"To say Harry was currently unhappy would have been a major understatement. And how could it not be, when one is forced to stay in a house with people who were considered far from friendly. Ok, so the Dursleys had kicked him out…it's not as though no one saw it coming. Though, what they did not expect was for The Dark Lord's death eaters to be on the scene at the very second in which the blood wards failed to hold. Severus Snape had been at Hogwarts at this time. He had just walked into the headmaster's office when his mark began to burn fiercely. His face revealed no sign of the pain he was feeling, as he briskly explained to the headmaster that this meeting of theirs would need to be postponed. As he turned, however, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He tensed, still not accustomed to such contact with others. Looking at the headmaster, the urgent look etched into his face kept Severus from objecting.

""Severus, the wards have failed. We must go immediately," said the headmaster. Snape did not feel the need to ask which wards Albus was speaking of. The potions master just looked on in confusion. "I must go with the Dark Lord, Albus. I am being called. To not go will scream of deceit." Severus replied stoically. Albus' reply was rushed, his words nearly blending together in his haste. "Consider your spying done Severus! You cannot tell me he was not suspicious after your last meeting! Lucius tells me that your version of the story was quite restrained. Now we must go!" he said insistently.

"Barely holding back a groan of pain, Severus replied "No. I will go, but with the Dark Lord. Even if this will be the last time. We must be sure before I suddenly reveal my loyalties, we cannot afford to have it any other way. I have my portkey Albus! Do not worry over me.", and he was gone. Albus looked on in sorrow before apparating away, only thinking of how much he had failed his young potions master.

"Finally reaching the gates of Hogwarts, Severus apparated to the Dark Lord's side. He just as soon heard a "crucio!" being shouted, and tensed, only to realize that the curse was not intended for him. He turned to see Goyle quaking on the floor beside him. The Dark Lord must not have noticed him as he shouted for them to move, that they had no time to waste. Severus was the only one to remain unsurprised as they heard their destination. Number Four, Privet Drive.

"Albus looked around at the scene before him. There were already quite a few casualties left abandoned on the floor as the attack raged around them. From the corner of his eye, he saw Remus Lupin attempting to follow a death eater into the house, not realizing that Macnair was on his tail. Stunning the man, the headmaster made sure that the fight was in their favour before he sped into the house after Remus. The first thing he saw was Lupin holding the masked man at wand point. His mask was then ripped off to reveal the face of, not a man as he initially thought, but Bellatrix Lestrange. She stared at them, her maniacal laugh rising above the sounds of onslaught outside. She screamed, "You're too late! The boy is gone by now! Dead Probably! I hope not…. I need a chance…" Whatever she said was interrupted as Dumbledore stunned her, a few seconds after her nose had been broken at the hands of Lupin. Dumbledore quickly pressed a portkey into her hand, not risking her escape. He was sure it would cause them quite a shock at the ministry when her body was suddenly dropped in on them. He could only hope that they were in the middle of a very intense meeting.
"Only then did Dumbledore notice the body of Vernon Dursley slumped on the stairs behind him. The man was clearly dead, neck broken and blood staining the carpet beneath him. A shotgun was still held loosely in his grip. Albus felt sorrow for the man, assuming that he was only trying to protect his nephew. Remus paid no attention to any of it as he rushed his way up the stairs, stepping over Vernon's body in the process, and reaching the door containing the many padlocks. They opened it quickly, only to find the room empty. Harry Potter was gone.