My first ever Mortal Instruments fanfic. I read these books and completely fell in love with Alec and Magnus... Just oh my lord, so adorable.

So here is a scene from City of Bones, where Magnus goes to heal Alec after his poisoning from Abbaddon (the greater demon).

Magnus POV

I was sitting with Chairman Meow, watching some re-runs of a show I'd loved in the 50s, when a bright flame flashed in my face.

I swore. Fire messages rarely meant anything good, and they definitely meant I was going to miss the end of my show.

I gripped the scorched bit of paper, wincing a bit as the still-hot paper burnt my fingers. Normal flame, unlike the blue fire of magic, could still burn me, even kill me. The message was written in the formal script I'd come to associate with Nephilim, and read:

High Warlock of Brooklyn,

One of my young charges is grievously injured, and requires assistance immediately. Please attend to him at your earliest convenience, as the matter is urgent.

May the Angel bless you,

Hodge Starkweather.

I sighed. At my earliest convenience? It's never convenient to go to the Nephilim Institute, and frankly, the place gives me the creeps. Hallowed ground and warlocks don't mix.

But the request must be pretty desperate if they were calling me, normally Nephilim had their own ways of healing. I had only been called to heal Nephilim thrice since getting the position of High Warlock, over a hundred years ago.

I got up, brushed the cat fur from my pants, and called a taxi. The healing was going to take enough out of me as it was without trying to travel magically. I fixed up my hair, clothes and makeup; I had time, and there was no need to look scruffy. Or you know, mundane.

A loud honk sounded from outside, and I stepped out onto the street, and into the waiting taxi. The driver glanced back at me to bark a gruff, "Where are you...". He'd clearly seen my attire. I guess he wasn't accustomed to seeing so much glitter on one person, let alone a man. As far as reactions go, his was pretty tame.

I rolled my eyes and said, "The old cathedral down by Kent Road. Do you know it?" He nodded uneasily. He probably thought I was going to go paint symbols on the walls and corrupt it with my heathen ways, or perform some dark ritual, which as far as some people were concerned, I was. He shifted into drive, and slowly pulled away from the curb. He continued his steady pace in the quick-moving night traffic. It figures that in an emergency, I get the only sane taxi-driver in New York.

I tapped on the dividing glass and said, "Do you think you could speed up a bit? I'm in a bit of a hurry..." He shot me a half-irritated, half-terrified glare, but sped up infinitesimal amount.

We finally reached the Institute, where I gave the driver a hefty tip, and a wink, just to freak him out a bit. And indeed, I got the desired result of a panicked expression and a hurried exit. I snickered and hurried up the Institute steps, trying to ignore the voice in my head (which sounded a lot like my father) that whispered, "abomination...not welcome here...sinful creature..."

I shook off the shudder fighting to make its way up my spine, as I strode down the long dark corridors. Something was off here, something felt dark, although fortunately not demonic.

"Hello, anyone here?" I called out, focusing my magic to my fingertips, so that blue sparks dripped from my swinging hands. An urgent female voice called back, which I recognised as belonging to the pretty dark-haired Nephilim girl at my party. "Who is it?"

"The Most Magnificent Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn. I was called to heal a young Nephilim?" If this was some teenage prank, heads were going to roll. But something about the solemnity of the air told me something was seriously wrong.

"Magnus! Please! Come quick! Alec's really hurt, he got attacked and poisoned by a Greater Demon!"

I swore again, now running towards the sound of the girl's voice. From memory, Alec had been the devastatingly pretty, blue-eyed boy from my party. I had told him to call me and gotten no response, but something about the innocence I'd sensed from him (so out of place in a trained assassin), made me expect I wouldn't be hearing from him. Pity, a face like his was wasted if he didn't use it.

I reached the open doorway of the room where I saw a girl with a pool of black hair, wiping the brow of a sweating, groaning boy, who was barely recognisable as the pale, handsome boy from my party. His face was red and clenched with pain as he writhed on the thin bed.

I motioned to his sister, "Come on, up you get, I need to work on him alone." I tried not to sound too impatient, but I could feel the life slipping away from him. She stood up, sniffled, and gripped my hands with a bone-breaking grip, not even seeming to notice the sparks, "You save him...or I swear, I don't care about the Accords, I'll kill you."

I gave her a condescending look from my superior height and said, "Little girl, I can't save him if you don't let go of my hands and leave. Now."

I understood she was worried, but there was no need to be rude.

She barely looked shamed. She let go of my hands, and strode towards the door, saying as she went, " my big brother..." She closed the door with a smooth click.

Hmm. Sad. I poked my head out the door. "Just for curiosity's sake, what demon was it exactly? It would probably speed the healing process if I didn't have to figure out what type of poison it is."

There was an audible sniff, and then in a broken voice, she said, "Abbaddon."

I swore, and sped back to the poor boy's bed. This would need some strong stuff to get that out of his system. I started chanting some basic detecting spells, trying to see how far the poison had spread through his system. I winced when I saw how wide-spread the damage was. It was beginning to make his internal organs fail, his heartbeat irregular as it pumped thick lots of black poison mixed with his blood. This was going to be nasty.

I had slowly been building up the power in my fingers since arriving, and now my hands appeared to be covered in blue flame. I couldn't make the poison vanish, such a sudden shock to his system would probably kill him, and would drain me too much to do anything to stop it. No, this was going to be the long, arduous task of slowly drawing the ichor out of his body, which due to the necessity of doing it speedily meant I was going to have to do the nasty business of drawing it through his skin, seeping out of his pores. He was going to have to exfoliate pretty thoroughly once I'd finished, demon poison would clog his pores like you wouldn't believe.

Hopefully I could concentrate it in one area, rather than it all just pouring out from everywhere. Less mess and embarrassment for him in the long-run. I placed my hands on the area I wanted it to come out of, and closed my eyes.

Normally healing was simple, as you simply found the broken part and fixed it. Poison was much more tricky, as poison really wants to stay in the body, and you need to make sure you get every last bit of it. Plus the lack of eye-contact would make keeping a connection to his state of being a lot more difficult. I settled for relaxing, and spreading my sense of calm to Alec. I sensed, rather than felt, his breathing slowing and his body temperature lowering from the dangerous fever it was running before. No sense in his body burning his reserves, it was going to need them for the healing.

I focused on locking in on the demon's poison, trying to feel every particle of it. It felt disgusting; like the mental equivalent of squishing your way through a bog. I tried concentrating small parts of it to push its way out of his skin. Black, thick demonic poison started oozing through his pores, and I melted it away before it could touch my skin. I may be half-demon, but a touch of that stuff and my power is drained in an instant. Nasty stuff.

I worked through the night, occasionally having to stop to regain my energy, until finally, after doing a complete screen of his body, I was certain every little last bit of poison had left his system. I made sure all his systems were working, and finally his sleep appeared natural. Then I collapsed.

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