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Fourteen-year-old Jeff hardy kicked open the door of his seventeen-year old brother Matt's bedroom.

"What the hell Jeff! What's your issue?" Matt yelled.

"You! You're my issue Matt!! Every time I have something good you have to go ruin it!"

Matt smirked"It's not my fault your girlfriend dumped you" he said as he got up from his chair.

"Yes it is! If you hadn't sent your little floozy over and had her pretend that I was cheating with her Trish never would have dumped me!" Jeff yelled pushing Matt down back onto the chair.

Matt laughed "First of all Lita is not a floozy. And secondly the look on your face after Trish slapped you was hilarious"

"I don't know why you hate me so much! I never did anything to you!" Jeff kicked the wall as hard as he could, which resulted in a big hole.

Matt stopped laughing "now look what you did you stupid idiot! I hope you know your gonna be paying to fix that!"

Matt's eyes turned an almost black color as he walked towards Jeff.

Jeff backed up as he saw the way matt's eyes darkened, he knew that when matt's eyes get dark he's really pissed.

"Fuck that! Pay for it yourself !"

Matt pushed him against the wall " I don't think so you broke it you bought it bitch"

Jeff whimpered as he felt his older brothers fingers dig into his arms "Matt your hurting me"

Matt pushed harder "good! You're a worthless piece of scum! It's no wonder mom left us! She couldn't handle the humiliation of having such a disgrace as a son!"

Jeff bit Matt hard on the arm and pushed him away "shut up! She didn't leave because of me! You're just jealous because she and dad loved me more!"

Matt slapped Jeff across the face "shut your mouth you bastard. God I wish you were never born! Get the fuck out of my room!" He pushed Jeff out the door and closed it as well as he could.

Jeff fell into the wall and slid down, tears running down his face 'Why do you hate me Mattie? All I ever wanted was for you to love me? 'He thought as he got up and went to his room.

Neither boy came down for dinner so Gil went upstairs too see what was wrong. He walked up to Matt's door and saw it was broke. He shook his head.

"Boys must have fought again". He knocked on the door. When he didn't hear anything he opened the door and saw Matt asleep with his head on a book. He smiled and closed the door and went to Jeff's door. He knocked but heard nothing so he opened the door to find Jeff asleep on the floor holding onto a bear Matt got him from a carnival when they were kids. Gil closed the door and went into the living room to watch TV, wondering what made Jeff so upset that he brought out the ratty old bear.

At about 10 o'clock Jeff woke up on the floor. He got up, stripped and put on some of matt's old pajama bottoms. They were too big so he knotted them at the side and rolled them down a little. He got into bed and snuggled up to the bear which Jeff had named Mattie after his older brother after Matt won it for him playing a pop the balloon game when he was 5 and Matt was 8. He quickly fell asleep dreaming of the day that his mom, dad, Matt and him went to the carnival together as a family.

Matt on the other hand had woke up around 9:30 and put his books away before stripping and putting on some wwe pyjama bottoms. He and Jeff were big fans of the wwe and used to fake wrestle in the backyard. But that was years ago, before there mom left. Matt crawled into bed and looked over at his nightstand. He saw the picture of his parents Jeff and him at a carnival they went to. Jeff was holding onto a stuffed bear matt had won for him. Matt wondered what happened to that bear.

"He probably got rid of it the day after. That ungrateful little shit" Matt picked the picture of and tossed it into the trash, mumbling something about Jeff being a worthless whiny little bitch and went to bed.

At midnight the winds were swirling above the hardy house and the sky was getting dark as both matt and Jeff squirmed in their beds. The ground began to shake and Jeff sat up and looked around. Books, posters, pictures and shelves were being thrown around the room by some mysterious grey fog. Jeff screamed as he grabbed onto the bear and held onto it for dear life.

In the other room Matt opened his eyes hearing Jeff scream. He looked around and saw the mysterious fog lifting and swirling things around his room. Matt got up and ran to his door and tried to open it but it was stuck. He banged and pulled on it till it eventually opened up enough for him to slip out. He began to walk towards Jeff's door.

Meanwhile Jeff was crying and ran to the door and pulled as hard as he could and slipped out.

"Jeff!" Matt yelled. Jeff looked up and saw matt coming his way. "Mattie! S-something's trying to get me!"

Matt grabbed onto Jeff and held onto him "I know it's in my room too". Suddenly both boys doors flew opened and the fog came towards them, almost like a hand reaching for them.

"Matt! Don't let me go!" Jeff screamed as he grabbed matt's hand and held as hard as he could.

"I won't! I promise!" Matt replied and held onto Jeff as hard as he could. The fog circled both boys waists and began to pull them towards there separate rooms.

"Don't let go!" Jeff cried.

"I'm trying…its really strong Jeff I don't know how much longer I can hold on" Matt could feel his hold loosening as the fog pulled harder

"Jeff….I can't hold on any longer. I'll find you."

"Matt! Where is it taking us?"

"I don't know. But wherever we end up. I'll find you. I promise."

Jeff screamed as Matt let go and the fog pulled them towards there own room. Matt struggled to get out of its hold and looked back up at Jeff who was crying.

As soon as the boys reached the doorway of their room they saw a bright flash and everything darkened.


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