Till we meet again

Chapter 08 : Adopting the kid

Author: Kiyohara Shi

Disclaimer: never been mine

Warning: Yaoi, Hen, Crossover, AU, OOC, OC, bad grammars, unbetaed. A bit Konoha bashing

Pairings: Hint of Madara x Ed

Summary: adopting the kid, but why should he called Ed with 'Mom' too?

The next day…

The unnamed kid yawned, he smelt something good. He rubbed his eyes and found the beautiful tenshi (because of his unusually god-like aura) cooked something on the old frying pan that Madaara-san bought several months ago. "Whaddya cooking, sir?" asked the little blonde chibi.

Ed smiled at him, "Ohayou, Chibi-chan, have a good sleep?"

"Un…" the kid nodded cutely.

'Uwaaa…he's so cute!!!' though Ed when he saw the chibi's reaction. "I cooked you some breakfast! Here, I made onigiri and eggs, don't ask how I can get some egg and rice…"

"A-arigatou…" the kid mumbled shyly.

"Kawaii~!!" Ed hugged the chibi tightly. "You're so cute, can I adopt you? Can I? Can I? Wrath'll be happy if I adopt you!"

The chibi blinked dumbly, "Huh?" He blushed when he heard the 'can I adopt you' statement came from the man's lips. He nodded meekly.

"Hyaa!! Hontou?"

The chibi nodded again.

"Great! Then I'll ask your village leader to adopt you then!" this made the young boy tensed, however, Ed didn't realize it at all. "Now eat up, chibi-chan, I'll give you name after we meet the village's leader for your adoption!" And then he left the Chibi, he walked to Madara's direction. He could see the man snoring lightly, he seem tired from the night-watch. Ed shook the man lightly, "Hey, Madara-san?"

"Hng…" was Madara's reply.

Ed sweat dropped. "Hey, Uchiha, wake up! Madara san? Ma-Ack!"

Madara hugged the poor man tightly, he nuzzled his neck and then he sighed deeply. 'Hmm…smell's nice…and warm…' tough Madara.

"O-oi, Madara-san!" Ed was blushing.

'Hmm…since when my pillow can talk? Hnm-hm, the sound seems familiar…,huh?' then Madara recalled what happen yesterday noon. 'Edo, alchemy, shinobi arts….shit….' Madara opened his eyes, he blinked several time before adjusting his sight, 'Edowardo…right…SHIT!' he let go of Ed. "Sorry! I didn't, I wasn't, I don't mean to-"

Ed, who blushed madly, coughed nervously, "A-ah…I-It's ok…uh…"

"Err…" there's awkward silence.

"I-I think I'll check on the chibi-chan…"

"Uh, yeah, you do that, I'll…wash my face…uh…"

Ed nodded again.

Madara turned his head to the golden haired man, "Hey, Edo…"

"Yeah, Madara-san?"


Edo smiled at him, "Ohayou!" He beamed.


Meanwhile, Konohagakure no Satou, Hokage Office…

"Where. Is. Okaasan!" someone shrieked dangerously, made the others' ears hurt badly.

"A-ah, that's why we are here, nephew, they'll find 'okaasan' ne, Hokage-sama?" asked the one who held the kid down.

"Demo sa, Uncle Arufonsu…you know, those freaky monsters smashed our ship into million pieces! How can this-this," he pointed at the Konoha shinobi, "Weak-looking guy can defeat those monsters and help us find mommy?!"

Now, they twitched, angry. 'Was this little midget say that we are weakling?!' thought everyone angrily.

"Now, now, Wrath-kun that was harsh." Alfons smiled weakly at his nephew. "They are good at searching, protecting, and assassinating. Those so-called 'weakling' are the best of the best from the best ninja-village, you do remember what that hebi-san told us about Konoha, ne?"

"Hebi?" asked the shinobi. Yondaime no Hokage raised his eyebrow. "Orochimaru ka?" he murmured.

"Oh, him, but he's a freak! You know I don't believe in random freak guy!!" Wrath raised his hand to his head. "Ah damn!"

Minato coughed a little. "Excuse me, Arufonsu-san."

"Yes Yondaime-sama?"

"The person that you called 'hebi-san', was this person name's Orochimaru?"

Alfons nodded innocently. "Yeah, we met him four days ago, he was the one who told us to come to you, Hokage-sama."

Now, the other shinobis raised their eyebrow in confusion. How could an S-class missing nin who have personal grudge against their Hokage praised the hated one…unintentionally I mean.

"He only asked us who are we and where were we come from. That's all."

"And your answers?"

"Same like what we gave to you…Is there a problem?" now Alfons was curious. Why they looked so tense after he approved the Hokage's question about this hebi-san name?

"Ah, Iie, It's nothing." Minato sighed deeply. "Okay, We'll label this search as C-rank mission…by the way, did you see a blond…kid on the way here?"

"Blonde kid?" asked Wrath and Alfons together.



"Hokage-sama!" an ANBU appeared in front of them.

"Yeah, Karasu-san?"

"The mons-Kid, I mean, is walking someone here," said the Karasu-ANBU-mask, still bowed.


Before the Hokage asked the ANBU for more detail, the door opened. A rich-blonde haired boy with three whisker-like marks on each cheek came, his face was hidden behind his hair. The presence of the boy made every living-shinobi growled in anger, the Hokage face turned cold.

"What are you doing here?" asked the Hokage.

The boy opened his mouth to talk, but nothing came. He bit his lips. He stole a glance toward the person behind his back.

The person was walking passed the boy. Minato and every single shinobi in there held their breath, the person in front of him was the most beautiful creature that he ever knew, and unfortunately the Yondaime married to Kushina Uzumaki who happens still gone for another S-Class mission. The person has the most rich golden-like hair, his eyes was sharp with the color of gold, high cheekbone, feminine face, slightly pale smooth skin, slim and curved body, all in all he was HOT. A piece of Man-candy. A sex-god…or goddess.

"OKAASAN!!!!" "NIISAN!" both of them ran and then hugged the man.

The man's eyes widened. "Wrath? Alfons?"

The shinobi choked, 'Wha?! The brat is his SON?!'

"You hurt!" said Wrath.

"Ah, I'm okay, this little chibi helped me yesterday, see?" Ed showed his arm to Wrath, the Homunculi in disguise checked the wound and satisfied after he knew that it's not life-threatening.

"Who's the chibi?" asked Alfons.

"Demon kid," answered a silver haired Jounin with mask covering his lower face, Hatake Kakashi.

"Kakashi," Minato warned his ex-student.

"Demon kid?" asked Edward, he was eyeing the boy then back to the adults behind his son and brother's back.

Minato sighed in defeat. "It's better if all of you stay away from it, he's the container of Great Kyuubi no Kitsune, and there's 80% chance that the fox contaminating it's jailor."

Edward face turned cold. "Oh? So I presume you are his parent then?"

"Was, Our son died after Sandaime sealed the demon inside of him."

Now, the kid was sobbing. "I-its ok, E-Edo-san…," he whispered to the man.

Alfons gritted his teeth. "So you mean that this kid is the demon itself?"

"Technically." Now Kakashi answered the foreign man.

Wrath hugged the poor boy then snarled dangerously at the shinobi. "He's just a kid!"

"Wrath, Alfons, step a side. I need to talk to the leader of this village, since you have the 'wise leader charisma' so I presume you're the hokage?"

Minato nodded.

"Good. Then," Ed walked to the Hokage. "I want to ask your permission to stay in Konoha, and adopt the kid as my own, Hokage-sama." Ed smiled warmly at the kage, made the said leader snarled.

"Demon-lover, huh?" he sighed, "You either adopt the kid and stay away from the village, or stay in the village and leave it."

"Sou ka…then, I'll adopt the kid and leave this village…"

"Then I can hunt you down once you stepped out. And once the demon stepped out from this village, it'll be executed by our Hunter-nin, along with them who take him."

"Do as you like, anyway, you can't harm us. Just give me the papers and the letters of adoption."

The hokage stared the blonde beauty in front of him critically. This man, this blonde haired beauty in front of him held a power that even he can't defeat; oh he could feel it alright. The way his eyes strike passed his defenses, his god-like aura flared dangerously, made his own aura submit into his. This man was no man at all. He knew, because he was activated his bloodline once this man asked for this…demon kid's adoption letter. His hand took a piece of paper. It was the adoption letter. He signed the letter and gave it to the man.

Ed smirked triumphantly. Oh how he loved to intimidate the mortal in front of him. "Good." He grabbed the letter not so friendly. "Let us go, Alfons, Wrath, chibi."

They muttered 'Hai, yes, and nervous un' together. After they disappeared from the room, Minato took a deep breath. "Fuck…" he was pale.

Kakashi said, "What happened sensei?"

"That was scary…"

"What do you mean?"

"He….damn it, if only you activate your sharingan, Kakashi…"

Hiashi and Hizashi who watched the conversation also sweated hard. "I'm agreeing with you, Hokage-sama. That person…"

"Yeah, the others weren't like him, he is the purest one…."

Minato agreed. "Yeah, now I'm start thinking if it was right to abandon our Jinchuuriki."

"What do you mean, Hokage-sama?"

Minato was standing up and saw the foreign family walked to the gate happily. "I was activating my bloodline, the Aura eyes…. He have the strongest aura that I ever see. It was god-like…no, it's indeed god's aura. It's too pure for human beings…too pure for mortals."

"By the chakra point that we saw, the chakra or power that he use, wasn't chakra at all. It was white, when he's pissed, it's turned black. It's too pure to be chakra, or too tainted to be chakra…" said Hizashi, shocked the other shinobi.

"The question is, was he a God, or a Devil…. Was he come to help us, or to destroy us. Was he come to forgive us, or leave us suffered in our fate in this cruel land…." Hiashi sighed.

They shrugged.

"I think…I know the answer," Minato closed his eyes. He knew it, the dark aura behind those blinding light, it was the Gate. The source of their ability to mold their energies into chakra, and the source of every bloodlines in this place. And it was closed. That's mean; they only have a little time to amend their faults. They only have a little time to pay the Truth behind the Gate back for what their ancestor took from It. "That we're fucked up…"