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A bell rang within a high school located within the confines of a city, marking the end of yet another class as the sound of loud footsteps and loud laughter echoed throughout the building.

"Toshiro!" yelled an orange-haired teen who sprinted down the hallways towards a particular silver-haired boy standing by his open locker. The target of this outburst closed his eyes tightly and sighed before turning to face his best friend.

Both boys have been friends since childhood along with Rukia, the tomboyish neighbor of Ichigo, and they all attended the same high school. Throughout the years, Toshiro had noticed that Ichigo began to harbor feelings towards their female friend and he wondered which of the two would make the first move. Hopefully it would be soon because the silver-haired boy didn't know if he could stand another one of their childish fights.

"Why are you yelling this time, Ichigo? Did Rukia put gum in your hair again?" asked Toshiro as he gathered books for his next class.

"No! And I thought I told you, she caught me off guard that one time! I was asleep when it happened!" retorted Ichigo.

"Right and the fact that you called her a "two-faced fern" right in front of her face in broad daylight was a moment when you were most vulnerable?" answered Toshiro sarcastically.

It was always like this, ever since they were kids, the reckless Ichigo always clashed with the hot-tempered Rukia on numerous occasions. One time, Ichigo accidentally told one of Rukia's crushes that she had a 'feelings for him' and the two wouldn't talk for days after she threw his favorite baseball glove off a cliff in retaliation. Toshiro had to spend 2 weeks spending time with both of them seperately (in order to avoid confrontation with either one) before the conflict was finally solved when Ichigo bought Rukia a bracelet with a sun and a moon combining together (which she still wears to this day). The stoic exterior of Toshiro at last lit up at this and both friends reconciled while everything was right again. The two still have their fights, but there is no doubt that both boy and girl acted warmer towards each other ever since that one argument. Yet, it was still he, honor student and deductive personality, who could see the cracks behind both their personas. It was obvious that the two were meant for each other. Why are they so oblivious?

"Whatever man, that isn't the point. Check it out!" Ichigo said as he shoved a sheet of white paper that looked like it had been torn off a bulletin board right in front of Toshiro's face. The bold letters on front read: "Baseball tryouts after-school today at 3:30. Those interested are required to bring their own change of clothes and respective glove!"

Toshiro couldn't help but smile; both he and Ichigo were outstanding baseball players when the time came to step back onto the diamond. Ever since they were kids, the two would play in each other's backyards, in deserted parking lots, in football fields and wherever there was a wide open space. Usually accompanied with Rukia (who dominated the sport of soccer at school as well), the two were prodigies who lead their recreational and primary school teams to the semi-finals and quarter-finals of any tournament where they lost to better players. Toshiro was pitcher while Ichigo was catcher and it was usually Toshiro who got everyone's attention with his clutch strike-outs. But Ichigo's accurate calling and epic homeruns won him some glory every once in a while. The two worked well together as a team, as Toshiro was the modest one while Ichigo was the rogue, always challenging others. He usually did this when Rukia was near, as if he had to prove his feelings to her by hitting a homerun or catching a tough foul ball. She always came to their games to cheer them on (But her eyes were mostly on Ichigo). *Coincidence? I think not!* Toshiro and Ichigo made the team last year as freshman, but they weren't good enough to reach play-offs, but this year was going to be different. All the juniors and seniors on the team graduated, which meant that Toshiro and Ichigo were most likely to start, along with other fresh meat.

"Yes, this is definitely our year! Do you have everything you need, Ichigo?" asked the silver-haired boy nervously, he knew his friend wasn't always the sharpest tool in the shed.

"Fuck yea, I'm prepared! But, what makes you think we'll be good? All the good players are gone and starting from scratch with froshies plus the others in our grade won't be so easy," asked Ichigo.

"Doesn't matter, as long as we both clinch the spots of captain and co-captain, we'll whip those rookies into shape. Have you been keeping up with your batting?" replied Toshiro.

"I've been at the batting cage every day after-school, what about you? How's your arm?"

"Perfect. I've been working on my slider mostly because that seems to be my best pitch-" Toshiro started saying before the bell for next class rang which signified that they were both late for class. "Shit! We're fucking late Ichigo!"

And with that, the two boys sprinted towards math class while discussing tactics for both offense and defense.


Toshiro and Ichigo caused such an entrance in Algebra II that day, as both boys pulled the door open extremely hard, collided with one another and tumbled in. Toshiro howled "Mother" and Ichigo "Fucker!" Their classmates laughed, with Rukia screeching most of all as she sat in the back with two empty seats on either side of her that she saved for her tardy friends. Both boys were red in the face as they stood up and walked past the jeering crowd, muttering curses and imagining fake school-shooting plans. The two sat on either side of Rukia and opened their textbooks as a single voice brought their attention to their teacher.

"Excuse me, thank you for that Shakespearean performance but I already took attendance. May I please have your names?" a young soft voice called.

Unfortunately, it was a new teacher. Their old one was fired a week ago and there were a series of substitutes until a proper replacement was found. This must be the permanent substitute. Ichigo saw where the voice came from and dropped his jaw while Toshiro snuck one glance and turned away quickly. This was a common trait for the young boy because although both he and Ichigo were very handsome, they were both pursued by several girls. Ichigo liked the attention but he only had one tomboy in mind. While rumors of Toshiro being gay spread fast because of his lack of interest in nearly any female who talked to him (except Rukia, but that was because she was a friend). He didn't like all the drama that went with high school relationships. But the new teacher who was now in charge of Algebra II was Mrs. Matsumoto, a goddess with an aura of her own making. It was a mixture of eerie dominance and a quiet nature that spoke without her speaking. She had the body of a slim actress or a beautiful model which was concealed by a light blue sweater and a long denim skirt with black heels. She had a waterfall of auburn hair tied in a neat knot behind her head, (Toshiro also observed, by the circles around her pupils, that she had contacts) and luscious breasts that nearly poured out of her outfit. Even though her wonderful thighs and the majority of her legs were currently hidden, she had light brown skin which signified she had recently gotten a tan, her eyes were light blue and her face was smooth like porcelain glass. She was new alright…and she managed to cause the whole male population within the class to have erections, even Toshiro but he focused his eyes on his desk.

"What are your names please?" Mrs. Matsumoto asked patiently, but when there was no reply, she asked louder and this time, and Toshiro answered for the both of them.

"I'm Toshiro Hitsugaya and he's Ichigo Kurosaki (pointing to the drooling orange-head who Rukia later kicked, probably out of jealousy as her face lit up angrily the second Ichigo stared inappropiately at their teacher). We're really sorry that we're late but there's a perfect explanation." Toshiro explained but the reply that came out was something that nearly killed him.

"Detention, after-school," was the curt response.

This reply caused turmoil within the two boys as both Ichigo and Toshiro stood up from their seats and yelled, "What!" Their plans on making the sophomore baseball team were sinking faster than a stone in water.

"That won't be necessary, Mrs. Matsumoto! It won't happen again, we promise! Let's not be unreasonable-" Toshiro tried to say before being cut off.

"So now I'm unreasonable, am I? First you embarrass me in front of the class by being tardy and now you insult me, how rich! What have I done to have earned such a respectable greeting?" Mrs. Matsumoto sarcastically barked with strictness laced with every syllable.

"Wait, he didn't mean it like that! Let us explain-" Ichigo tried reasoning before he was also silenced by another response from his attractive teacher.

"Being late on the first day of my class is one thing! But trying to wriggle your way out of perfectly deserved punishment like a couple of worms on wet pavement is just unacceptable! You will both spend detention afterschool with me whether you like it or not. Even if this is our first encounter and this memory will fuel your loathing of me for the remainder of the year, so be it! I will not tolera-" the teacher stormed on furiously before being interrupted by the silver-haired teen. Obviously, Mrs. Matsumoto's voluptuous body was a mask covering her more uglier personality.

"Ichigo came in to school on time Miss, I was the one who ambushed him when the bell was close to ringing and asked him for the homework. He didn't want to Miss, but I forced him to and we lose track time when the bell rang. So it isn't his fault, it's mine." Toshiro lied as he slowly slipped 2 prepared, folded pieces of paper with his foot towards Rukia's and mouthed to her "Ichigo" without turning his head. While the teacher was focused on him, she passed the note to their orange-haired friend. One was the homework Toshiro was talking about while the other read: I know what I'm doing; she won't let either of us off the hook so easily, so I'm letting her take me down instead. This way, even if I don't make it, you'll make the team on time. Don't let me down Ichigo! You've got to win that captain's spot! I'll try and make it down as soon as possible.

Toshiro always did this to Ichigo, whenever the orange-haired idiot got in trouble, Toshiro would always take the blame in order to save his friend. He did this because his record was always clean while Ichigo's was that of a first-rate delinquent. Ichigo always repaid him in the end for protecting him, but he hated it when Toshiro did this, it was too damn noble and mature for some kid to do. But he knew he had a brother as a friend.

A long period of silence ensued soon after the sudden declaration as Mrs. Matsumoto turned her head to slowly face his. The teacher studied Toshiro for a moment, as if she was an MRI and he was a patient, her eyes trying to decipher the student's words on whether or not they were the truth. After a while, she slowly nodded her head as she turned around and said, "Very well Mr. Hitsugaya, only you will be joining me for detention. Kurosaki, you're off the hook…for now. And for your information Hitsugaya, I'm not a 'Miss'," She added as she held out her left hand which bore a diamond ring, "I'm married." This not only caused Toshiro to flush with embarrassment but also caused all the boys in class to groan with disappointment.

Toshiro felt a ball of crumpled paper hit him on the side of the head as soon as Mrs. Matsumoto and the rest of the class looked away from him. Uncoupling the object, Toshiro read in his mind: "You fucking idiot! What the fuck is up with you and sacrificing yourself? That bitch is a cunt for doing this to us! I don't care how hot she is! You better get down fast or tryouts will be over before you can show the bastards what you're really made of…Thanks man.

The silver-haired boy could only nod at Ichigo as Mrs. Matsumoto came around to collect their homework which he had given to his orange-haired friend, who coincidentally left his at home. As Toshiro started to jot down the notes that the teacher announced were already on the board, he felt the teachers hand brush against his. Whether or not it was a trick of the light or temporary insanity, Toshiro didn't know but…he thought he saw a faint smirk on Mrs. Matsumoto's face.