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Chapter One - The Ambassador's Daughter


Captain's Log, Star date 2354.7:

We have just left the foremost academic colony in the entire United Federation of Planets, the Federated Organization for Research of Known Sciences, or FORKS, having picked up Ambassador Charles T. Swan and his daughter, Isabella. Our mission is to transport the Ambassador and his daughter to the planet Voltare where the Ambassador will attempt to mediate a settlement between the warring factions on the planet. The colonies of Northern Voltare, led by a ruthless leader, Aro, have been terrorizing the citizens of Southern Voltare, a peace-loving people led by their leader, President Marcus. Frankly, the Ambassador has his work cut out for him, though it is said that his daughter is much more than just his companion on these missions. It seems she has some kind of empathic abilities that seem to aid in mediation. I hope for the Ambassador's sake, that she proves to be a valuable asset.

Captain's Log, Out.

I pushed the button to end my log transmission and ran a weary hand around my neck, trying desperately to relieve some of the tension that had built up there over the last few days. With one last rub, I pulled my hand back around before raking it through my over-long hair. I really should visit the ship's barber. But I just never seemed to find the time.

Exiting my private office I strolled onto the bridge and sat back in my command chair. I surveyed the members of my bridge crew, proud to be serving with each one of them. They were all hand-picked and were the best the Federation had to offer.

My gaze landed on Mr. Jaz, a half-Vulcan Science Officer with unparalleled mental abilities. He was my first officer and one of my closest friends. I had to give a half-smile as I looked at him. A stranger Vulcan I had yet to ever see. Mr. Jaz sported the pointed ears, slanted eyebrows, and emotionless countenance of his race. Though I had yet to meet another with sandy brown hair and golden-brown eyes; attributes from his human mother, no doubt. I'm sure it had made life hard on a young boy growing up on such a strict planet as Vulcan. But he seemed to have overcome this obstacle and had emerged as the finest Science Officer ever to come out of Star Fleet Academy.

My gaze continued around the room and fell on my Communications Officer, Lieutenant Alice Brandon. She was a tiny little thing, but one should never let that pixie hair-cut and fine-featured face fool them; she could bring a grown man to his knees with one well-placed kick. She was the also the best Communications Officer in the Fleet. She possessed an uncanny ability to predict with near perfect accuracy, what was going to happen before it actually took place. I couldn't count the number of times she had saved our hides with her quick-thinking communication searches and translation abilities. She was also a close friend and valuable asset to my crew.

I shifted in my chair, turned to the left and looked toward the Engineer's Con. His big body was seated away from me as he busily checked the read-out on the instruments that told him how the ship was behaving. I half smiled at the dark head of my Chief Engineer, Emmett McCarty, or Mac for short. He was the finest Engineer ever to grace the halls of a Starship. He knew this ship like the back of his hand and treated the Twilight as if it were the finest lady in the Queen's Court. I sometimes wondered if he didn't love this ship more than he loved his wife. He still retained his Scottish brogue and could drink his native-land's Scotch with the best of them. We had been together a long time and I considered him one of the best drinking buddies I had ever had the pleasure to get drunk with.

I heard the bridge doors slide open and turned to see my personal assistant, Lieutenant Rosalie McCarty step onto the bridge, a computerized log-input device in her hand. In addition to being my right hand person, Rosie was also married to my Chief Engineer. She was hands down one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the halls of a Starship! It was a good thing her husband was one of the most respected fighters in all of Star Fleet, or there might have been daily conflict with the rest of the male species on board. However, most of the ship's crew had come to realize that Rosie's blonde beauty was merely the icing on top of a very complex cake.

She was truly one of the smartest, most organized people to ever come out of Star Fleet. That's why she made such a good Captain's assistant. I couldn't get through a day if I didn't have Rosie to take care of the tedious busy work that fell under a Captain's duties. She actually kept the day-to-day operations of the ship going. She made sure that each department had their logs up to date and work assignments straight. I trusted her implicitly, and if the truth be told, she probably knew as much about this ship as Mac did. Maybe that's what drew them together. In the three years she had been my assistant, she had never disappointed me. Except maybe when she married Mac two years ago; then again, every red-blooded man on board had mourned her state of matrimony. But I had overcome my dismay and had happily conducted the ceremony myself.

Rosie had just put the log device in my hand for my signature on tomorrow's duty roster, when the bridge doors again slid open to reveal the ship's doctor, Chief Medical Officer, Carlisle Cullen. He was my mentor, best friend, confidant, not to mention, my older brother. I glanced up and gave him a crooked smile and he imparted a nearly-identical one in return. That smile and our general body structure were the lengths of our resemblance. Other than that, we were nearly opposite in looks: Carlisle was blonde with vivid blue eyes, inherited from our father. I had gotten my bronze hair and clear emerald eyes from our beautiful mother. I was also much younger than Carlisle, having been somewhat of a surprise to our parents when Carlisle was ten years old.

At that moment the bridge door slid open for a third time, this time admitting the lovely Esme Cullen, my sister-in-law and the loving wife of my dear brother. She was the head of the ship's Nursery and Pre-School, and truly loved the work. She and Carlisle had never been blessed with children, but Esme was a natural mother. She was the heart and soul of the Twilight, because she loved everyone and everyone loved her. She embodied the role of "Mother Hen".

As she moved to stand by Carlisle, I realized that the shift for my day bridge crew was coming to a close. It was sometimes difficult in space to keep track of the hours of the day, but we tried to keep as close to a twenty-four hour earth day schedule as possible. The crew just seemed to work better if we followed that formula. I glanced at the display on the left arm of my chair and noted the time was nearly 16:00 hours. The night shift crew would be arriving soon and work would continue smoothly until morning.

I glanced at Ensign Mike Newton, our Ship's Navigator, and Ensign Tyler Crowley, our Ship's Pilot; two very capable young officers. Even though Newton fancied himself a ladies man, he was harmless. Crowley, on the other hand, was a very serious young man. If I didn't know better, I would almost think he had some Vulcan in him somewhere. He seldom showed emotion.

I rose to my feet, raking my hand through my hair once again, before turning to Carlisle. "Damn, it's been a long day."

I heard a low "tsk-tsk" come from Esme as she gave me a reproachful look at my language. "Edward, there are ladies present." This was not the first time, and probably wouldn't be the last, that she would have to warn me.

Leave it to Esme, ever the southern lady, and the only person on board this ship that would ever dream of taking me to task over my cursing. Looking around, I was sure that the only other females present, Alice and Rosie, had heard far worse come out of my mouth on more occasions than they could remember. But I just flashed her one of my crooked smiles and whispered, "sorry." I knew better than to argue with Esme.

"Edward, why don't you come to our quarters for dinner tonight?" Esme smiled in return, as she spoke. "I'm making Carlisle's favorite: vegetarian lasagna."

"That sounds wonderful, Esme, but I have an official Captain's dinner scheduled with Ambassador Swan and his daughter." I really didn't look forward to 'official Captain's dinners' and sincerely wished I could chuck this one off and join her and Carlisle. "Could I have a rain-check on that?"

"Of course, any time," she smiled and turned to Carlisle. "Are you ready to call it a day, darling?" she asked as she linked her arm with his and smiled into his eyes. I thought, not for the first time, that my brother was one lucky man.

Covering her hand on his arm with his own, he replied, "I sure am." Turning to me, he smiled as he spoke, "Good luck with the dinner."

"Thanks. I have a feeling I may need it." He turned and escorted his wife to the lift and with a wave, they were gone. Yes, my brother was one lucky man.

Turning to my First Officer, my voice carrying across the bridge, I inquired, "Mr. Jaz? Do you have dinner plans?"

I noticed a barely-perceptible moment of hesitation on his part and from the corner of my eye I saw the head of my Communication's Officer perk up. Okay… That was strange.

I let my eyes glance in Alice's direction and saw that her eyes were trained on the face of my First Officer. Okay… It's like that, is it? I think I'll have a little fun and I let the imp inside me take over.

"Uh, Mr. Jaz? I could really use your services at dinner with the Ambassador." I watched his face closely. Mr. Jaz never let his emotions show, but I had such fun trying to break through his tightly controlled façade. "I mean, the Ambassador is a very important man, and, though I've never met her, they say his daughter is quite beautiful." I watched Alice's reaction in my periphery vision. I saw her face tense and her eyes widen a little as she tried to catch Mr. Jaz' eye.

Mr. Jaz was his usual cool, calm self when he answered, "Of course, Captain, if you need me to accompany you, I will do so."

I saw Alice's face turn to stone.

"Well, it might be helpful, as the Ambassador's daughter is an empath. It would be beneficial to have someone present who can control their emotions," I gave him a persuasive look and waved my right hand to emphasize my statement. "Yes, I think it would be most useful to have one person at the table to promote a calming effect."

I watched as he drew a deep breath and cocked his right eyebrow, before saying, "Of course, Captain, I am willing to be there, especially if you think you will fail to remain calm while engaging in the dangers of eating dinner."

Damn you, Jaz, you know me too damn well! He knew I was trying to goad him into displaying emotions.

I chanced another glance in Alice's direction and saw that she was nearly falling out of her chair. She had leaned so far in Jaz' direction as though she could impose her thoughts on him through will alone. Well, at least I had gotten a response from her! I looked back at Jaz and couldn't help the small quirk of a smile from my lips as I told him, "on second thought, I probably can handle this dinner on my own." I heard the audible sigh of relief come from Alice's direction, and smiled outright at Jaz as he answered with a wordless, raised-eyebrow look that could have meant anything from 'Will there be anything else?' to 'Edward Cullen, you're a damn prick.' I nearly laughed out loud.

I actually gave a little chuckle as I left the bridge, just as the next crew was arriving. I sobered somewhat at the turbo-lift and spoke "Captain's Quarters" before being whisked away and transported to the corridor outside my quarters. I let my thoughts drift to the dinner ahead. I had spoken the truth to Mr. Jaz when I said that I had heard that Ambassador Swan's daughter was beautiful. And to top it off, she was an empath. Quite a lethal combination if she were to set her sights on an unsuspecting male: A woman that could use her beauty to inspire a response and then be able to sense the reaction she was eliciting from a man… yes, quite a lethal combination.

I entered my quarters and took a few minutes to relax. Dinner wasn't until 18:00 hours, so I had some time to unwind. I ran my hand wearily through my hair as I walked toward my bathroom. A quick steam shower was just what I needed and I set the jets to maximum before removing my everyday uniform. I would have to wear my dress uniform tonight. Damn, I hated that thing; it was so stiff and formal. But the Ambassador would expect nothing less, and to be honest, the Captain in me was looking forward to seeing if the rumored Beauty was as affected by a man in uniform as so many other women in the past had been.

By 17:50, I had showered, napped for an hour, and was standing outside the Ambassador's quarters in my gold and black dress uniform. I pressed 'Announce' on the control panel beside the door.

The door opened and I was greeted warmly by Ambassador Swan. I had not met him when he came on board, but we had spoken via subspace transmission before he and his daughter beamed up from the colony. "Good evening, Captain. I like a man who is prompt." He motioned for me to enter the suite. "Unfortunately, my daughter is a woman and is seldom prompt," he gave a quiet laugh that was muffled somewhat by his thick, black mustache. "She will join us momentarily."

"She will join you now, Father." I heard the melodious sound of her voice that failed to disguise her shared laughter, coming from behind me before I turned to greet her.

My words of greeting stuck in my throat as my eyes beheld the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was even more beautiful than Rosie, and that was saying a lot! Her dark mahogany hair held tints of auburn that glinted in the light and fell in soft waves about her shoulders. Her eyes were the most unusual shade of brown, almost like liquid chocolate. Death by chocolate: The phrase skipped through my consciousness as I stared into them. Her skin was like porcelain and cream and looked as soft as down. And her body, encased as it was in a pale gold and light blue evening dress that hugged every curve, was one that would make Aphrodite green with envy.

I watched, mesmerized, as she approached me, her hand outstretched in welcome with pure sunshine gleaming from the smile that was formed as her perfect, rose-red lips parted to reveal sparkling white teeth. "My Dear Captain, it's so nice to meet you at last. I'm Isabella Swan."

Down, boy! I scolded myself, as I took her hand and raised it to my lips to press a kiss to her fingers in an old-fashioned greeting before replying, "Captain Edward Cullen, and the pleasure is all mine."

Damn, I wondered for a moment if she could tell the affect she had on me.

My eyes wandered up her body, taking in the swell of her breasts above the low, 'V' neckline of her gown. When our eyes met I could see she knew exactly the effect she had on me.

She was smiling at me like the cat that ate the damn canary! Well, if she wanted to play that game, she had definitely picked the right Star Fleet captain!

"Well, if you're both ready, may I escort you to the ship's dining area?" I presented my left arm to her as I spoke, and without hesitation, she placed her right hand through the crook of my arm, grasping it tightly.

"Of course, Captain Cullen," she replied as she looked up at me through the longest eyelashes I had ever seen.

"Please, call me Edward," I said giving her one of my best, crooked smiles.

"Thank you, Edward." She smiled back at me before looking over her shoulder at her father.

He gave another soft chuckle and said, "Oh, don't mind me. I'll just follow in your lovely wake, my dear."

And with that we swept out of the guest suite and entered the turbo-lift to be taken to our destination.

Dinner was a delightful affair, and I almost pinched myself as I realized that I had actually processed the thought of a 'delightful affair.' What the hell kind of spell had Isabella Swan cast over me?


Captain Edward Anthony Cullen. I was nearly dying to meet him. When Father told me we would be traveling to Voltare aboard the Starship Twilight, I nearly fainted. For the last six years I had dreamed of joining Star Fleet; I felt too guilty, however, to even bring up the subject with my father. He depended on me so much. Two months before he was named Ambassador, and just a few weeks shy of my sixteenth birthday, my mother passed away. That was 8 years ago and I had been his rock ever since. My empathic abilities told me that my father depended on me, that he needed me. So I had never told him of my Star Fleet dreams. He thought I had only a simple fascination with space and everything associated with it.

But that hadn't kept me from dreaming and reading every thing I could get my hands on about Star Fleet. I had accessed every library data bank I could and had simply devoured the knowledge. If the truth were known, I had probably studied more about Star Fleet on my own than I would have if I had actually attended the Academy. After all, FORKS was the premier colony for advanced academia in the entire Federation!

I could describe in detail, including the workings, of every system on a Starship, from navigation to communications, even engineering. I was familiar with all the known planetary systems and had even memorized the entire Star Fleet handbook. My empathic abilities seemed to make retaining information so much easier than it did for others. I usually had only to read something once to have it perfectly memorized. I guess you could call it a photographic memory.

And this brought me to Captain Edward Anthony Cullen. He was the youngest Star Fleet officer to ever be named the Captain of a Starship. And not just any Starship, but the Starship Twilight! The jewel of the entire Fleet! At the age of twenty-eight, Captain Cullen had already been a captain for three years.

I had devoured every bit of information I could find on Captain Cullen. My reasons were more personal than professional. I would never admit it to anyone, and I had only recently actually admitted it to myself, but I had fallen head over heels in love with Captain Edward Anthony Cullen and I had yet to even meet him! But I felt as if I had known him forever. I knew everything that had ever been written about him. I knew he was born and raised in Chicago, before his father, also a Star Fleet officer, had been transferred to Seattle, where Edward had completed his schooling before joining Star Fleet.

He was the youngest person to ever graduate from Star Fleet Academy, having completed the rigorous four-year training course in only three years, and still managed to graduate at the top of his class. He was known to take an unorthodox approach to problem solving, but had been commended highly for his ingenuity. He was brave beyond words, and more handsome than anyone I had ever seen in my life! My father would simply die if he knew I had been crushing on Captain Cullen for the past three years, and would pass it off as a side-effect of my sheltered upbringing. But that wasn't it. Captain Cullen, or Edward as I thought of him, was a very special man.

And now, I would be meeting him! Actually dining with him! I did not want to make a fool of myself over him but I didn't know if I would be able to contain my excitement when I was actually in the same room with him. I knew I would have to draw upon all the training I had as my father's assistant to keep a calm demeanor in Edward's presence.

I had taken particular care with my appearance tonight, and took one last look in the mirror as I heard my father greet Edward at the door.

"Good evening, Captain. I like a man who is prompt. Unfortunately, my daughter is a woman and is seldom prompt." I heard him give a muffled laugh. "She will join us momentarily."

Well, it was now or never, I thought as I opened the bedroom door and stepped out. "She will join you now, Father."

I saw the back of Edward's bronze head just a moment before he turned to face me.

Oh my God, sex on legs! The holograms did NOTdo him justice!

I let my eyes drink him in: the formal uniform, the messy copper-colored hair, the emerald green eyes, the elegant nose, all the way to the chiseled jaw and that mouth wearing a slightly crooked smile. His body looked extremely fit as it was hugged by the tailored lines of the dress uniform. And he was tall, easily over six feet and I had to tilt my head up to meet his eyes from my five-foot-four-inch height.

I allowed myself a smile as I interpreted the feelings coming from him. He liked what he saw, almost as much as I liked what I saw, and it made my insides cheer. I took a step toward him, extended my hand, and spoke in what I hoped was a normal tone, "My dear Captain, it's so nice to meet you at last. I'm Isabella Swan."

I could feel him trying to control his automatic response to me as he took my hand and raised it to his lips to press a warm kiss to my fingers before he spoke, "Captain Edward Cullen, and the pleasure is all mine."

I watched as his eyes traveled back up, paused a fraction of a second at my breasts before continuing up and locking with mine. I let my eyes answer the unspoken question in his: Yes, I like you, too!

I gave him another smile as I saw his eyes darken slightly and felt his emotions take on a slightly challenging tone before he said, "Well, if you're both ready, may I escort you to the ship's dining area?" He presented his arm to me and I quickly laced my hand through it and allowed my fingers to close around his forearm possessively.

"Of course, Captain Cullen," I replied as I looked up at him through my lashes. Sometimes having empathic abilities made life so sweet.

"Please, call me Edward," he said and I was properly dazzled as he gave me one of the sexiest smiles I had ever received.

"Thank you, Edward." It was all I could do to just smile at him when I wanted to do so much more! I suddenly remembered my father and turned my head to glance back at him.

I heard him give another soft little laugh before he said, "Oh, don't mind me. I'll just follow in your lovely wake, my dear."

Dinner could only be described as delightful. Edward proved himself to be witty and charming and kept Father and me smiling, giggling, or out-right laughing much of the evening. I hated to see it end.

I could tell Edward was interested in me. All vanity aside, I knew I was beautiful. Without a word being spoken, I could tell when someone, especially a male, found me attractive. But before Edward, I had never felt anything more than a passing fancy for any man. There was just something about Captain Edward Anthony Cullen that set him apart from other men. It wasn't just the fact that he was held in such high regard by his peers; it was the fact that he seemed to truly appreciate women. It was the quality I most admired in him. Perhaps it was the fact that I lived within the emotions of others, surrounded by them all the time, that I valued a man that wasn't uptight about showing his.

Yes, Edward Cullen was everything I admired and desired in a man. Three years suddenly seemed like such a long time to wait to meet someone that I considered to be the perfect man.

He escorted us to the door of our quarters and turned to my father. "Ambassador, I'm sure you're tired and wish to retire for the night," his smile was charming in its simplicity. "However, perhaps your daughter might like a short tour of the ship?" He raised a quizzical eyebrow as he turned his head to look at me.

"Oh, could I, Father?" I asked imploringly. "You know how interested I am in all things Star Fleet. I would really like to see a Starship up close and first hand, instead of just on a view screen or in a holodeck."

Before he spoke, I could tell my father was going to give his blessing to the tour. He usually indulged me in my little whims.

"Of course, my dear, go, look over the ship to your heart's content." He waved us off with a shake of his hand. "I know how you love such things." He turned to Edward before continuing, "Be warned, Captain, she will bore you to tears with her incessant questions about the workings of this ship."

Edward gave a little chuckle before extending his hand and answering, "I'll consider myself warned, Ambassador."

Edward shook hands with my father and I reached up to give him a peck on the cheek as he disappeared into our suite. I was more than aware when Edward's eyes turned to me once again and he held his arm out to me once more. "Shall we go?"

I inclined my head as I once again grasped his forearm and turned with him to begin our tour of the Twilight.

Three hours later we were in the ship's arboretum and I was amazed that he knew so much about orchids as he showed me several different varieties of the flower, each more lovely and delicate than the last.

"And this is the 'Twilight Mist' orchid, native only to a certain part of the Amazon jungle on Earth. I personally chose to have it placed here," he spoke with pride. "I thought it was most fitting to have it growing on the Twilight." I looked closely at the blossom, taking in its pale, white color, tinged with just a hint of purple at the center and having a blush of blue-gray at the tip of each petal. It was truly one of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.

"Its so beautiful and so delicate looking, almost as if it would crumble under even the lightest touch," I said as I let my eyes slide from their perusal of the flower to meet his vivid green gaze.

I saw his eyes darken and I could feel his emotions kick into overdrive as he watched my face. "It reminds me of you." He brought his hand up to lightly run his fingers along my jaw line, barely touching my skin and causing a shiver to run down my spine. "Are you really as delicate as you look?" His fingers moved from my jaw, running down the side of my neck to stop at my nape and tangle themselves in my hair. "Will you crumble under my touch?"

I knew he was going to kiss me, but still the anticipation was almost more than I could bear. I felt the pressure of his hand as he drew my face closer to his own and lowered his head, all the while watching my lips with half-hooded eyes. I saw his tongue dart out to moisten his lips just moments before my eyes closed of their own volition and I felt the first electric shock of his lips on mine.

And what a shock it was! His lips were gentle at first, softly massaging mine with light, careful nips, lifting then returning, each time exerting a little more pressure. It was a tantalizing dance and one I was enjoying immensely, especially when coupled with the emotions that were flowing freely throughout his body.

When I felt his tongue touch my lips it was like a new course of electricity began, this one with a much higher voltage. I parted my lips to allow him entry and he needed no further invitation. He plunged in with an enthusiastic groan that was more than matched by the moan that escaped my throat. As he deepened the kiss, I felt his arms gather me closer to his body and my own arms snaking around his neck, holding on for dear life.

The onslaught of feelings was almost more than I could take: his arms holding me tightly, his hand in my hair while his fingers massaged my scalp, his tongue in my mouth doing an erotic dance with my own, and the feel of his hard body pressed so close to me it left little to the imagination. To top all this off, I could feel the desire coming from him in waves, each one getting progressively more intense. I briefly wondered if my own emotions were perhaps fueling those coming from Edward.

I felt my legs grow weak and I'm sure they would have buckled under my weight if he hadn't been holding me so close to his chest.

He broke the kiss to run his lips across my cheek, down my neck and back up until they were within millimeters of my ear. I could feel his warm breath as he whispered, "Come back to my quarters."

My eyes were still closed and I breathed in deeply, filling my lungs with the crisp, masculine scent of his body. I could almost smell his arousal, and I wondered vaguely if he could smell mine.

I slowly opened my eyes and met the dark promise in his. I felt my head nod slightly before his lips closed on mine once again. As he ravaged my mouth with his, a surge of emotion coursed through me adding fuel to the flames of passion burning hotter than ever, only confirming my theory that I was magnifying his feelings with my own. He lifted his head from mine with a jerk, leaving me breathless and disheveled. Circling his arm around me we walked quickly out of the arboretum. We made it to the turbo lift, but the minute the doors closed he was kissing me once more.

I was barely aware that the lift had halted before Edward was guiding me through the door to his quarters. I got a subtle sense of the room as he stepped away from me to dispose of his uniform coat. I let my eyes glance around the room, quickly taking in the masculine décor and thought vaguely that the place suited him. The solid lines and earth-tones of the furniture seemed the perfect backdrop for his personality: strong, no-nonsense; slightly sensuous and utterly male.

My reverie was short-lived. Sans his coat, Edward pulled me into his arms again, circling his left hand around my back before sliding the warm fingers of his right hand into my hair as he held my head to receive the onslaught of his kisses. His thumb caressed my cheek, causing desire to flood through my body. I moved my hands to free the hem of his black tee-shirt before letting them glide over the solid muscles hidden underneath. I allowed my nails drag against his skin as my fingers moved through the hair on his chest. My efforts were rewarded with a low groan as he pulled his head back to skim his lips across my cheek and move to feather kisses along my neck.

He nipped lightly at my ear and his whispered words drove all coherent thought from my mind. "You are so beautiful, but I'm sure you know that. And I think you already know the effect you have on me."

I moaned in response and his mouth was back on mine in a flash, the strong thrust of his tongue a tantalizing foreshadowing of what was to come. I accepted each plunge with enthusiasm, trying desperately to suck him entirely into my mouth as I moved my body to press my pelvis into intimate contact with the hardness of his.

Suddenly my back was slammed against the wall, his body pinning me there, pressing against me from chest to thigh, as he ravished my mouth. I felt the slow undulations of his body and the hardness of his arousal as he ground himself against me. His body was so hard, so strong, so perfect in every way.

Three long years of dreaming about this night in no way prepared me for the actual encounter. My dream Edward paled in comparison to the real, flesh-and-blood man. He was so much more than I could have ever wished for, more than I could have ever hoped for. He was handsome, intelligent, kind, brave, trust worthy, and… here. And if I was to be given only one night with him, then so be it:. One night with Edward Cullen was worth a lifetime with any one else.


My mouth slanted across hers, allowing me deeper access, as my body pressed her into the wall. I could feel the softness of her curves as they molded to me, the hard tips of her breasts burning into my chest.

Damn, her mouth was sweet and her body sweeter! I could drink from that sweetness for days and never slake my thirst!

I ran my hand slowly up and down her spine, feeling the suppleness of her back through the thin material of her dress as my hand slid around to cup her soft breast, working the hard nipple through the material of her dress with my thumb.

I heard her quick intake of breath through her nose and then felt her fingers flex as she scraped her nails across my chest, working her way to flick lightly at my nipples.

Damn, woman! What are you doing to me?!

My hips ground harder into her as the touch of her hot little hands sorely tested the limits of my self control.

I reluctantly let go of her lips and watched as my fingers pushed under the edge of her gown, wanting to feel the softness of her bare breast under my hand and mouth. I tugged aside the top of her gown, along with the bit of lace underneath, to expose the plump, porcelain flesh to my lust-filled gaze.

I let my mouth trail a band of kisses down her neck, across her collarbone and over the soft, firm mound still cradled in my palm. I placed hot, open-mouthed kisses over every exposed inch before covering her nipple and drawing it deeply into my mouth to suck it gently.

"Ahhh…" I heard the audible groan as her nails dug into my chest. Then I felt those fingers begin to trace their way down the center of my chest to tug lightly at the hair below my navel. My self control was not only tested, but nearly breached.

I released her breast to throw my head back with a hissing breath as her fingers dipped below the waistband of my trousers and her hand wrapped itself around the hard flesh straining against the fabric.

Fuck! She was driving me insane! If just the touch of her fingertips on my skin could nearly bring me to my knees, what would happen when we…

Never before had I felt this close to losing control with a woman. I had slept with many women before. They tended to throw themselves at the uniform. But it had been a long damn time since a woman had affected me like this, if ever. Everything about her drew me in: her face, her laugh, the smell of her hair, the softness of her skin. She seemed to sing to me, so much so that I was nearly drowning in the want of her. I wanted her now, and I was near the point of no return.

I rested my forehead against hers as I posed the question, "Are you sure you're ready for this? I mean, we just met tonight." I couldn't speak above a whisper as I steeled myself for her to voice her decision to leave and return to her own quarters. I had to give her a choice.

Her eyes were slightly hooded and held an almost drugged look as she ran her tongue over her lips before nodding slowly.

Well, a nod wasn't good enough. I had to hear it from her lips.

"Say it, Isabella! I want to hear you say the words," my voice shook slightly as I spoke. "I don't want there to be any misunderstanding between us in the morning. You're going to have to tell me what you want."

I heard her take a long breath and my body nearly exploded as she said, "I want you to kiss me. I want your hands on me." Her hands moved once more under my shirt to caress the hair-roughened skin of my chest as she spoke. "I want you to hold me,to be with me, let me be with you." I saw her eyes darken to pools of dark chocolate. "I want you to make love to me, Edward."

That was all it took. As a shudder ran through my body, I lifted her into my arms and carried her toward my bedroom. I whispered the word, "Secure," and the force field immediately enclosed my quarters. I wanted no unexpected interruptions tonight.

I set her on her feet by the bed and let my hands move upon her body. My right hand caressed her jaw, her neck, and moved across her collarbone to tangle in her hair as my left hand moved up to fondle her still exposed breast. I pulled her mouth in for another breath-taking kiss as I let my left hand slide down her side to her back, seeking the fastening of the dress. I felt her hands brush mine aside as she quickly undid the hidden fastening and the dress parted from her neckline to the floor and with a shrug and a twist of her shoulders, the dress fell in a pool of blue and gold at her feet.

The breath hitched in my throat at the sight of her body clad only in a couple of scraps of gold and blue lace. I bent my head, kissing and nibbling my way across her neck, down her breastbone. Her fingers clinched in my hair as I continued my downward journey, laving the tip of each breast through the lace and leaving them hard and wet and straining for more. I dropped to my knees and continued to worship her body with my lips, holding her hips as I kissed down her stomach, opening my mouth to run my tongue across her soft skin from hipbone to hipbone along the edge of her lace panties.

My hands moved across her rounded behind, encased as it was in lace, squeezing slightly, before trailing down the backs of her thighs, letting my long fingers curl around the inside. Moving my head down further, I exhaled softly letting the warm air waft over her hairless mound that was clearly visible through the fragile lace. Her hips moved almost imperceptibly toward me and I rewarded her with an open mouthed kiss that encompassed her glistening clit.

"Edward…" I heard her breathe as she pushed herself closer to my mouth, wanting the pleasure I could give her.

With one more lingering lick, I willed myself to rise and gather her in my arms before locking my lips to hers. With practiced hands, I made short work of the two pieces of lace that were the remaining barrier to my total perusal of her perfect body.

Picking her up once more, I lay her on the bed gently, almost reverently, and stood back to take in her beauty. She was exquisite and the longing inside me was like a pain. I wanted her so badly.

With a last coherent thought, I asked her, "Birth control?"

"I have a ConIm," she replied, looking at me with lust-filled eyes, and I recognized the term given to contraceptive implant. The last possible stumbling block was removed.

Through half-closed eyes she watched me as I divested myself of my shirt and trousers. I saw the desire burn in her as she followed my hands when my boxers joined our discarded clothing and my erection sprang free. Her lips were parted and I could hear her quick intake of breath as she trained her eyes on my body.

Reaching for her, I gathered her in my arms as I joined her on the bed, turning my head to kiss along her neck and up her jaw line, drawing back to look into her eyes before I let my mouth close once more on hers to drink in her sweetness.

Time ceased to exist. My hands moved without conscious direction to cup her perfect breasts, caressing each before my mouth followed suit. Her nipples, formed into sensitive peaks by the ministrations of my hands, hardened even more as I drew them each in turn into my mouth. I heard the moan that began deep in her throat and released around the teeth that were biting into her lower lip. Her hands were tugging at my hair as she tried desperately to draw my mouth closer.

Leaving her nipples wet and begging for more, I moved slowly down her body, kissing and nibbling and licking at the ivory smoothness of her skin until I reached my intended destination. I moved my body and gently nudged her legs apart with my knee before just pausing to look at her.

Fuck! She was the most delicious thing I had ever seen!

Her body was completely devoid of hair, which made the sight of her that much more exciting to me. The pink folds of her sex were glistening with moisture and I knew she would be slick to my touch. I glanced up at her face. She was watching me, her breathing sporadic and labored with anticipation as I just sat and looked.

"Edward," she breathed, "is something wrong?" I saw her eyes waiver for a second.

"Oh my god, no, just the opposite. I've never seen such perfection in my life." I swallowed hard.

"Then, what…?" the question hung between us.

I swallowed again. "I was just wondering if I should say grace first." She nearly purred as she let her legs fall farther apart, and I needed no further invitation to dive in head first.

My tongue caressed her center, circling around the pearl of flesh that was her nerve center. Her hips lifted slightly as I licked her, flicking her clit with my tongue. My name falling from her lips in a moan spurred me on.

My fingers moved slowly up the inside of her leg, brushing lightly against her skin, as they made the journey up to the altar of her body. I teased her opening with my index finger before parting the folds and sliding in.

Fuck! She was so slick and hot!

I wanted so badly to give her pleasure; the sounds issuing from her encouraged me to continue. I licked once more across her clit, before letting a second finger enter her. I let my fingers move in rhythm with my tongue and her hips began to undulate slowly in time.

I picked up the pace and could tell from the sounds she was making that she was close. Without warning, I bit down softly on her hardened nub and she exploded. I could feel the vibrations shaking her body, as the pulses began around my fingers. Her body arched off the bed to hang suspended as pleasure overtook her. I continued to pump in and out, letting her enjoy her orgasm to the fullest.

When the spasms of her body finally quieted, I removed my fingers slowly from her, bringing them to my mouth to taste her essence: perfect sweetness, pure perfection!

I looked up and she was watching me as I licked her juices from my fingers. Her eyes darkened even more as she pulled me up to her, her mouth parted with desire.

"I think you're ready for me, love; my size won't hurt you now." After one more soul-deep kiss I moved back between her legs, positioning my body above her. I saw her watching me with a slight smile on her lips as I placed my hands on either side of her hips, lifting her to me and poised my rock-hard cock at her entrance. Never taking my eyes from hers I let my hips descend.

Centimeter by centimeter, I felt her folds part as her body closed around me.

Fuck! She was so tight!

She was much tighter than I had anticipated. I pushed further, felt my way blocked, and then I knew. I froze, my eyes growing wide as realization hit me...

Bella was a virgin!


I had never felt anything like this in my life. The waves crashing over me as his mouth and hands brought me pleasure I had never even dreamed was possible. My body had thrashed under his mouth, trying to get closer to… something, I knew not what. I just knew I wanted it and Edward was the key.

And then, just when I didn't think I could rise any higher, the dam broke, and wave upon wave of pleasure crashed through my body, centered on his talented mouth and hand.

Edward Cullen was an expert in the lovemaking department, of that there was no doubt. My body was an instrument and Edward was a virtuoso, and he had just played me with talented enthusiasm.

As the quaking slowly subsided, I opened my eyes to look down at him. He withdrew his fingers from my body and, as I watched, brought them to his lips, his tongue snaking out to lick the moisture from them.

I was suddenly back on the mountain, the climb not taking nearly as long this time, triggered simply by the sight of his tongue licking his fingers. I reached down, laced my fingers in his hair and tugged him up to me.

"I think you're ready for me, love; my size won't hurt you now." He spoke reverently, before moving in with an earth-moving kiss that sent tingles clear to my toes.

As I looked at his body, I realized that his size did scare me somewhat, and one thing was for certain:. I would never be able to hear the words Captain's log again without thinking of Edward. I smiled a little at the thought.

He moved back over me, lifting my hips up to him as he placed the tip of his throbbing erection at the entrance of my body. He was so big! As his eyes locked with mine, I tried to keep my nerves at bay.

I felt him enter me, pushing in slowly to allow my body to adjust to his size. There was the slightest tinge of discomfort but it was far outweighed by the pleasure I knew would soon come. I saw him pause when he felt resistance, then I felt him freeze, his eyes meeting mine in alarm.

"Edward, what's wrong?" I felt the slight change in his emotions. They had suddenly shifted from pure desire, to a mixture of desire, shock, and a touch of remorse.

"Isabella," his voice broke, he licked his lips before collecting himself enough to continue. I saw him swallow convulsively and I knew he was struggling for control. "You're a virgin?" His eyes beseeched me to answer.

"Yes," I still couldn't see the problem, so what, I was a virgin. Did that make a difference to him? "Is that a problem for you?" I tried not to sound hurt, though it did make me a little sad.

"Well, no, not for me, but…" He was briefly at a loss for words. I watched him struggle to articulate. "I am surprised." He finally relaxed a little and I saw a ghost of a smile play at his lips. "I didn't think there were any virgins over the age of sixteen left in the known universe." He shook his head slightly in bemused amazement.

I felt his emotions move from remorse and shock and now were racing back to full out passion.

"Well," I smiled a little and let my fingers move to twirl in the hair on his chest. "There are a few of us left." I saw his eyes getting darker as the sexual tension of the moment mounted. I watched the fire in his eyes blaze out of control. "But I'm hoping there will be one less in a few minutes."

I let my tongue emerge to give my lips a slow massage and his eyes took in every movement before dropping his head to capture my mouth and plunge his tongue inside.

He kissed me for several minutes, having withdrawn himself from my body to just rest on the outside. His hands moved on me, caressing my breasts, tugging and then pinching the nipples. It was exquisite torture!

He moved a hand to rub tantalizingly against the sensitive flesh between my legs. I wanted more. I rocked my hips in silent craving, pleading with him.

"Easy, love. We'll need to take this slow." He lifted his head to catch my eyes. "I'll do everything I can to keep from hurting you, be as gentle as possible, but…" his mouth twisted and his brow furrowed in resignation, "there will be pain."

I smiled at him, reaching my hand up to rub the line out of his forehead, "Maybe, and maybe not so much. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end."

And with that, I pulled his head down, taking the lead momentarily as I swirled my tongue around his, savoring the taste of him. He groaned loudly, as a little chink appeared in his armor.

I reveled in the knowledge that I could make Captain Edward Anthony Cullen of the Star Ship Twilight groan with desire. My fingers became bolder as my hands moved down his body, feeling the rock-hard abs of his stomach, loving the feeling of the line of hair that traced its way down his body. I wanted to touch him, feel his bare hardness in my hand.

My fingers brushed against the steel like strength of his aroused flesh. I heard his hissing intake of breath as I closed my fingers around him, loving the feel of velvet over steel.

"Isabella… god," the words exploded from his mouth on the exhalation of his breath. "Be careful, love, I'm holding on here by the thinnest of threads as it is."

I just smiled and gave him a little squeeze as I let my hand massage up and down his length. His hips bucked and he moved himself against the pressure of my fingers, another deep growl emitting from his throat.

"Isabella, love," his breath was coming in ragged gasps, "I can't think when you do that, and I need to keep my head, at least for the first part, okay?" He was practically pleading.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I whispered, watching the play of passionate emotions as they raced across his face. I could see he was barely keeping the lustful beast inside him from taking over.

He took a moment to kiss each of my breasts as he positioned himself once more over me.

"I'll be as gentle as I can, just try not to tense up, okay, love?" His eyes were forest green and the intensity of his stare made shivers run down my body. I felt his hand move between us as he propped all his weight on one hand, moving down to caress me, I knew he was preparing my body for what was to come.

I felt him plunge two fingers into me as his thumb massaged the sensitive nub and I could feel my wetness coating his fingers. I felt him add a third finger, stretching me as he moved them in and out with rhythmic precision. I felt myself start on the uphill climb, but this time I wanted Edward to climb it with me.

"Edward, please, I want you." It was time.

He looked at me again and I felt him remove his fingers. "Bend your knees up, love," he whispered huskily, and as I complied I felt the velvet tip of his smooth shaft take the place of his fingers.

He entered just a tiny bit and like before he paused when he felt the resistance. He leaned his body down, taking his weight on his forearms, bringing his face closer to mine and crushing my breasts against his hard chest.

Without words, he took my mouth with his, simultaneously plunging his tongue into my mouth while undulating his hips to break through my barrier.

The shock of the intrusion caused my body to momentarily tense as I felt a slight burning sting inside. Edward didn't move his hips, continuing to ravish my mouth, allowing my body time to adjust to the newness.

I felt the affects of his drugging kisses, knowing he was doing this to assuage the pain, and it worked. The pain, what little there was of it, was gone. In its place I just felt fullness and pressure and the need for… something more!

I moved my hips against him, silently telling him it was alright; I was alright. He needed no further invitation.

He pulled his hips back slightly before plunging down again, this time sinking farther into me. I felt my body stretch to accommodate him and again he paused, letting me adjust, before doing it over again.

It actually took several of these thrust-and-wait actions before my body could take him fully. When I finally felt him rest flush against my body, I experienced a sense of accomplishment unlike anything before. I was able to take all of him, let him sheath himself completely in my body, give him that ultimate pleasure.

His smile bore down at me as he said, "You're so tiny. I'm surprised you can take all of me." The touch of awe in his voice spurred my desire, fed my passion and I parted my lips as he kissed me lovingly, sucking on his tongue as he pressed it deeply into my mouth. His hips withdrew and moved forward in a smooth stroke, and our dance of love began.

Edward's body took me higher and higher with each hard thrust, taking me to places I never thought possible. He possessed me, body and soul, and I gladly gave him every part of me.

I felt his hand move between our bodies, as the tempo and the driving force of his body escalated. I felt his thumb rub my throbbing clit as he groaned, "Wrap your legs around me, love." As I did so, I realized why he had asked. With each thrust, he sank deeper into me than ever before, touching places so deeply I felt I would surely die of sheer pleasure.

I felt the spiraling tension begin at my core, felt it building and building, seeking release. And just when I thought the tension would surely kill me, the dam burst and wave upon blissful wave crashed over me. Still, Edward continued to drive into me, causing the tension to escalate once more, higher still and crash upon me again in shudders of release. And still, Edward wasn't through with me as his body played mine a third time into a shattering climax, this one bringing a helpless scream from my throat seconds before his mouth covered mine and I could feel the hot pulses as he released inside me.

I clung to him helplessly as he continued to thrust slowly, extending both my pleasure and his own, until finally, we were both utterly spent.

He collapsed on me, moving slightly so his upper body rested beside me while keeping his lower body joined with mine. I could still feel an occasional vibrating spasm run through me. I was completely sated and I could tell not only from a glance at Edward's face that he had enjoyed himself completely, but also from the waves of satisfaction he was emitting.

We were both still breathing hard and I saw him struggle to speak between pants. "Isabella, that was incredible. You were incredible."

I gave him a smile through my gasping lips and told him, "You were pretty incredible yourself, Captain."

He moved his face to kiss my lips reverently, almost as if he were worshiping my mouth.

We lay together, still joined in the most intimate way possible, sharing soft kisses and caresses and murmuring soft, sexy things to each other. Much later, my mind in a drowsy haze, I felt him finally separate himself from me, only to move to my side and wrap me in his arms as he cradled my body against his.

We slept.

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