Uzumaki's pain

Sections: Anime/Manga

Category: Naruto

Rating: T

Genre: Angst

Status In-progress

Based off the story "Somewhere In Time" by Sheol.

What if, despite succeeding in going back in time and saving Sakura, events in time started to repeat them selves? How will it effect Naruto, and will the others respond to that?

A woman that looked to be in there late twenties to early thirties, with long blond hair, came out of a set of double doors into a waiting room. As she sat down next to a masked man with silver hair, you could see the exhaustion that was in her.

The masked man looked at the blond as she came in and folded some papers he was reading. "how is he?" There was grate worry, sadness and helplessness in the question. In his one visible eye, you see all that he was feeling. Including an anger that was directed at himself.

"Still in critical condition." "but, I got most of the poison out him, and the antidote administered in time I believe." She replied with a sigh. " He was brought here just in time. Any later and….." She did not need to finish. The blonde buried her face in her hands, as if to force here mind to not see that possible outcome.

After taken a few moments to compose herself, she turned back to the masked man, "Do we have any idea how this happened Kakashi?"

Kakashi looked back at the women, wishing that what was discovered was not true, so he didn't have to impart the knowledge that he had, knowing it would cause her grate turmoil. Since she sees the boy as a sariget brother, or son at times.

"I am sorry Tsunade-sama, …." he begins. Using her name instead of her title since, it was more of a personal mater then an official one. Then looking down trying to bare the guilt of failer that he felt. As the boys sensei and team leader, he should have seen what was going on done some thing about it. "…but it looks like Naruto poisoned him self." As he finished, he looked back up into Tsunade's shocked chestnut eyes.

"you m-me-mean t-that h-h-he….. Naruto t-t-tried to…." She stuttered. Trying to come to terms with the information. Kakashi only nodded his head to indicate that Tsunade's thoughts where right. And when he saw her gaze from him to the white double doors she had come thru, to witch Naruto lay beyond, her shock quickly turning to fear then anger, he held out the papers he was reading just minutes ago.

"he left a note." Tsunade looked back and took the papers with a slightly shaking hand. She unfolded them and begane to read what Naruto thought where going to be his last words.