I was 10." I said but I wasn't quite able to make eye contact again right away.

"Well Bella, my name is Edward Cullen. I'm one of the ER doctors and I work the night shift here as well. Please call me Edward when I'm not working though, Dr is something I can't seem to get used to." I smiled at his informal nature and then I realized that I would be having a really good dream tonight.

"Ok then, Bella if you would like to follow me, I will finish the tour. Edward, you need to come over for supper this weekend, your sister has been bugging me to get you over to our place since you moved back here and I won't take no for an answer. Or should I say Alice won't take no for an answer. Besides Emmett and Rosalie will be there too. It will be a nice time to catch up!" Jasper motioned for me to continue through the hall and as I walked forward I chanced a glance back to see Edward still standing in place and just watching me as I walked away. He gave a small nod and wave in my direction and the immediate blush crept up again.

I finally got through all of the tour and the new employee videos about safety in the hospital. I had to meet with the Employee Health Nurse so she could update all of my information and make sure that all of my immunizations were up to date. I was just getting ready to get up when she informed me that I needed to have a Hepatitis B Vaccine booster. I looked at her mortified. I could draw blood from other people and it didn't bother me, but she wanted to stick a needle in me. Oh my god. I felt the room start to swirl around me and suddenly it all went black. As I started to come to, I realized that I had a really bad pounding going on in the back of my head. What I also realized was that I wasn't lying on the floor like I expected to be. I felt something soft and warm underneath my back and my legs and I felt like I was moving. Then I heard that beautiful voice again.

"Oh thank god she's coming to. Don't move Bella I'm just carrying you to the Emergency Department so I can check you out. I mean, I want to take a look at your head injury. You hit your head pretty hard when you fainted." Edward said trying to make me feel better. Jasper was walking next to him muttering something in his ear and from the little bit I could see, they both looked like they were smiling. Were they actually laughing at me. This was just what I needed on my first day at my new job. Already I was going to be the joke of the hospital.

I brought my hands up to my face and started to sob. Edward quickly stopped and looked at me with concern in his eyes. " Are you okay, where does it hurt?" I heard him say and then he was walking again but much more quickly this time. He was really concerned that I was hurt.

E. P. O. V.

Oh no, she's crying . It must hurt more than I thought so I started walking again faster than I had before trying to get to one of the exam rooms so that I could get a good look at her head. I was pretty sure it was probably nothing, maybe a small concussion, but I wanted to be sure. Then I started to think about what Jasper had just whispered to me about this beautiful girl that I was now holding in my arms. The minute that I held my hand out for her to shake, it was like fate had come and kicked me right in the but. I felt like my world had just been turned upside down and sideways. I had just met this girl, I really couldn't be thinking of love at first sight. That was ridiculous and only happened in books and movies. But here she was in my arms. Jasper said that I looked really comfortable holding her like this and that is what made me smile. I started to imagine carrying her into my apartment and into my bed. I really had to stop that train of thought though before someone noticed the excitement that was building down below.

As I got to the Emergency Department I looked for an open room and stepped in. Jasper went down to the nurses desk and let them know that I would be using the exam room for a while. The nurses started to get nosy, Lauren in particular, but Jasper told them not to worry and that I had everything under control. The last thing I wanted right now was for those nosy nurses to start in on the new girl just because she fainted on her first day. I set Bella down on the gurney and her sobs started to slow down. I looked at her with my favorite "it's going to be okay" doctor's smile and I started to see her smile back a little. I asked her to sit up so that I could take a look at the back of her head. She had a small bump on the back but nothing that looked too bad. I took out my pen light so that I could look into her eyes and my heart stopped as soon as I saw the most beautiful set of deep brown eyes that I thought I could get lost in.

"Well, um, Bella, I think I should get a head CT Scan ordered just to make sure you are okay." The minute I said the words CT Scan she jumped off the bed and said "NO".

"What do you mean no? I just want to make sure you are okay." I said again a little astonished that she just told me no.

"Thank you so much for your kindness Dr. Cullen, but really I am fine. I hit my head all of the time and I really don't need to go through a CT Scan. Believe me, this is not my first head injury. Don't worry I will watch for the signs of a concussion and come back in if I have any problems." she said this and kept insisting that she was going to be okay so I reluctantly decided to let her go. The only comforting thought that I had was that Bella and I would both be working the night shift together and hopefully we would get to know each other a lot more!

I watched her leave the exam room and I felt like she was taking my heart with her. How was I ever going to be able to concentrate with her around. I felt like every time she looked at me I would be willing to give her whatever she wanted. Just as I was starting to get my head back on straight Lauren stuck her head in the exam room.

"Who was that?" she said with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"That was a new employee that had some trouble when she was in the Employee Health Nurse's office. She hit her head and I had to make sure she was okay." I said with a huge grin on my face. Lauren immediately stiffened. She knew that I would never give her the time of day let alone examine her if she had hit her head. She turned and left the room without another word.

I was definetly going to have to probe Jasper for information about this new employee. I had to get to know her somehow and I knew just who I could get to help me. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and scrolled down to a number that I used often. It rang one time and a voice that I loved picked up on the other end. "Hello big brother! It's about time you called me. What's up?" My sister Alice said.

"Hey Alice. I'm sorry I haven't called in a couple of weeks but it's been so busy at work. Speaking of work, I have a favor to ask you." I said with a mischievous grin on my face.


Well that was completely and totally embarassing. It was my first day and I have already made a trip to the emergency room and unfortunately it wasn't work related, it was as a patient. And what's even worse is that I didn't walk their on my own power, I was carried by the most handsome, gorgeous, panty wetting doctor that is in this place! How was I ever going to be able to look him in the eye again. He probably thought I was a pitiful excuse for a Lab Tech. After my trip to the ER the rest of the day seemed to go off without a hitch. I was back in Jasper's office going over the rest of my paperwork when he received a phone call in his office.

"Hello, Jasper Whitlock speaking. Oh, hey honey. How is your day going? Oh really. Yes I ran into him today, a couple of times. I invited him to dinner this weekend like you asked me to. Oh he does, does he. Yes, I think that I may be able to arrange that. Yeah, I'm just finishing up with the new employee that started today and then I will be home for dinner. Okay see you then. I love you! Bye" Jasper finished his conversation with who I assumed was his wife or girlfriend and then he turned to me. "I'm sorry about that. Do you have all of your paperwork completed?"

"Yes, I think I've got it all done." I said as my hand was starting to cramp up from all of the writing.

"Okay, well I will get this all taken care of, and you can plan on being here tomorrow night at 9pm to start your shift. Jane has you working with the Med Tech that you will be replacing for the rest of this week and then you will be on your own next week. Do you have any questions?" he said.

"I don't think so. I guess I won't see you then since I will be coming in so late at night and will be gone before you come in." I told him.

"Actually Bella, my wife wanted me to extend a dinner invitation to you for this weekend. We will be having a barbeque with some friends and family and I hope you won't be upset but I mentioned you to her this morning and she would really like to meet you. I told her that you just moved here and were new to the area and she thought this would be a great time for you to meet some people." He said with a very welcoming smile on his face. I knew they were going to try to help make my new move pleasant so how could I say no.

I looked at him for a second and said "Are you sure? I really don't want to intrude on your time with your family and friends. I really will be okay. I would probably just be hunkering down with a few good books this weekend anyways."

"Of course I'm sure. I will write down directions to our home for you okay. Be there on Saturday at 5 pm. Oh, and bring your swimsuit if you want. We have a pool and hot tub that we just got all ready for summer." he said.

I cringed at the thought of having to wear a swimsuit in front of strangers. I took the directions from him and said thank you for the invite. I wanted to make sure that I try to be a little social. Being so far away from home was hard and I was looking forward to maybe making a few new friends. As I made my way out of the hospital and back to my truck, I noticed that the shiny silver Volvo that was parked next to me this morning was gone. It took a minute for the license plate that I had seen earlier to register in my head 'CULLENMD'. It had to be Dr. Edward Cullen's car. Damn he had good taste. At least I knew when I saw that car parked in the lot, that I would probably get to see him. Wait, what was I thinking. I don't want to see him, do I? I have had a bad couple of years in the men department and I didn't want to go down that road again. Not only that, but why would he even take a second glance at me. He was probably married with some gorgeous blonde bombshell of a wife that was able to satisfy his every need. Oh, how I wanted to satisfy his every need and then some. Stop it Swan I told myself! Get your head in the game. But the more I thought about him I remembered that I didn't see a ring on his left hand. Maybe he is available.

I decided to try not to think anymore about it and got inside my truck to head home. It wasn't a particularly sunny day in Seattle today so I swung through a drive thru on my way home to pick up dinner since I really didn't have too many groceries in my house yet. I decided that I would have to make a point of going to the store tomorrow after I was done with work. I got home and sat down in the living room to eat dinner. Living by myself I rarely ate at the kitchen table. It didn't make sense for me to sit there by myself, so I generally sat down with my dinner and watched a little tv. As I ate my supper I turned on my favorite show 'House' which I loved to watch ever since I got into the medical field. It was always funny to me that I acutally knew what they were talking about half of the time. I curled up on the couch and slowly started to drift to sleep. What I didn't expect was the dream that started to make its way into my sleep. There I was swimming in a gorgeous pool in nothing but my birthday suit and then I felt two very warm strong hands make their way around my sides to cup my breasts. Then I felt him behind me. He started to kiss his way up my neck and across my back. Slowly he started turning me around to face him. Then I saw those green eyes and I woke up with a start. Oh my god, now I'm dreaming about him. The worst part was that I was upset that my dream hadn't gone farther. I decided to make my way into my bed where I just plopped down and buried my head in my pillow and tried to get back to sleep. It was going to be a long, long night.