Chapter 1-The Beginning of the End

The super mutants slowly lumbered passed James and Fiona, their guns at the ready. James whispered to Fiona,"Are you ready to die? I'm sorry it had to come to this." Fiona answered, "It isn't your fault it's the president he said this was the right cause. James why did we take the job?" She started whimpering.

1 Year Earlier

James fired 1 single bullet from his .44 magnum it hit with perfect efficiency. The centaur's head flew off with a gut wrenching crunch. James laughed a sick, laugh. Fiona shot another but missed. James pulled out a super sledge, dodged a gunk shot from it and crushed it down on the centaurs head crushing it and its body into millions of pieces of flesh. James laughed louder, "Beginners mistake Fiona. Just try not to let that happen in real problems. You wouldn't want to miss a Deathclaw or Mutie now would you?" Fiona answered, "I guess not James, sorry. If you're done training maybe we could train on our loving skills it's been ages." James replied, "Later, look the Enclave have been needing mercs for a long time but to get in you have to bring a deathclaw head. Now do you want to get paid more, have better weapons and armour and have a place to live with clean water and medical supplies?" Fiona nodded looking sad. "Well then we've got work to do.

The next day they set off for a hunt. They were going to the deathclaw sanctuary. As they entered the cave they noticed a piles of body's strewn everywhere. They slowly crept past a sleeping deathclaw and drew their weapons...