Setting: Season 2, episode 7, "Must Find Toes"

Pairing: Conrad/Nancy

"What are we gonna do for two hours?" Nancy asked. Her and Conrad were in her house,-not the one where she actually lived, but the one where she kept her pot weeds-now waiting for the pot she just used to wear off so she wouldn't be going home high with her kids there to see her. She never wanted them to see her like that.

"Oh, I know what we could do, Baby." Conrad reached down and took her hand in his, helping her stand. "But it's not something that your husband would want."

Conrad still didn't trust Peter. He didn't like him either. He really had no problem sleeping with another man's wife; he HAD slept with Cecilia. He didn't think Nancy would go for it though. He had never hit on her before unless he was joking. He doubted she even realized he was being serious.

"It's just a business deal, Conrad." She wasn't in love with Peter yet. She was getting close, but she was not quite there. Peter had said his last wife had cheated on him…Peter had also said that Nancy was two times smarter than her though, and this didn't seem like such a bad idea to her. "He won't find out."

Conrad decided that this was just an effect from the pot. Or that he was just attracting a lot of rich, white women lately. Either way, he took her hand and led her over to the couch. They had two hours to kill, so they had better get started.

A/N: OOC, huh? I just wanted to write this pairing. Then when I got to this episode, I couldn't help myself.