Little Warrior

By RocketFAN

A/N: This is just a short poem I wrote after watching "The Clone Wars". It is told through Anakin's P.O.V and is referring to Ahsoka (in case you haven't already figured that out!). He reflects on their journey together as she is granted the level of Jedi Knight.

Impressive little warrior

With your striking eyes of blue

Your never cease to amaze me

And I'm very proud of you

As time has passed

I've watched you grow

And taught you everything I know

You've come so far since we first met

All those years ago


I just can't help but smile

As you show me all you've learned

You always rise to the occasion

And my respect you've earned

Your eyes sparkle with every challenge

Shine with every test

Your something special

Smart and brave

Ahead of all the rest


You've grown on me, little one

The truth, without a doubt

Although it wasn't my idea

I'm sure glad that it worked out

For I've learned a lot from you as well

My fearless Padawan

You have helped me understand the power of a Master/student bond

You taught me things about myself

That I didn't even know

But the most important thing I've learned

Is how to let you go