Hello friends! Long time no see!

No, "What Alec Forgot" is not going to be continued, BUT, I do have a 200 ficlet which very strongly relates (oh, who am I kidding, it's a continuation!)

And all you need to do to receive this tasty nugget of Magnus hilarity?

Review this little A/N!

Or alternatively, go to my new story (also Malec fluff, probably fluffier than this), and read and review that instead!

Hope you enjoy the extra bit.

P.S. yes, I do acknowledge that I am totally storypimping. And I will only acknowledge because 1. it's blatant, and 2. I get to write "storypimping"


Some readers have seen this as me saying that What Alec Forgot was unfinished and that I won't be finishing the story. Let me be clear, just to prevent misunderstandings: What Alec Forgot is complete as of the last chapter, and has been finished for going on a year now. This A/N is just to say that I have an added ficlet that you can read simply by the virtue of reviewing! So I hope you do, because I really enjoyed writing this story, and the ficlet, and I hope you all have enjoyed/will enjoy reading them!