The sheets feel wet. A chilly breeze is whispered into the bedroom from an open window, solidifying the beads of sweat on my face. Such a combination plays tricks on any sane mind, making hot actually feel cold and damp to dry. I roll around, trying in vain to find a suitable position for my body to rest on. To make the paradox make sense, if that was even possible. But, the sound of a door opening with a creak snaps me awake. A red-headed goddess appears before me, dressed in a thin nightgown, with cloth as transparent as glass magnified ten-fold by the rays of the pearlescent moon. Luscious breasts poke through the gown, as a tan, hard body is discovered underneath. Smooth stomach riddled with hidden abs accompanied by a voluptuous waist showing a perfectly curved butt. Crimson threads pooling down a face carved out of ivory. She is the perfect portrait of an angel. I try to speak but no words come out and before I can even begin to comprehend her presence here, she struts towards me, slinking her legs seductively. Her hand darts beneath my covers and grasps something that causes the wind to get knocked out of me. Before I can blink, she shoves her tongue down my throat, gagging me as thoughts of ecstasy surge through my thin frame like jolts of electricity. Her saliva is like sweet nectar. Up and down her digits goes, my fingers slip beneath her robe and fiddle back with vengeance. She moans and tackles me in retaliation. Smiling mischievously, she makes herself comfortable by mounting both of her shapely legs on either side. Slowly, she slips the meat between her fingers between her thick thighs which are smoother than silk. Wet folds engulf me and my eyes roll into the back of my skull. Tightness. Dampness. It's all there. Gripping my engorged penis and rolling the underside against tunnels of heaven. My hands grip the sheets until my knuckles whiten while she holds onto my bed post. It ricochets. Creaks with every single one of her thrusts and my hands once again transfer underneath her gown to grip her ass. Smooth and plump. Up and down. Back and forth. Breathes hitching and toes jerking from the exertion of my lower body. The tempo is picking up now and my hardened member is pulsing with anticipation, grinding within her inner walls and kissing the deepest part of her. My muse is screaming in pleasure, her hips thrusting with animalistic ferocity and the wetness of her tight vagina squeezing me into submission. I let it all go inside of her. Thick spurts of hot semen shoot into the deepest part of her womb. My head rolls back and I eyes drift into nothingness. She remains on top of me, her wonderful body glistening in sweat, glorifying her presence with the air of an ice sculpture.

"Wake up… wake up…. Toshiro Hitsugaya, I said wake up." She coos with panted gasps. I succumb to oblivion.

"WAKE UP!" a loud voice shatters my ear drums and pulls him awake. Toshiro Hitsugaya nearly stumbles out of his chair when he realized he was in class. He looked around nervously to see his best friend Ichigo smirk at him and shake his head in disbelief. Slowly raising his eyes, Toshiro came face to face with his dream incarnate, Mrs. Matsumoto stared him down in disappointment. "It seems that I'm boring you Mr. Hitsugaya. Would you mind sharing your dream to the class?"

"No! I mean…no, Mrs. Matsumoto. I'm sorr-" Toshiro quickly said.

"By all means, Mr. Hitsugaya. If my lesson is enough to make you gain a little more shut-eye, please don't be selfish. Share." The red-haired teacher crossed her arms with a grim expression on her face, nothing like the image in his dream.

Before he could respond, Toshiro's heart stopped. Slowly lowering his eyes to his pants did he only just realize that his boxers below were…sticky. Wave after wave of heat and embarrassment washed over him. He kept his mouth shut.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Or did you wet your pants-" The teacher mercilessly teased.

His classmates scanned him with their eyes; it wouldn't be long before they found out. Toshiro couldn't take it anymore. The young boy stood up abruptly and stormed out of the room as quickly as he could, he could hear laughter behind him. Frustrated, he quickly sprinted towards the nearest bathroom with one hand over his crotch. Bursting through the wooden door, Toshiro darted into a stall and immediately took off his pants. A dark stain encompassed the center of his undergarments as he took them off as well before putting his pants back on. Fuck. I guess I'm going commando, at least nobody noticed. When he opened the stall door he came face to face with Mrs. Matsumoto. Before the panic rushed through his skull, Toshiro realized to his horror that in his haste, he didn't notice that bathroom door opened. She had followed him! He didn't even have enough time to hide his soiled boxers. Silence polluted the room.

"…Toshiro, I'm so sorry…I didn't know." She began.

He didn't even give her a chance to finish; Toshiro immediately left the room and never looked back.