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"Status report Mr. Sulu." Jim said as he entered the bridge and took a seat in the Captain's chair.

"We are presently on course Captain and will be arriving at Earth in 10.25 hours sir."

Captain Kirk's First Officer exited the turbo lift and crossed the bridge to take his place at the science station as Lieutenant Sulu gave his report. Kirk flashed the Vulcan a bright smile in simple acknowledgment and received a slight nod of the head in return from the stoic Vulcan.

"Keptin, if I may, Lieutenant Commander Scott and I sink zat we have arrived at the proper calculations to modify ze warp drive in such a way zat we could in effect, cut ze rest of our travel time to Earth in half. Which would be a wery good way to first test ze theory. If eet works, we ken implement it on long term missions after our leawe."

"Thank you Ensign Chekov, I admire the work you and Mr. Scott have been doing on our warp capabilities, but it's only 10 more hours. I know you're anxious to get home Pavel, but we can test it out when we leave Space Dock in a month. Besides, that will give Scotty another month to perfect the formula right?"

"Whatewer you say Keptin, but if you change your mind we are ready."

"Duly noted Ensign. Thank you."

"Captain, I have Admiral Pike on the comm. for you." Nyota Uhura stated curtly.

"Put it onscreen Lieutenant," the Captain said, flashing her a smile and wink, which she rolled her eyes at. It was a schtick with them.

The viewscreen filled with a the image of Admiral Christopher Pike, who was apparently sending his communique from his home, as he was sitting at the desk in his home office.

"Admiral, to what do we owe the pleasure…." the young Captain started before trailing off at the pinched look on the admiral's face. "Okay obviously we have bad news, please tell me that the executions are on schedule."

"Yes Jim, they're on schedule. Karnikov's is tomorrow, and Kodos a two days after."

"Okay, then what's up, that you couldn't wait another ten hours to tell me and why are you calling from home and not your office?"

"Jim, maybe you better take this in your ready room, or even, your quarters," the Admiral suggested, looking furtively back and forth between the Captain and his First Officer. Whatever he had to say, it was personal. Spock crossed the bridge to stand next to the Captain's chair.

"Dad what's wrong? Where's Mom? Is she okay?"

"Your Mom's fine Jim, she's in the other room, and before you ask, your brother and his family are fine too. Nothing is wrong exactly it's just….well it's complicated okay?"

"No, not okay. The look on your face tells me everything is not okay, so whatever it is, just spit it out." Jim directed his father before looking nervously at his husband and First Officer who had now placed a comforting hand on Jim's shoulder.


"Don't Jim me. We are running skeleton crew's so that everyone can get packed for their leaves. Look around Dad. It's just me, Spock, Nyota, Pavel and Hikaru. Whatever you are gonna tell me, I'm gonna tell them anyway, so just say it."

"In that case maybe you should call Leonard up to hear what I have to say too, it will save time."

"I'm on it…" Nyota said from behind him. She also called Scotty and Kevin Riley.

"Look Jim, we've had a bit of a development today, one that's going to directly affect you and I'm just not sure what to think of it, or how to tell you, but your Mom said I better do it now, rather than have you find out when you get here. It's going to be the middle of the night San Francisco time when you arrive."

"I'm aware of that. What's the development?"

Just then a child's voice came from Pike's left and he turned to it. Jim assumed one of his brothers kids must be there until a curly blond headed tot appeared on the view screen and ran to Pike."

"Grandpa, Grandpa, look what I drawed."

Pike lifted the toddler, who appeared to be around 3 years old onto his lap and looked intently at the drawing, smiling at the boy. Jim's Mom, Winona Kirk rushed into the room after the boy and tried to take him from the Admiral.

"Too late for that Wy, I thought I told you to keep him in the other room till I called you."

"I tried Christopher, but he's so fast. He just got away from me. Um…. Hi Jimmy, Spock, everyone." Winona said as she looked up at the viewscreen on the wall of her husband's home office.

"Hi Mom. Who's the kid?"

"Well that's what your Dad and I wanted to talk to you about Jimmy."

Jim was afraid to hear the answer they had for him. The minute the toddler had appeared Jim sensed an air of familiarity about him. The curly blond hair looked familiar, but more familiar than that, were the crystal blue eyes that mirrored his own. The child's nose and mouth were more than a bit familiar as well. Just then the child looked up at the view screen.

"Hey I know who that is. You showed me pictures Gramma, that's my Daddy huh? Hi Daddy, I'm David." The boy said before going back to work on his drawing.

Jim blanched. He'd known it of course. Looking at the child was like looking in a mirror 20 some years ago, but it still made him sick, because if that child, David, were his, then he knew who the child's Mother was too.

//I'm gonna kill her.// he said through the mindlink he shared with his bondmate and husband.

// Do not rush to judgment T'hy'la, let us hear what Christopher has to say first.//

//Oh come on, you know it was her just as well as I do.//

//I suspect it, I do not know it.//

"Well I guess that pretty much summed it up for you. Sorry Jim, I wanted to break it to you a little more easily." Pike said.

"Yeah, well, nothing you can do. Hi there David," Jim said as nicely as he could. "Whatcha drawin?"

"A picture of Gramma and Grampa and Zoe. I like it here. It's lots better than on that crummy space station with that nanny. Gramma says you and Spock are comin' here tonight and I get ta meet you. I can't wait."

"Yeah we sure are sport. I um…. can't wait to meet you too…"

"Wy, why don't you take David back into the other room and let me talk to Jim for a minute."

"Good idea, come on David. Let's go draw another picture. This time maybe you can draw it for Daddy and Father, and come back in and show them before they have to hang up okay?"

"Okay, what you want me to draw you Daddy?"

"Um… anything you want kiddo." Jim said as he swallowed hard.

"Okay." The boy said cheerfully and jumped off his Grandfathers lap to follow his Grandmother into the living room.

"So, lemme guess. You had a visit from Carol Marcus today?"

"Yes we did. And you see the result. Did you know about David Jim?"

"No. Let me make that perfectly clear, I did not know about David, nor did I have any kind of affair with that…. that… woman… at the academy that would have resulted in her getting pregnant with David. IF and I stress IF she actually had him naturally and didn't grow the poor kid in a test tube, she impregnated herself artificially. She insinuated that she procured enough of my DNA to do so when she broke up with me in college.

Cut to the chase, why is David with you? She flat out told me that if she did have my DNA and decided to use it, she'd never tell me. Bitch."

"Jim" Nyota said sternly.

"Yeah Jim, I mean I know you hate her guts, but David might hear you." Bones said from behind him. He'd arrived on the bridge in time to hear David introduce himself to his Daddy.

"Fine, I'm sorry for calling the cold hearted Bitch the name she deserves to be called. I won't do it again. Dad?"

"She didn't give us a lot of details or a lot of choice Jim. It was take David, or she was giving him up for adoption."

"Adoption! She….she…that…UGH… Why did she have him if she didn't want him?"

"Apparently her parents were frustrated at her lack of interest in marriage and wanted grandchildren. She made some kind of deal with them, that she'd have a baby if they would help her raise it, and take the child when she was off planet, and they agreed."

"So why would she want to give David up then. Where are her parents and what do they have to say about this?"

"They're dead Jim. They died in an accident almost a year ago. Carol has been asked to head the Meta-Genome project on Starbase 47, and with no one to leave David with in her own family, well, we are just glad she came to us first and gave us the opportunity to say we wanted him. She says she'll sign over parental rights if you want her to Jim."

"You're Damned right I want her to. I don't want my son ever going near that…. her… again if that's the way she feels about him. He's better off without her. Let her go gallivanting across the galaxy experimenting with meta-genomes and bionano technology. Let her figure out how to create life where there was no life. Hell if I care what she does, just as long as she stays away from me….and my son."

"Our son." Spock corrected him offhandedly.

"Damn straight our son." Jim said still furious but reaching up to place a loving hand over his husband's.

"Well I'm glad you feel that way. About David I mean. Your Mom and I were afraid you wouldn't want anything to do with him when you found out how Carol…well…you know."

"It's something I've suspected for a while Dad. She tried to tell me something at my Commendation Ceremony, before I officially took Command of Enterprise, but I wouldn't listen to her. I wish I had now. I'm sure she was trying to apologize now, and tell me about David. How old is he? He sure is smart, and articulate, for being so little."

"He'll be three next month Jim. His IQ is off the charts. I think she bio-engineered him a little. There's no way to know. With you both as parents he would have been very intelligent no matter what."

"Yeah but if Carol Marcus is going to do something, she's going to do it right. She probably did bio-engineer him."

"I don't know about that Jim. I think she artificially inseminated herself, but she had to have had him naturally. It's hard to bio-engineer in the womb." Bones stated.

"How do you know she had him naturally?"

"You remember when we discussed why she was gone for a term from the Academy? And I told you that Dr. Puri told me it was a personal leave, health related?"

"I remember, it was on the road trip, when we were all talking about her and Jim got so upset. When we were on the way to Bozeman." Hikaru interjected.

"Exactly. Look don't get mad at Spock but he confided in me about the panic attack you had the night before and that it had to do with Carol. Anyway, when we got back to work, and we were doing nothing but supply runs during the trials, I was bored off my ass. I did some digging, read her file, found out she left the academy because she was pregnant, and that she gave birth and stayed with her parents for a while, and then left the baby with them. Never knew who the Father was, but I knew you hated her and hadn't slept with her, so I figured it didn't matter, which is why I never told you."

"I wish you had."

"Me too, but I was digging into something that was none of my business anyway, using my clearance to do so, and had no reason to think you needed to know Jim."

I know Len, I know. If I'd confided in you about what she said to me about my DNA back at Z.C.U. you would have put two and two together and told me. It's nobody's fault but hers. Don't worry about it.

"I guess all that really matters now Jim is that David's okay and he's with his family where he belongs. We can work out the details while you and Spock are here, but your Mom and I would be happy to keep him here. George and Aurelan will help out when they can."

"Or I kin make sum modifications to your quarter's Jim. There's plenty o room to put a bedroom back where Spock's old bedroom used ta be yaknow. I know he's usin it as a meditation area now but it wouldnah be that hard to convert it and put the walls and door back in instead of the screens." Scotty offered.

"And you'd have plenty of help with him Jim. We'd all pitch in. There are other kids aboard enterprise now, and Starfleet encourages families to stay together where they can, especially for deep space missions, which is what we have coming up next." Nyota chimed in.

"Thanks everybody. We'll discuss it while we are on leave and decide what will be best for David, but I appreciate knowing that you'll all support whatever decision we make."

David came back in to show them all a drawing of him with Daddy and Father, which is what he'd decided to call Jim and Spock. They were all standing in front of what was obviously a farmhouse, so Jim's Mom must have shown him pictures of the place in Iowa.

Jim raved over it and Spock gave his approval as well, complimenting David on his use of colors. Bones said he liked the way Spock's ears looked nice and pointy.

They wrapped up the vid conference and Jim and Spock thanked everyone for their support again and then excused themselves to their quarters where they could discuss the matter in private for a bit.

Spock had been acting oddly all day and seemed to be restless and hiding something from Jim. Finally he admitted that he was not feeling his best so Jim got him to go lie down and went back to the bridge to finish out his shift. At the end of Alpha shift he came back to find that Spock had finished their packing and had dinner ready for him. During their meal Spock ate very little and was unusually quiet. Jim was starting to get worried.

"Are you coming down with something?"

"I do not know, I do however feel oddly tired and a bit queasy."

"Maybe you better go see Bones now, so that if you do have something you won't get David sick. We'll be there in an hour you know." Jim said as he stood and went over to replicate himself an after dinner drink. He needed a drink and picked a strong one with a pungent odor.

"I was under the impression that we would be arriving at earth at approximately 3:42 a.m. Pacific Standard time Jim. It is now 7:28 pm Pacific time."

"Yah I know, but after finding out about David, I went ahead and let Pavel and Scotty modify the Warp drive and it worked. We've been going twice as fast since then."

"I see." Said Spock standing and then wobbling a bit.

"I see? Are you okay, hey, what the? Are you dizzy?" Jim said rushing to Spock's side, drink in hand."

"I am fine, I was momentarily dizzy yes but….what are you drinking? The smell is…." Spock stopped mid sentence and paled. Then he took off like a shot for the bathroom and Jim could hear him retching. He looked at the drink puzzled then sat it down and hurried to the bathroom to see if Spock was okay.


... to be continued....