I was inspired to write this by my love for kid!fic and also by The Girl From Shangri-La's wonderful fic 'A Logical Progression'. That fic is already doing what I'm attempting to here, better than I can. XD

The baby was so small that Sarek was afraid to hold him. That was logical. It seemed as if Spock could get lost in or unintentionally broken by his hands, he was so delicate. Amanda had no trouble scooping up their son. In fact, she did it often, despite Sarek's admonitions that too much physical contact would inhibit his unemotional development. She just shook her head at him and told him that Spock was half-human and human babies needed to be held by their mothers.

She made Sarek carry their son home to the house in ShiKahr. He couldn't object; she looked so worn after the long labor. And he wasn't really upset. He was inordinately, illogically, pleased at Spock's small weight against his chest. He decided that some contact was necessary to establish familial bonds.

However, once Spock started to grow up, Amanda's sentimentality started to become a hindrance. Though she had promised and agreed to raise Spock in the traditional Vulcan manner, that is, without emotion, Sarek found her frequently smiling at their son in his play. Even laughing.

"Amanda," he said gently, one evening after they had put the newest member of their family to bed, "you must refrain from such emotional outbursts."

She sighed. "I know. I'm sorry. But when I see him, I just… I get so happy!" She turned to him then, her eyes warm and her lips turning up at the corners. "Don't you feel it?" She touched his hand. "He's almost walking. He pulled himself up on the couch today." She looked into his eyes. "I know you feel it."

Sarek could not lie to her; she was his wife. "Yes, I do." He returned the touch and turned it into a chaste meeting of their fingertips. "But I do not show it. That is what Spock must learn."

"I'll try to curb my enthusiasm." She was teasing him now, but her meaning was sincere. That was all he could ask for.

"Come, my wife. To bed."

They ascended the stairs together to the master bedroom and prepared to sleep, Amanda stopping to check on the baby curled in the crib beside the bed. She had finally, after months of anxiety, learned that it was normal for a Vulcan baby to sleep quietly. She'd spent quite a few nights running to the side of the crib to check that he was still breathing at all. Now she just smoothed back the wisps of dark hair and gazed at the tiny fingers wrapped in the blanket.

"Good night, Spock." She slipped out of the robe she was wearing and into the light nightgown that served as her pajamas. Sarek was waiting for her on the bed, and he made room for her slight form beside him. "Good night, love."

"Good night, Amanda." He turned out the light and they both settled down to slumber.