Allen was just transferring into this new school, "Black Order High School". It was somewhat of a prestigious high school, Allen was there as a scholarship student. The 15-year-old boy had finally been given lease to do what he wanted to do.. Away from Cross, away from his debts, and away from the lifestyle that he had lived with the older man. Allen sighed, just thinking about his childhood wasted with that hoodlum.

He lived in a small, run-down apartment that most people didn't think of inhabiting. However, Allen wasn't picky -- as long as he had a place to sleep and a roof under his head, he was fine. To make matters worse, he supported himself with two part time jobs. One was at a gas station, where the owner was nice enough to let Allen work underage. His other job was delivering parcels, or packages.

He worked anywhere from 30 to 60 hours a week. It mostly fell towards the latter though, working full hours just to support his rent, tuition, and living expenses.

It was all worth it though, to be away from his adopted father, Cross. He shivered, teeth chattering at the mere thought of living with his "shishou" again.

"..Are you okay?" A feminine voice interrupted his thoughts, Allen looking up to see a girl around the same age as him -- her hair tied up in pigtails that trailed behind her. Her name was Lenalee, if he remembered correctly?

"Y-yes." Allen said, momentarily having forgotten where he was at the moment. Lenalee, who had identified herself to be the student council secretary was guiding him around school.

"Yo, Lenalee! Almost done yet?" A red haired male with a slim figure appeared from behind them, slinging an arm around both Allen and Lenalee. "Not yet." Lenalee said with a small smile. "Eh?" Allen asked simultaneously, wondering who this person was. Obviously a friend of Lenalee's..?

"Nice to meetcha!" The male addressed to Allen, with a crooked grin. "I'm Lavi." He held out a hand to Allen, Allen looking at the strange figure for another moment or two. Well, it wouldn't hurt.. Allen thought with a smile of his own as he shook Lavi's hand.

"I'm the student council prez, so you must obey me at all times!" This chocking statement from Lavi was accompanied by an "Owwwwww."

"Who's exactly the student council president?" A voice snarled from behind Lavi. Allen was startled to see someone else having approached them. Everyone was coming out of the woodworks today, weren't they?

But.. He couldn't help staring at the last male. His slim yet decidedly male body.. With long tresses of dark blue hair trailing behind him in a ponytail. He left his uniform unkempt, his collar left open to hint at the muscular ridge of his chest. "Baka." The mysterious male said with a tch.

"Ma~~ Yuu. I can't believe you hit me." Lavi complained, finally breaking Allen's thoughts. He was hiding behind Lenalee though, Allen noticed. "Well, some stupid prez doesn't do his work." Kanda said in a dangerously low voice that threatened mutilation of the usagi rabbit. He turned around, only to see Allen. Now, Allen was face to face with this person named.. Yuu?

"And who might you be?" Kanda examined the younger boy for a mere second, apparently having decided that he wasn't worth his time.

Allen felt a tick go off in his jaw, but answered with "My name is Allen.". The Japanese male merely gave him another glance, he either didn't bother or didn't care enough to pursue the matter.

"Anyways. Come on Lavi, we've got a gig." The older male didn't seem too happy about it, stomping off.

"Gig?" Allen questioned, Lavi looking back at Lenalee and Allen. "Hey! Sorry for this but I gotta go." Lavi put his hands together, bowing his head down apologetically. He was in too much a rush to stay though, running after Kanda, who was disappearing down the hallway.

Both Lenalee and Allen stared after the two males for a couple of seconds, before Lenalee turned to the British male. "It's not common news yet, but both Lavi and Kanda are part of a well-known band."

"Band and student council?" Allen commented with a slightly admirable tone. "Well, I've been taking care of things a few times now and again." Lenalee said, her tone slightly rueful. She was the student council secretary after all.

"Do you help them with band too?" Lenalee debated the question.. "Let's go, Allen." She resumed her walking, and the tour of the school she hadn't gotten to finish. "O-oh. Right!" Allen stumbled, following after her. The question was lost in the midst of directions, as Lenalee pointed out the cafeteria, the buildings for certain ranks, and other various things about the school that was important.


"What d'you think of the new kid?" Lai asked abruptly, in their dressing room. "Mm?" Kanda turned around, in the process of tying his lock locks into a ponytail.

"Y'know! Allen!" Lavi's words were exasperated, wondering if Kanda even remembered. "Don't babble on about trivial things." Kanda responded curtly, picking up his guitar. They would be making a performance at a local club in a few minutes.. All Lavi and Kanda should focus on was doing their part of the music.

For what seemed to be the millionth time, Kanda told himself that it would be over soon. Except for the fact, where he had to endure screeching fans who seemed to portray their endless love for the two band members. Tch. Performing music had turned from a troublesome habit into a unpleasant never ending dream for the samurai.