Till we meet again


Author: Kiyohara

Disclaimer: never been mine

Warning: Yaoi, Hen, Crossover, AU, OOC, OC, bad grammars, unbetaed

Pairings: will be shown per chapter. This chapter? None

Summary: he faced the gate, again. He pays the price, well, not actually, but cancels the previous deal. Who is he anyway? Who was he transmuted?


"We meet again...human," said the white-like human form, "I thought you learnt not to mess with the power of God."

"..." the blonde man in front of the truth stared blankly before he smiled at the truth. "Yes, I know."

"And you do a human transmutation. You learn nothing then, human."

The blonde haired and golden eyed man chuckled, "Keep calling me human, Truth? I paid it with my locked memories...its enough, isn't it?"

The Truth's lips turned into a thin line. "I see...very well then, you sure?"


The truth cackled ironically, "For Amestris, for those stupid people in it, more over for those who hate you? I don't know whether I should call you a true hero, guardian, or just another naive fool..."

The man chuckled again. "You know me too well..."

"I'm a God."

"Yes, you are, and I'm just your long lost lover who happen kicked out from heaven because of my intervention with the Humans." The Blonde man chuckled lightly.

Truth grinned wickedly, "Yes and no, since you're an Immortal one now…. By the way, locked memories? Last time I checked, that was your request, and for the equivalent exchange...I can make your life miserable...heh, I got your meaning here...the payment will be to destroy the key of your own locked memories…anyway, you have three days," said the truth before disappeared completely, leaving the man with another man who was laying in front of the blonde man.

He stared at the man and then he cracked a small smile, right before he fell into unconscious, "Thank you, Truth..."

'Anytime Guardian….' was the last word that He heard.


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