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Sometimes it takes heartbreak to heal. . . --random line I found in my head that inspired my story.


At the end of eight grade Hinata Hyuuga finally worked up the nerve to confess to her crush, Naruto Uzumaki. It would be generous to say that he turned her down kindly. At first he gawked in bewilderment, then started laughing, claiming that Hinata was funny for joking around with him. When she protested and told him that she was deadly serious. Naruto managed a flat "Oh." After an awkward moment he said, "Gomen, but I just never thought about you that way, Hinata-san. I mean, I always thought you were a lesbo."

Distressed by her crush's harsh words, Hinata ran home crying. Collapsing in sobs on her mattress, she fell asleep. When she awoke she vowed to change.

After a grueling summer, she had perfected her look.

The timid girl had spent the summer growing out her hair, happy to find it reached a bit passed her shoulders, she decided to keep her straight bangs. It would be simpler that way she presumed. She also started to wear make-up. A bit of eyeliner, light eye shadow, and clear lip gloss. She also managed to sort out a decent wardrobe. Her puffy jackets, loose fitting jeans, sweatpants, and comfortable sneakers were tossed out. Her closet was now fully equipped with mini skirts, short shorts, low-cut shirts, spaghetti straps, flip flops, heels, and pink converse. She was prepared for starting high school, or so she hoped.

Stepping onto the campus, Hinata felt her confidence falter. She'd chosen to dress in a tight fitting navy blue spaghetti strap with a low-cut that revealed her busty cleavage, a hot white miniskirt showing off her long slender legs, and simple white flip flops. She looked drop dead gorgeous to all that passed her, but inside she felt like the same little mousy girl that wore a puffy jacket.

A passing boy wolf whistled at Hinata, winking mischievously. The girl felt an unwilling blush creep over her features. Then she shook her head violently. No, no, no! She snapped at herself. Hinata knew she had to be strong and bold if she was going to be noticed and accepted.

Taking a deep breath, the girl calmed down. Straightening her back, head high, the Hyuuga marched towards the school.

Hinata headed for her locker, located on the second floor. Oblivious to her admirers' stares, she reached her locker safely. Turning the dial, she found that the door would not open. She tried a second time and it did not yield. Becoming frustrated with herself she knocked her forehead against the locker.

"What're you doing?" asked an incredulous observer.

Startled by the voice, Hinata jumped. She whirled around to see a boy standing a foot away from her, leaning casually against the lockers next to hers.

She noted he was relatively taller and appeared a year or so older. He was dressed in a thin white shirt, the long sleeves rolled up above his elbows, and the buttons were all undone except for three of the lowest buttons had been fastened to hold the shirt together, and the collar was neatly tucked down. His exposed chest was broad and muscular displaying a silver sort of amulet dangling from his neck. The boy also had silver hair, slicked back and out of his face and strangely his eyes were a violet tint, staring at her quizzically.

"I-I, um, w-well," she stammered hopelessly. Without noticing it, her hands desperately motioned to the locker. "Y-you see, it wouldn't. . .a-and I, um, tr-tried. . .uh. . ."

Onegai. . .somebody shoot me, pleaded the Hyuuga inwardly. She was already too tongue-tied to speak.

The upperclassmen merely watched in fascination as the indigo-haired girl stuttered. He found the display amusing. When he'd approached the frustrated female, he'd intended to harass the preppy girl, but he realized she did not fit the profile. In fact, he found her to prove even more fun.

"Whoa, slow down there, Hime," he said, chuckling. He grinned wider when he saw the blush deepen across her cheeks as she quieted. "I was just gonna tell you that, that's my locker."

The Hyuuga's eyes widened at the discovery. It suddenly occurred to her that it made sense. That was the reason behind it not opening for her. She felt like a baka.

"G-gomenasai!" cried Hinata, completely embarrassed. She backed away from the now foreign locker, her eyes examining it more closely to see that it read: 213. Her locker number was clearly printed as 212.

The boy couldn't help laughing at her innocence. It was. . . he searched for the right word. . . cute. . . ? Nah. . . more like . . . down right adorable, the way she tripped over her own words and blushed so easily.

"It's cool, Hime," he assured her, shaking his head slightly as his laughs subsided. "What's your name?"

"H-Hinata H-Hyuuga," mumbled the girl, taking a small step toward the locker next to his own.

Her hand shakily started turning the dial, and he couldn't help wondering if it really was her locker this time. As he watched it click open without a problem he felt it safe to assume it was.

"Well, Hinata-hime," he said, feeling satisfied with his nickname for her. "I'm Hidan, I'm a junior this year. You?"

Her hand pulling a pristine textbook from the confines of her locker, as she replied, "Fr-freshman."

Hidan nodded. He'd assumed so, since he'd never seen her on campus before. Not that he could remember every face. Still, he was a guy and he did often notice the cuties. Which he could see this girl definitely was, pretty sexy even with that body of hers.

Violet eyes continued to linger on her chest for a moment, until noticing the lack of conversation.

As he opened his mouth to speak the bell rang. Hidan huffed, knowing that he had to head to class. He opened up his locker and snatched his Chemistry book, dropping it into his backpack. When he slammed his locker the girl beside him jumped at the sound. He chuckled, she was gonna need some help.

Then glancing up at her, Hidan said, "See you 'round, Hime." He waved as he stalked off down the hall, leaving Hinata to watch him leave.

She hurried to her first class, it was across the campus in the ART building. She'd decided to take Art for an elective. She's assumed it would be an easy and less demanding subject to have as a freshman, plus she believed it would be relaxing. She was glad she'd got it for a first period, it would give her time to mellow out before the rest of her classes. She peered down at her schedule, noting the room number before entering the class.

Inside the room, her porcelain white eyes met with none other than the two violet orbs of Hidan. He was seated at the farthest table in the back. She was shocked to see him in her art class, her eyes darted to the board searching for any sort of confirmation that it was indeed her art class.

'Welcome Art Students' was scrawled on the white board.

Then Hinata turned back to the equally surprised silver-haired boy. A smile stretched across his face as he waved her over. Part of her was thankful for the gesture, the other part was screaming at her to take the closest seat so she didn't have to make her way through the maze of tables and chairs hosting other students. She gulped and pushed forward, taking the longest route to where Hidan sat.

"Hime, never thought I'd see you in this stupid class," stated the boy, looking quite relaxed by her presence. Hidan hadn't wanted to take art to begin with, but it was required that he take some form of an art course to graduate. Not that he gave a damn about graduating. Hidan noted that Hinata was still standing, looking rather out of place. He sighed before commanding, "Sit down."

"H-hai," complied the Hyuuga.

She took the seat across from him and it suddenly hit her that there was another being at the same table, in the seat next to hers. She glanced over at a blonde laying slumped over on the table, apparently sleeping. All Hinata could discern from the person's position that they had long, thick, butter yellow hair tied up in a high ponytail.

Hidan noticed that the blonde had caught her attention and rolled his eyes.

"That's Deidara," he introduced lazily. "Stupid git isn't a morning person." He reached a balled hand across the table and knocked it against his friend's skull.

"Fuck," groaned the blonde, sitting up with sluggish movements. He glared at Hidan, knowing it was the damned religious freak who'd assaulted him. "What's your goddamned problem, hmm?"

Deidara couldn't stand waking up so freaking early every damn day just to drag his ass to school. Personally he was tempted to just drop out in middle school, if it wasn't for his dad being such a hard ass. So, he'd found himself arrive at school only to pass out in his favorite class after taking his seat. Now, Hidan thought it would be fucking funny to pester the blonde and get his rocks off it.

"This is Hinata," said the blonde's attacker, unexpectedly.

Deidara turned to his right, finding a cute girl seated next to him. She was blushing at the sound of her name. Deidara couldn't help but find her attractive and cursed himself for looking dumb by sleeping.

"H-hello," she greeted hesitantly. "N-nice to m-meet you, um, D-Deidara-san."

Deidara waved his hand flippantly as he said, "-kun, is fine. Being called -san is weird."

"G-gomen-ne, D-Deidara-kun!" Hinata apologized hurriedly.

Deidara was surprised by her intense reaction to his statement. She was obviously shier than she looked.

"She's not very good with words," remarked Hidan flatly.

This brought back her blush as she peered down at the table in front of her. She pushed her hair behind her left ear nervously.

"I-I've always st-stuttered," Hinata nervously admitted. She kept her eyes fixated on the speck of green paint on the table's edge. She wanted her eyes averted from that of the two boys', knowing it would only make the blush worse.

Deidara cocked his head to the side, brow furrowing as he asked, "Why?"

"I h-have, um, n-no c-confidence," she answered meekly, feeling disappointment flood over her. It was the sad truth. She may have worked up the nerve into wearing a scandalous outfit yet she still found herself being the same timid girl in the puffy jacket.

"That's fucking retarded," snapped Hidan, causing Hinata to glance up, startled, and meet his gaze. She hadn't expected him to have such a foul mouth. "Come on, Hime. You look like that," he gestured to her body, half hidden beneath the table, "and you aren't confident?"

"I-I, um, w-well, y-you see," spluttered Hinata, gazing down at the table again, violently blushing. "I n-never th-thought of myself th-that w-way."

"Well, you should," commanded Hidan, leaning back in his chair.

Hinata glanced up to see Deidara nodding in encouragement.

"R-really?" she squeaked.

Deidara was derailed by her incredulous question. He couldn't believe she didn't know she was gorgeous. Was Hinata really that clueless?

"Well, fuck," breathed Hidan. "Yeah you are, right Dei?" A grin spread over his angelic features.

"That's right, hmm," his friend hummed in agreement. "You should be more confident."

A smile pulled at the corners of Hinata's mouth, grateful to the boys for cheering her up and being so nice to her.

"A-arigato," she whispered, unable to retain her giddy feeling. "You b-both are really n-nice." She giggled sweetly.

Hidan and Deidara looked taken aback. She'd actually smiled and laughed, she looked even prettier than she had a minute ago. The boys felt their hearts flutter just from witnessing such a cute expression. Her adorableness was like a crime, she attacked them from the inside.

As the two of them were melting on the table, ogling their hime, another approached the table. It was a boy with striking, tousled, locks of blood-red hair. His crimson eyes observed the scene of his two friends fawning over a small girl and he couldn't help but to be curious as to why. From where he stood, she seemed like any other girl. Dressed slutty, medium length hair, and she was cute. In the boy's view the girl seemed average enough.

Without a single greeting, the redhead joined the table. He seated himself next to Hidan, rather than the unidentified female. All three of the previous table owners glanced over at the intruder.

"Hey, Sasori-chan, thought you weren't coming today?" questioned Deidara, a simple grin on his features. Hinata's warm smile seemed to have boosted his energy.

Hidan's expression twisted as he asked, "How come?"

"My parents were arguing again," stated the redhead flatly. "My mom didn't want me to go to this school, she threatened to lock me in my room. So, they started fighting and in the end I went out the back door as they weren't looking and caught the bus." He sighed at the troublesome memory.

"Well, least you made it," laughed the blonde. He was quite used to Sasori and his parent's situation. They were on the brink of divorce and it resulted in constant fighting. Sasori remained as cool and reserved as ever, but his blonde best friend could see the changes. All divorces hurt the children involved, no exceptions.

"And who's this?" asked Sasori, his gaze drifting to the girl again. Watching with a sparked interest as she blushed.

"I-I'm H-Hinata H-Hyuuga," she hastily stammered to the new boy. "N-nice to m-meet y-you, uh . . .

"Sasori," he stated, his head tilted to the side as she stuttered.

"S-Sasori, um, -k-kun?" asked Hinata hesitantly, remembering Deidara's dislike for the honorific '-san'.

Deidara could see the irrational reasoning behind her question. He'd already sensed she was overly attentive. "You can call him whatever you like Hinata-chan."

Sasori rolled his eyes, questioning inwardly, Since when is Deidara in charge of my name? Though he didn't see any harm, obviously the poor girl was painfully timid. Still, he figured she'd be fun to tease.

The sensei entered and the class quieted. The first lesson was quite boring, only discussing the topics they'd be covering over the year. Hinata realized all her lessons would most likely be this way for the day, being a freshman. By the time class was nearly over, Kurenai-sensei set the students loose to draw freely.

About ten minutes before they were to be excused, Sasori asked,

"What is that you're drawing, Hinata-kun?" Since, he'd caught a glimpse at it yet could not place what it was a drawing of. The other two looked up, also curious as to what she'd drawn.

"Uh, w-well, it's. . .um, i-its. . .h-here." She showed the group her drawing, removing her hands from their view, absolutely embarrassed.

They all stared in wonder at the piece of paper.

"It looks like. . ." mumbled Hidan, scrutinizing the artwork.

Sasori's brow furrowed, eyes narrowing, as he said, "A cup. A cup of. . ."

"Ramen, hmm?" questioned Deidara, head sideways.

Hinata nodded, eyes firmly glued to the drawing before her. She didn't want to see their reactions. She surprised herself by drawing the ramen, knowing full well which blonde boy ate ramen like it was the only food in the world. She was afraid they were all going to burst out laughing at the ridiculous scribbles on the page.

"Well, it's, uh, nice I guess," commented Hidan after a moment. He shrugged, to each his own.

"Yeah, nice ramen," encouraged Deidara happily, picking up his own drawing and holding it up for her to see. "I drew a spaceship, hmm!"

"H-huh?" squeaked Hinata, peering up at Deidara's piece. It was flawless. In fact it looked professionally drawn. The straight curves, almost lifelike flames, the beautiful shading, all of it was superb. "W-wow! That's a-amazing! Amazing, D-Deidara-kun!"

Deidara grinned smugly, smirking at Hidan.

Aggravated, the other man showed his drawing to the girl.

"Oi, what about my drawing, Hime?" inquired Hidan, unable to hide his jealousy.

She turned to see another wonderful piece of art. She recognized it as Hidan's pendent, that hung proudly around his neck. It was dangling in someone's hand. The lovely perspective, nice shading, and again lifelike hand was all brilliant. She wondered if they really were professionals.

"I-it's b-beautiful! S-so good! Y-you're a-amazing-l-ly t-talented!" praised Hinata, awed by their skills.

Hidan immaturely stuck his tongue out at Deidara, who was depressed by her equal enthusiasm for his friend's art.

Then Deidara caught a glimpse of Sasori's work and snickered.

"Oi, Sasori-chan, lemme see you're picture!" called Deidara, eagerly reaching across the table. His voice had been loud enough to reach the other side of the room.

"No," snapped the redhead, pulling the paper away from his friend. He hid it behind the back of his chair, blankly staring at Deidara.

Then, Hidan slyly reached down and snagged the drawing from Sasori. The redhead jumped up to steal it back, but Hidan was quicker and raced around to the other side of the table. He presented his findings to Hinata and Deidara. The three looked down at the paper, gawking.

It was a sketch of a cute girl drawing a picture of her own, a cute girl that looked just like Hinata. Sasori's own artistic skills were strongest when it came down to human anatomy and portraits. Hinata looked beautiful in the gray and white sketch. Her look of determination as she worked on her own paper in the picture was perfect. They could distinguish the small reproduction of her ramen doodle beneath her hand.

Hinata was speechless, she'd never seen a portrait of herself. She couldn't help but feel that she did not compare to Sasori's perfect illustration. The blood boiled to her cheeks as her eyes continued to linger on the picture and she began to feel faint.

"Give it back!" demanded Sasori, easily swiping it away from the dumbfounded pious boy. He was a bit flustered, he hadn't intended to show anyone the drawing. He felt captivated by her determination to execute her work, she looked stunning as her pencil glided over the white sheet. It was only natural that he drew the scene. It had come out fairly well too.

"Somebody's gotta crush on Hinata-chan!" proclaimed Deidara in a singsong voice, grinning deviously.

Hidan couldn't help laughing at Sasori's humiliated expression, it was one of the only time the redhead displayed emotion.

The bell rang through the classroom and the sound of chairs scraping and papers shuffling filled the room as the students departed.

"Ugh," groaned the blonde, dreading his next class. "Seeing Asuma-sensei this early in the day is a crime. I gotta go. See ya' later, Hinata-chan, guys." He waved before heading out the door.

Hidan began to follow him, pausing in the doorway as he turned back to Hinata.

"You coming, Hime?" he asked impatiently.

Hinata nodded. "H-hold on." She gathered her bag off the floor as a thought drifted into her head. Had she made friends? Were these boys her friends? Or just guys in her class that would be nice to her? It was still unclear to the Hyuuga.

"Um, Hinata-kun?" came Sasori's voice from behind her. She whirled around, to see him holding his drawing outstretched. "If you'd like, you can keep the picture."

"R-really!?" she practically screamed at him, she was so excited.

He nodded, a bit taken off guard by her outburst. She took it, glancing down at the paper a blush spreading onto her cheeks again.

"A-arigato, Sasori-kun!" she squealed delighted. "I l-love it! R-really, I-I do!" Hinata grinned warmly at the redhead, inwardly thinking, maybe I have found friends.

He smiled back, unable to stifle it seeing her honest reaction. He could understand why Deidara and Hidan had melted over the girl. She was extremely kind and genuine.

"Come on, Hime!" growled Hidan from the doorway. "I'm gonna leave without you!"

Hinata jumped, hurrying to the door with Sasori. "G-gomen-ne, I-I'm r-ready n-now."

To be continued!


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