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Lieutenant Alice Brandon – Senior Communications Officer – A half Venetian/half human ball of energy with amazing abilities.
Emmett "Mac" McCarty – Chief Engineer – Brilliant Engineer; Knows the Twilight better than anyone; Scottish; married to Rosalie.
Lieutenant Rosalie McCarty – Personal Assistant to Capt. Cullen – Beautiful; Brilliant; married to Mac
Dr. Carlisle Cullen – Ship's Surgeon; brother to Capt. Cullen; the voice of reason on the Twilight; married to Esme
Esme Cullen – Director of Ship's Daycare and Preschool – the heart of the Twilight; married to Carlisle
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Ambassador Charles Swan – On his way to mediate a peace treaty on the planet Voltare; father to the lovely Isabella
Isabella Swan – Empathic daughter to Ambassador Swan; unsurpassed beauty and current love interest for Capt. Cullen

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Chapter Two – Campaign of Annihilation


I watched until the turbo lift doors had closed behind Captain Cullen before jumping to my feet and stalking to where Jaz stood, looking as impassively unmoved as always.

"Mr. Jaz, may I have a word with you?" I was really trying to keep my voice steady and professional, when all I wanted to do was scream at him.

He looked at me with that lazy, indifferent look of his and replied, "As the shift is at end, I think that would be possible." The cool, level tone of his voice always did something to me, but I had to shake it off.

We took a moment to brief our station replacements on the day's activities before walking toward the turbo lift together. The doors had barely slid shut when I rounded on him.

"Jaz, what were you thinking?" I scarcely kept my fury in check, as I demanded through gritted teeth. "What did you mean by offering to accompany Captain Cullen to dinner?" I was livid and had to be careful to keep my voice down. "What if he had accepted your offer?"

Mr. Jaz kept his eyes steadily forward as he spoke in his calm, infuriatingly calm, voice. "Deck 8, Section H." He gave the lift computer the location of the officer's quarter's section of the ship before turning to face me. "And what would you have had me do, Lieutenant Brandon, tell the Captain that I could not fulfill the duties of First Officer because I had a date with his Communications Officer?"

I gritted my teeth and barely kept from stamping my foot, I was so mad. He was the most passively provocative man I had ever met! I bit my tongue on a flippant remark, and then felt a touch of chagrin at my outburst. I looked up at him through my lashes and forced out a whisper, "Alice."

He cocked an eyebrow at me as he said softly, "lift halt," and stepped directly in front of me. I felt nearly hypnotized as his eyes held mine and his head lowered toward me.

"Alice," he whispered before he brushed his lips over mine in a brief, tantalizing caress. My hands moved of their own volition to hold his face as his lips moved over mine. All too soon he stepped back, lifting his hands to remove mine and hold them between his own.

I couldn't speak as the feel of his lips against mine had effectively rendered me speechless. He continued to look at me, the muscles of his face as impassive as ever, but I could see a fire burning in the depths of his gold-flecked eyes, making them shimmer in the harsh light of the turbo lift.

"Lift resume," he spoke, still standing in front of me, and I felt the sensation of movement again.

Coherent thought slowly returned to my brain as the lift doors opened onto the corridor leading to the officer's quarters. I could feel him behind me as I walked silently to the door outside my suite, gave the voice command for the doors to open, and turned around expectantly.

"Are you coming in?" I asked, knowing my voice was still slightly breathless and held none of its usual hyper confidence.

"No, not now," he replied and my brow furrowed in disappointment. "I will join you as planned at 1800 hours.

Though frustrated by the delay before seeing him again, I knew I needed the time to prepare for our evening. "Okay, I'll see you then." I reached out to brush my hand lightly along his forearm before turning to enter my suite.

As the doors closed behind me, I let out my breath in a whoosh.

That man would be the death of me!


I watched as the doors closed, hiding her from my view, before I turned on my heel and walked briskly down the hallway to my own quarters, my forearm tingling slightly from her brief touch.

The doors opened at my command, and I entered quickly needing the calmness that always enveloped me upon entering.

My body reacted to the increased air temperature immediately and I felt the serenity of the darkened interior wash over me. I was most comfortable when the temperature hovered around eighty-seven degrees, as the atmosphere on Vulcan was much hotter than earth. While I could work and function normally at the standard ship's temperature of seventy-two, I was sometimes uncomfortably chilled. Not that anyone ever knew.

I strode toward my bedroom, removing my uniform as I walked, keeping my thoughts focused on the task at hand, while mentally going over tomorrows work schedule and our impending mission to Voltare. Like most Vulcans, I was able to mentally compartmentalize many different tasks, thus allowing myself to do several things at one time.

And this worked. Most of the time.

As I stepped into my steam shower, I could no longer keep my mind focused. All because of a dark-haired, pint-sized, handful of living dynamite known as Alice Brandon.

I had known the Lieutenant since she was a cadet at Star Fleet Academy. I had been one of her instructors, and if I were honest with myself, she had fascinated me from day one. I had familiarized myself with the applications of each of my students and I had been quite surprised to see on her application that she was one-half Venetian. That fact in itself was enough to red flag an applicant and I was surprised that she had been accepted into the academy.

Venetia was an odd, class M planet in the Noolari system; odd, not for anything pertaining to the planet itself, but rather the inhabitants. Venetians possessed a special ability that was only discovered when they first encountered humans, as the talent, shall we say, didn't work on other Venetians. It was effective only on other humanoid species. Venetians were able to produce pheromones that were person specific and in effect, caused anyone so targeted to fall in love with the producer. This was not a talent that Star Fleet regularly sought out, but apparently Lieutenant Brandon had convinced Star Fleet to take a chance with her.

It was also entirely possible that, as she was only one-half Venetian, that she did not possess the… gift. It appeared that might be the case, as she had shown no signs whatsoever of using this power during the time I had known her.

Especially in regards to me!

I still remember the first time I set eyes on her. She was just a slip of a girl, barely five foot tall, with dark brown, nearly black, hair that she had styled into a spiky, flyaway hairstyle that somehow completely suited her personality. She had dark brown eyes that flashed with laughter and mischief, but also showed a surprising degree of intelligence. Perhaps it was that intelligence, or maybe the carefree way she moved through a room, that had me enthralled.

As time passed, I had been very careful to never show any favoritism toward Lieutenant Brandon, sometimes going farther than I should in the opposite direction by making tasks unusually more difficult for her. But even so, she never disappointed me. She always rose to whatever challenge I placed before her and managed to outshine all her classmates.

She had a natural ability in communications, an uncanny aptitude with it, unlike anything I had ever seen before. She had succeeded in amazing me on several occasions, not that I had ever shown anything more than curt approval.

When I accepted the position of First Officer on the Twilight, Captain Cullen had asked my opinion when he was choosing the other bridge officers. He knew I had taught at the Academy so he asked me to tell him who had been my brightest student, as he wanted only the best crew available for the fleet's flagship. Without hesitation I gave him the Lieutenant's name, along with my highest recommendation.

For three years we have served together on the Twilight. Three years in which she has slowly driven me out of my mind. Vulcans pride themselves on being able to keep their emotions in close control, and I was no different. What most people don't understand is that instead of being totally emotionless, or without emotions, Vulcans were actually one of the most highly emotional of all humanoid species. We had just discovered a way to keep those emotions in strong check through discipline of the mind with meditation and years of practice.

The near-daily bombardment of my senses by her presence had become harder and harder to ignore as time passed. My resistance had been further tested when nearly eleven months ago she had started a systematic 'Campaign of Annihilation' with me as the target. I had finally capitulated two weeks ago.

Which brought me to where I was now: Preparing for a date with Alice Brandon.

I stepped out of the shower, most of the moisture evaporating rapidly in the dry heat of my quarters. I ran my hands through my hair, feeling that it too was quickly drying. As I walked through my bedroom, I allowed myself a small quirk of my lips as my body let me know it was eagerly anticipating the evening ahead.

Alice Brandon, you are driving me insane!



Finally an entire evening alone with Jaz!

I had been in love with Mr. Jaz since the first day I stepped into his classroom at Star Fleet Academy. I was a nineteen-year-old university graduate, having spent the last ten years on my father's home planet, Earth, living with my grandparents. My parents are research scientists and had been assigned to a remote outpost by the Federation. Not wanting me to spend my formative years in such an environment, I had been shipped off to stay with my grandparents, with semi-yearly visits from them.

But I really hadn't mined living with Nona and Poppy. They were the most fun people I had ever encountered, often telling me they were throwbacks to the 'Flower Children' from Earth's past in the 1960s. They believed in living each moment to its fullest and always facing what life threw at you head on. I guess that really helped me, as I had always been height-challenged. They instilled in me a confidence that I could do anything I put my mind to regardless of my physical stature.

I excelled in my studies, completing programs in mathematics and languages and finding I had an aptitude for both. Upon completing all the training I could get at regular university, I applied to Star Fleet. I was surprised when my Venetian heritage came up in my entrance interview. My interviewer, Commodore Pike, seemed impressed that I had never used my Venetian abilities in an attempt to gain advantage over other applicants. I replied honestly that I wasn't sure if I even possessed the talent. I also assured him that I was much more interested in making a career for myself than catching a mate. He seemed convinced of my sincerity, and after checking my list of stellar references, had approved my application.

Then I stepped into Mr. Jaz' classroom and all my high and mighty talk of never wanting to catch a mate flew out the window. Not that I would ever try to entice him to me with pheromones. I wanted him to want me for me. And that proved to be the kink in the whole plan as Mr. Jaz was Vulcan and prided himself in never showing emotions. I sometimes wondered if he even had emotions, but then I would catch him watching me when I completed an especially difficult task he set for me and I would see the look in his eyes. He might be able to control his facial expressions, but those eyes were the windows to his soul.

I had heard that Mr. Jaz had been chosen as First Officer on the U.S.S Twilight and had immediately inquired as to how to become a member of the crew. I was informed that the crew would be personally hand picked by Captain Cullen, the commanding officer, as he wanted only the best. To say I was absolutely overjoyed when notice came that I had been offered the position of Communications Officer would be putting it mildly. It was a dream come true.

I endured two long years of sidestepping, egg-shell-walking, molly-coddling, biting-my-tongue, long, endless shifts, and frustration-filled nights before I finally told myself enough was enough! That's when I made it my personal mission to seduce Mr. Jaz.

My plan included purposefully being in the right places at the right times, going to him with mundane issues just to be near him, finding excuses to ride with him in the close confines of the turbo lift whenever possible, brushing against him and giving him looks that would have melted Pluto. After I confessed everything to him two weeks ago, he now called it my 'Campaign of Annihilation'.

I was in the ship's gym, perfecting my karate forms, when Jaz just 'happened' by. He surprised me by offering to show me some Vulcan hand-to-hand combat tactics. I was game and we went through several different movements before he suggested I demonstrate what I had learned.

He came at me in attack mode and I quickly seized him, spun him around as he had shown me, and threw him on the ground all in the space of a few seconds. I straddled his torso, holding his arms interlocked above his head when I looked into those soul-filled eyes and I knew.

He had planned this! He wanted me as much as I wanted him!

So, I kissed him, lowering my head and touching my lips softly to his. I would tell him later that he was the first man I had ever kissed and I was scared to death that I was doing it wrong until he flipped us over and took over the kiss himself. He kissed me with such passion I was putty in his hands almost immediately. After nearly a minute, we came up for air, both of us breathing heavily and I know my face was filled with both shock and awe at the feelings that were coursing through my body.

With one last, lingering kiss he rolled to his feet and reached his hand down to help me up. His face was, as always, totally emotionless, but his eyes were blazing as he said, "We need to talk."

That was two weeks and several stolen moments ago. Tonight would be our first real date, even though we had eaten dinner together almost every night in those two weeks, we had really never had any alone time, as both of us had been on call duty even if we weren't at our posts. But now, somehow we had both drawn two days of down time together. I would have to thank Rosalie for pulling off that little feat, as it was a near impossibility for both the senior science officer and the senior communications officer to be totally off duty at the same time. But she had done it, and finally we could really be alone.

I took a quick shower before walking to my closet to retrieve the dress!

I loved dressing like a woman for a change. The androgynous uniform was okay when on duty, but when I was off-duty, I preferred to dress more feminine. That's why I loved the ship's replicators. All I had to do was put a picture into it, along with my measurements, and voilà, I had the perfect, made to order outfit. And tonight, the dress had to be stunning.

And this dress was perfect!

I twirled before my full-length mirror admiring the way the diaphanous, emerald-green fabric swirled around my body. The Grecian, one-shouldered dress draped snugly across my breasts before being caught at the waist in a tight band that rested low on my hips. My back was left completely bare, as the skirt cascaded into a fluid pool around my feet.

My eyes sparkled and a shiver ran over me as I imagined Jaz seeing me dressed this way. I checked that the temperature of my suite was set to a warm 85 degrees and began busying myself with menial things in a vain attempt at keeping my mind occupied.

By 1745 hours I was ready and pacing the floor, working myself up into a fine frenzy. When the Announce sounded at 1800 hours I was a complete and total basket case. I steeled my nerves and called out, "Come."

The breath caught in my throat and my mouth fell open slightly as I watched Mr. Jaz saunter into the room. He was dressed casually in a native Vulcan dark-blue tunic and loose pants and he freaking took my breath away.


It took all my will power to keep my facial expression calm when the door opened and I saw her. She looked like a verdant ethereal goddess draped in the cascading material of her dress. I saw how the soft, shimmering fabric clung to her body, and I inhaled shapely when she turned to lead me into her suite.

Her back was completely bare and the sight of the delicate curve of her lower back sent a shock wave through my body. I couldn't help but wonder if the softness of the fabric could compete with the softness of her skin.

I blinked my eyes striving for control.

What was wrong with me? I never had to work this hard for control before!

By the time she turned to face me, I had my reaction to her under firm control…

Well, at least somewhat under control…

Let's just say I felt I could restrain myself from attacking her before dinner!


Dinner was a pleasant surprise. Alice had apparently done her homework where I was concerned. She had, with the help of the food replicator, prepared my favorite Vulcan dish, b'lltarr. It resurrected fond memories of my mother preparing the same dish for my father and me.

"This is delicious," I complemented her after taking my first bite.

She smiled and replied, "I wanted to make your favorite."

We continued to eat, the conversation between us warm and relaxed.

I was just finishing my last bite when it registered with me what she had said. So I asked her, "I am curious to know how you knew this was a favorite of mine?"

She dropped her eyes from their perusal of me and I saw a wave of pink flood her pale cheeks. She was blushing! Now I was even more curious and I cocked an eyebrow at her when she finally raised her eyes to meet mine again.

"I…" she hesitated, took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and raised her chin before continuing. "I contacted your mother."

I nearly fell off my chair. Did she just say she contacted my mother?

It took me a moment to wipe the surprise off my face and replace it with my usual calm façade.

"You …" it was my turn to take a deep breath. "You contacted my mother?" I watched her face closely as I voiced my question. "On Vulcan?" My voice held a hint of disbelief.

She raised her chin a little higher and drew herself up as straight as her tiny body would go.

"Of course on Vulcan," she retorted in an exasperated tone. "That is where she lives."

I was still fighting to keep my face emotionless in the face of her kitten-like ferocity. "Yes, Alice, I am well aware that my mother lives on Vulcan," I replied evenly. "I am just… curious as to how you got a message to her as we are a thousand light years from Vulcan. I know subspace can't reach that far, that fast." I was mentally doing the calculations and realized that it would be impossible for a signal to reach that far and back in the two-week time frame since Alice and I had declared our intentions.

She gave me a look of total disdain, and I was barely able to contain my wide grin at the sight of her consternation.

"Jaz, you know quite well that I am the best communications officer in Star Fleet. You've said so yourself," her voice held a measure of indignation and absolutely no false modesty. I almost smiled again.

"Yes, Alice, I am well aware of your abilities as a communications officer; however, even you can't make subspace waves travel over that distance without distortion or degradation of the wave." I saw her lips turn up in a curve that somehow told me that, despite what I knew to be the logical and natural laws of physics, I was about to be schooled in the new laws of "Physics According to Alice Brandon".

And damn, if I wasn't looking forward to it!

Her breath came out in a little huff and her eyes sparkled as she began her little 'lesson'. "Jaz," she spoke softly, but with authority, "I am completely aware of how far subspace waves can travel; I took the opportunity to test a theory I had about how to use subspace to communicate over vast distances." I saw that she was watching me closely to make sure I was paying attention. I nearly laughed out loud because she was so adorable when she was in her 'schooling' mode. Oh, yes, I had seen this look before, many times in fact at the Academy, as she prepared to explain something she felt was so simple to a roomful of bewildered students.

Satisfied she had my undivided attention, she continued, "I theorized that if I could calculate the positions of all Federation ships between the Twilight and Vulcan, I could bounce a subspace signal from ship to ship, to Vulcan and back again without any degradation of the wave signal."

I just looked at her in complete amazement as I turned my mind to silently evaluate all the computations necessary to make this theory work. It would have been a daunting task, even for me.

She must have seen the look on my face, as I was way past hiding it from her, because she said, "What? Like you think it was hard?" I just inclined my head slightly at her. "Really, it wasn't so hard once I pinpointed the position of all the ships."

I just shook my head, letting her see the blatant admiration in my eyes. "And you did all that, just to ask my mother what my favorite food was?"

I saw her blush again before she answered, "Well, this dinner was special so I wanted everything to be perfect."

She was so beautiful I couldn't hold back any longer. I smiled at her. Her eyes widened as she watched my lips curl up. A brilliant smile broke across her lips in response to mine. Her face brightened as if lit from within; she was radiant.

If that was the reward garnered by a mere smile, I promise to smile with Alice more often!

But only in private, I assured myself.


He smiled! Jaz smiled at me! I hope the next one doesn't take another 6 years.

I felt like I could fly, but decided instead to float over and lead him to the sitting area of my suite. Seeing that I was rising, Jaz was immediately behind me, assisting me with my chair and offering his hand to help me stand. I really wasn't surprised as he had performed those same gentlemanly duties each evening when we shared dinner in the ships cantina, but my heart still fluttered when I felt his warm hand envelope my smaller one. The feel of his fingertips brushing along the small of my bare back as I turned flooded my entire being with a fluid heat that spread through me from the point of contact radiating out slowly to every nerve ending in my body. My steps nearly faltered at the blissful feeling.

Somehow my feet carried me to my sitting room and I quickly took a seat on the sofa before my legs totally failed me. I turned my body to face him as he lowered himself gracefully to the seat be side me. Jaz always did everything with the utmost grace and deliberateness, and I enjoyed just watching him move.

"So…" I began, but my words drifted away as my eyes met his golden ones.

"So…" he replied after a few moments, not breaking our gaze.

My breathing became more and more labored as I was mesmerized by the intense look in his eyes. I could see the fire start in their depths and slowly build to an inferno, as his eyes said what his voice could not.

I saw that gaze drop to my lips and I knew he was going to kiss me. We had only shared brief, chaste kisses since that day in the gym, so I was more than ready to feel his warm lips on mine again.

I watched as he slowly closed the distance between us, my breath catching in my throat as his lips brushed mine in a feather soft caress. He pulled back slightly, returning his hypnotic stare to look deeply into my eyes as if searching for permission to go farther. I couldn't stand it any longer, closing my eyes with a moan and lifting my hands to run them up the firm planes of his chest.

That was all it took. At the first touch of my hands on his body, Jaz groaned loudly and possessed my mouth with his. As with everything he did, he kissed me with unhurried deliberation, taking my lower lip between his and sucking softly. The feeling was so intense my toes nearly curled as I felt him angle his face and I turned my head slightly to better fit our mouths together.

Nothing prepared me for the feeling of his tongue lightly brushing my lips and they parted as I sighed lightly into his mouth. He needed no further invitation and I felt his hot tongue enter to lightly stroke mine.

My universe became centered on Jaz and the feelings that were coursing through my body from the touch of his mouth. The intensity was unlike anything I had ever felt before, only comparable to sky diving or mountain climbing for the intense adrenaline rush. As he deepened the kiss even more, I felt his hands move around me, his palms flattened against my bare back as he pulled me into an embrace. My hands continued up his chest to twine their way around his neck and bury in his hair, pulling his head closer to mine.

He moved his hands up and down my back in a slow, languid circuit, seeming to enjoy the feel of my bare skin. I just knew I liked the feel of his hands on my skin, each caress serving to intensify the feelings moving through me.

I felt him move, pulling back slightly, but not breaking the kiss, as he leaned his body back pulling me with him so that I was now laying against his chest. I felt my breasts press against the hard muscles of his body and I couldn't stop the moan from escaping my throat. He heard it, for he gave an answering groan as he pulled me even closer to him, moving one hand up to tangle in the spiky hair at the back of my head while the other pressed against my lower back, his fingers moving softly against my skin.

He pulled his mouth abruptly from mine, only to bury his face in the crook of my neck, running his lips along the length up to my ear.

"Your skin feels like living satin," he murmured against my neck, his hot breath causing shivers to run along my skin.

With one last lingering kiss in the hollow of my throat, he raised his head to again look into my eyes.

"Alice," his voice was soft, but still retained a bit of that innate aloofness. "Would you allow me the honor of joining with you?"

I had researched enough about Vulcan culture to know to what he was referring. He was asking me to allow him to mind-meld with me. I knew this was one of the most intimate things a Vulcan could ask of someone else, basically sharing their thoughts. I was at once honored and a little apprehensive.

At my hesitation, he qualified his request, "I will quite understand if you do not wish to do so."

Not wanting him to get the wrong idea, that I didn't want to meld with him, I quickly nodded, not really trusting myself to be able to say anything coherent at the moment.

He looked at me intently, gauging my sincerity by what he saw in my face. Apparently he was satisfied with what he saw because he smiled softly at me once again. And again, my heart tripped several beats and my breathing rate increased once more.

I sat in silence as I watched him prepare himself for the process. He closed his eyes while bringing his hands together, touching only his fingertips from each hand together as he meditated for a moment. I knew this was a deeply personal thing to him, something he didn't enter into lightly. It was as personal to Vulcans as sexual intercourse was to most species.

Slowly opening his eyes half way, he reached his right hand toward my face. I sat very still, feeling my initial apprehension return as I wondered about the coming experience.

His splayed fingers touched my face lightly, his large hand completely covering it, but touching me only with his fingertips. I closed my eyes as I saw his lids fall.

Suddenly it was as if a floodgate had been opened in my mind; every memory, every thought I had ever had and that was stored somewhere in my mind, was opened to him. I saw flashes of my childhood interspersed with memories from school, my parents, my grandparents, my friends, and then the strongest memories of all, those of my first days in his class. I saw my instant attraction to him, my struggle to keep those feelings from him, my thoughts about him each and every day we had served together on the Twilight, how I had been determined to make him love me without the use of pheromones, wanting his love to be untainted and true, and lastly, my reaction to him in the gym and the happiness I had experienced these last couple of weeks.

Then the scenario changed, and thoughts were filling my mind. I saw the scattered thoughts of a young child who felt out of place, never belonging, always feeling different. The thoughts of that same young man as he strove to be the smartest, the strongest, the best at everything as he combated his childhood feelings of inadequacy. I watched as he stood before the High Counsel of Vulcan, being told he had been accepted into the most prestigious institute of learning on the planet, and how he had told that same Counsel that he wished to enter Star Fleet. I saw his encounter with his father, explaining logically his choice of Star Fleet, and his father's attempt to understand. I saw his interaction with his mother and knew instantly the love that was both given and reciprocated between them. I saw the young man in his first days at Star Fleet, again feeling the slight sense of not belonging, but felt the drive and determination that made him who he was. I also saw his thoughts as he first saw a raw, young cadet enter his classroom, looking as if she owned the world, and I felt his immediate fascination. I followed his thoughts as that fascination turned to something deeper and felt his inner struggle to keep those feelings from rising to the surface.

I felt the honor of the young officer when he had been asked to join the crew of the Twilight and saw his pride, as he was able to recommend his prize Academy student to fill the role of Communications Officer. I saw the daily struggle to keep his growing feelings for the young Communications Officer from interfering with his duties; and then I saw the day his control finally snapped. I also saw that he wasn't at all upset about this lack of control, but rather, relieved that he had finally acted upon his long suppressed feelings.

My eyes opened slowly when I felt the pressure of his fingers leave my face. When he finally opened his eyes, I didn't hesitate to keep the love I felt from beaming out to him. I knew now without a doubt that he felt the same way.

I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and spill over when I tried to blink them back. His hand gently returned to my face and his thumb moved to sweep the tear from my cheek. It remained to tenderly cup my face and I couldn't help but lean into it. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and I wondered how he could still maintain his detached façade.

Then, I saw a small chink appear in his armor, and moisture gathered in his eyes as he looked at me in wonder before he spoke.

"You love me." It wasn't a question, as he had no need to ask me; he had seen the answer first-hand.

I smiled through my tears and replied, "As you love me."

And again, words became unnecessary. He lightly touched his lips to mine, before the inferno took over once more.

Just when I thought I would surely die from the feelings moving through me, Jaz raised his head and looked at me, his golden eyes shining.

"The mind meld is a very intimate thing to a Vulcan, the most intimate experience in most relationships." He paused to kiss me softly once more before continuing. "However you, my darling Alice, are not Vulcan. I understand that you need more than merely a touching of the minds."

I opened my mouth to protest, knowing I would be willing to take whatever he was comfortable in giving me. He shook his head slowly to quiet my objection and brought his hand back up to caress my jaw line with his fingertips.

"No, I understand you need more, just as my human half needs more." The look in his eyes caused my pulse to race as his words registered in my brain.

Is he saying what I think he's saying?

He gave me another slight smile, making my heart sing as he said, "I have no experience in the human form of mating…" My eyes widened at his choice of words, and he cleared his throat before continuing, "I'm sorry, making love." I felt the rush of warmth flood my cheeks at his whispered change of phrasing.

"You're not by yourself in that regard," I whispered in return.

"I know, my dear." His eyes showed his emotions clearly through his impassive face as he continued. "I will understand if you wish to wait…"

"Are you kidding me?" I nearly shouted at him, pulling away and looking at him as if he had just grown horns to match those pointed ears. "I've been waiting six years for this night!" I jumped to my feet, facing him with my hands on my hips as the words tumbled out of my mouth. "How can you ask me something like that?"


I knew before I spoke the words that they would finally get a rise out of her. I missed that little spitfire I had fallen in love with. Yes, I admitted to myself, I was in love with her. I had been for six years, I realized now. My life had never been the same since that day she walked into my classroom.

I watched her as she was working herself up into manic state and thought it best to stop her before she wasted anymore of her boundless energy on fruitless indignation.

In one fluid movement, I rose to my feet and picked her up bodily, surprising her into silence, as I cradled her to my chest before I crushed her lips with mine. She made that little sound in her throat that made my body tense up in all the right places and then wrapped those tiny arms around my neck.

Without lifting my lips from hers, I carried her into the bedroom, not releasing her mouth until we stood beside her bed.

I struggled to keep my face calm as I cocked an eyebrow at her and said, "I would say I am correct in my assumption that you do not wish to wait."

She giggled a little as her arms continued to hold me tightly. "Oh, yes, you are!" she replied without hesitation.

"Good," I whispered as I bent my head once more to kiss her, running my hands along that smooth back. I couldn't seem to get enough of those sweet lips of hers or the feel of her silken skin. I had never felt anything so soft in my entire life. I wanted to get closer, so close we wouldn't be able to tell where one person ended and the other began. Was that what the sexual act was for, beyond procreation? So two people could actually be that close?

I pulled back and felt her move her arms from around my neck. I watched as she stepped back from me before looking around the room. She quietly said the word "Secure" and the privacy force field was in place. She spoke again, "Lights, down eighty percent," and immediately the room was plunged into semi-darkness with just the right amount of light for ambiance.

I watched as she put her hand to the shoulder of her dress, never taking her eyes from mine. She gently tugged on the strap at her shoulder and the magnetic clasp parted allowing the fabric to fall from her upper body, baring her to the waist.

I couldn't prevent the swift intake of my breath at the sight of her soft, smooth skin exposed to my sight.

She was absolutely perfect!

My mouth fell open slightly and I just stared at her. Her pale, milky white skin was flawless and the firm round globes of her breasts were exquisite. Her body was small, but perfectly proportioned. As I watched, her nipples tightened into hard little buds just begging for attention. I wanted to touch her so badly, taste her warm, sweet skin under my tongue.

I watched as her hands went behind her back and again she gave the fabric of the dress a tug, disengaging yet another magnetic clasp. With a gentle shake of her hips, the dress fell in a shimmering, emerald green pool at her feet.

My heart skipped a few beats before it galloped nearly out of control and my breathing stopped for a moment as I gazed upon her beauty and I realized that she had been completely naked under that amazing dress.

"Alice…" my voice failed me as I tried to find words sufficient to describe her. Failing to find any, I settled on the simple, "You are so beautiful."

It seemed to be the right thing to say, as a smile lit up her face once more. Without my help, she stepped over and sat on the edge of her bed then scooted over to the middle and propped herself up on her elbows and looked at me.

"Your turn," she said, and I watched her eyes travel down my body before they moved back up to lock with mine.

Needing no further invitation, my hands reached for the hem of my tunic, drawing it up and over my head before letting it fall to the floor.

I saw her eyes go wide as she stared at my now naked torso, my own arousal increased at the sight of her little tongue darting out to moisten her lips. Fascinating!

My hand dropped to the waistband of my traditional Vulcan pants were I pulled on the drawstring before letting the loosened trousers fall to the floor at my feet. I kicked them aside and looked at Alice as her gaze roamed once more over my now nude body.

I may have never actually engaged in bodily sex, but I did know the signs of arousal, and Alice was definitely aroused. Her legs shifted a bit and her lips parted with the increased tempo of her breathing. And as her eyes focused on my lower body, I realized that I was equally aroused, almost painfully so.

I stared at her face for nearly a minute, letting these foreign emotions wash through me. I watched a little smirk flit across her face as she rose up on her knees and moved toward me, reaching her hand to take mine, drawing me down to lie with her. I needed no further invitation as I bent my knee and crawled onto the bed to wrap my arms around her, pressing her to me tightly.

I felt her firm breasts press into my chest, feeling the imprint of her taut nipples. She pressed her hips against mine and I felt her grind against me softly, letting me hear that soft moan that signaled the beginning of my undoing.

I felt her arms snake around my neck and I lifted her slightly to better align her body to mine as I suddenly realized there was nearly a fifteen-inch difference in our heights. One never realized how tiny she really was, because she projected such a commanding presence when she was on duty.

I bent my head and found her mouth with mine as I pressed my left hand into her back while leaning down and using my right arm to lower us gently onto the bed. When her head touched the pillow, I hovered over her just watching her as she laid there, love shining out of her eyes: Love for me!

Her hands moved around my head to cup my face and she looked at me with those big, shining brown eyes of hers and said simply, "I love you, Jaz."

And even though I knew she loved me, just hearing the words come out of her mouth made my heart nearly burst with emotion. And that's when it happened.

The dam on my emotions broke and I refused to try to force them back in. I let myself look at her with the same love. I wanted her to see how much I loved her. My lips parted in the first real face-splitting smile I had ever experienced.

"And I love you, my little Alice. More than you can imagine!" I could see the wonder on her face as she saw the smile, a smile I had convinced her she would never see. But I couldn't hold back with her. Not now. It would never be fair to her; she was so open. She wore her heart on her sleeve every day, and I knew she would never hesitate to show me a hundred times a day how much she loved me. The least I could do was to show her my love when we were alone.

I watched as the tears once again welled up in her eyes and she cried with happiness. No matter how I felt about emotional displays, I know there will never be a more beautiful site than my Alice shedding tears of joy over our love.

I leaned down, kissing each tear away as it fell from her eyes, giggling, yes I actually giggled, with her as she brushed my hair back and twined her fingers through it.

My lips finally settled on hers and I kissed her in earnest, letting all my feelings come out in that kiss. I brushed her lips with my tongue and felt her lips part to allow me entry. The feel of her little tongue dancing with mine did strange and wonderful things to my libido as I kissed her deeply. Bracing my weight on my hands, I moved my body over hers and down, letting my lips move to her jaw and across to her ear, nipping lightly at the lobe.

She made that moaning sound again, and I answered with a growling groan, as my lips traveled across her collarbone and down the smooth skin below her throat on their way to taste her breasts. My hand moved to cup it as my lips closed over the tip. She made another sound, a gasping kind of little scream that made my body shift into overdrive. Her hands still gripped my hair, and she was pulling me tighter to her breast, clawing at my scalp.

I released her nipple and moved my attention to her other breast. I had my weight braced on my knees and my right arm as I moved my left hand down her body, loving the feel of her satiny skin under my fingertips. I grazed the skin of her stomach, feeling the soft smoothness of her skin there and I soon followed with my mouth, nipping and licking her sweet skin.

I let my hand drift down her body, ghosting over her thigh and knee before moving to make the journey back up. I kissed her navel, running my tongue around the edges and plunging lightly inside. The feeling made her body arch off the bed as she sought closer contact with my mouth. With one last licking kiss, I moved my mouth back up her body, my hand traveling back up her thigh at the same time.

As I reached her sweet mouth, my hand arrived at the apex of her thighs. I brushed the tops of her thighs a few times with my fingertips, and she slowly relaxed and parted her legs for me. With slow deliberation, I moved my hand to stroke the skin on the inside of her thigh, tracing soft circles on her as my hand ventured higher. I could feel the heat of her body on my hand as I cupped her, letting my fingers brush lightly against her core.

I felt her body arch as she flung her head back, tearing her lips from mine and emitting a strangled, whimpering moan. As my fingers parted her folds, my lips moved across her throat and up to capture her lips again.

She was so wet, ready for me now. I knew she had never been with a man, and I didn't want her first time to be a disappointment. My actions faltered momentarily as the nervousness of my potential inadequacy surged through me.

I felt her hands leave my hair and move slowly down my chest, pausing over my nipples and moving on to my stomach. She pulled back slightly, breaking our kiss once more as she met my eyes with her own.

As if she read my mind, she whispered softly, "Don't worry, Jaz, we'll learn this together. I just know everything will be perfect."

And with those words, all nervousness left me and I knew she was right. We would learn this together and nothing would be rushed.

We spent a long time exploring each other with our fingers and lips. I loved the different sounds she made as I touched her in various places. I discovered that I made a few sounds of my own as her tiny hands and soft lips brought me to the brink and back several times. I made sure to reciprocate in kind each and every time.

And she was right, everything was perfect. She was so responsive to my every touch, and when our bodies finally became one, I could see that she was surprised that there was very little pain and it was quickly overtaken by the pleasure of our joining. As the pleasure mounted, I was somewhat shocked at her inhibition. Her body met each thrust of mine with equal fervor, building the excitement within me with her every movement. And all the time, her hands were never still: First in my hair, then raking her nails down my back, dipping her finger in my navel, then spreading across my abdomen before moving to my hips and pulling my body to hers.

I could tell she was close to climax from the way her body bowed slightly under me. I knew I was close myself, and as the waves crashed over me I felt the same ripples move through her.

At that moment, I finally understood why humans enjoyed physical sex. The sensation of oneness was like an outward manifestation of the mind meld, but with the body instead. I felt I truly was one with my Alice.

I held her close to me as the last of the feelings faded, leaving us spent. I rolled to her side, pulling her slight weight on top of me as I placed kisses over her face.

"Oh, my, Jaz…" she breathed.

"Oh, my indeed, my Alice," I answered as I held her tightly to my chest.

After a moment, I felt her stir and she rose up to look at me. Never one to mince words, she asked as her lips twitched in a smile, "Well, was it as good as a mind meld?"

I watched that smile spread across her face and saw her stifle a giggle.

"Indeed," I spoke in my best, emotionless voice, "I now understand the fascination that humans have with the act." I watched her, just waiting for her reaction.

She didn't disappoint me.

"Fascination with the act!" she smacked me sharply across the chest. "How can you say something like that after what we just experienced?"

I had to bite back a grin as I watched her become my little spitfire once again. I just loved seeing that fire in her eyes and the love play across her features.

"Do you realize that people live a lifetime and never experience what we just did? And the first time too?" She would soon be to the point of jumping off the bed to stamp her tiny foot. I knew it was time to quell her temper.

I reached out for her, pulling her back to my chest and cut off her tirade with a kiss. It took a few moments, but soon she was pliant in my arms once again.

I pulled back and smiled at her as I said, "I was joking, my darling."

Her eyes flashed again, but at least this time she didn't smack me. "Don't ever joke about sex to a Venetian! Especially to one that caught you all on her own, without using her abilities!"

I gave her an innocent look, "Oh, you mean you never used pheromones to entice me?"

The spitfire was back as she retorted, "No! I did not! I didn't use anything but old fashioned flirting to get you!"

I cocked my eyebrow at her, "Oh, really? Old-fashioned flirting?"

She pressed her lips together and I saw a look of determination enter her eyes. Without taking her eyes from mine, I saw a look of concentration enter her face and she was motionless for nearly a minute.

Then her lips turned up in a smile and she got all soft and sexy feeling in my arms.

"Now, do you feel any different?" She was rubbing her body against me and I could feel my body stir in answer to her movements.

"Different?" I kissed her cheek, running my nose along her jaw line to place another kiss on the hollow of her throat. "No, not really any different." I kissed her again and then said, "Well, maybe a little different, because I want you again."

She continued to smile, "But you don't feel euphoric, as if you will die if you don't possess me right this moment?"

I rose up and looked at her quizzically, "No, well, maybe. But then, I've felt that way since that morning in the gym." I leaned down to nuzzle her neck again, breathing deeply of her sweet scent.

"Mmm, you smell delicious," I groaned out as I ran my tongue across her skin.

I didn't notice that she had stilled until I felt her body quake in a sob. I leaned back to look at her face. She was crying in earnest, heaving great sobs.

"Alice, my darling, what's wrong?" my voice nearly panicked as I watched the fat tears flow down her flushed cheeks.

"Oh, Jaz," she sobbed. "You really love me, don't you?" She sobbed again, but this time she was trying to rein it in.

"Of course, I love you. You know that, you saw it yourself." I kissed the tear tracks on her face, wanting desperately to bring back that smile. And what had happened to my spitfire?

She gave a shaky laugh and brought her hands up to hold my face. "I just blanketed you in a strong wave of pheromones, and it didn't make a difference," she said through the tears. "To a Venetian, that means you are truly in love. When the pheromones make no difference, then you know the love is real."

I suddenly understood her tears. They were tears of happiness. Emotions were such a strange thing, making one cry from sadness, but also from extreme happiness.

My lips quirked up in a smile, "Well, now that you mention it, you do smell amazing all of a sudden." And with those words, my spitfire was back once again as she smacked playfully at my chest.

Two days alone with Alice. This would be the most enjoyable time off I've had since joining Star Fleet.

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