Arrg. I've been busy with Heatsink; forgive me. XD Oh. I know so far I've been doing one chapter per year of Spock's life (did you guys pick up on that? o_o), but since this particular episode would also have happened when he was seven, I'm making an exception. Because I really wanted to write this one!

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He was looking forward to the meeting, though he knew he should not be. That implied that he was emotionally invested in the outcome. But still, he sat forward in his seat in the flyer and tried to keep his heart rate down.

He was meeting his intended. She was from a well-off family, in the same social class as his own. These things did not concern him. He wondered if she was pretty, and held onto his mother's sleeve.

What would she say? How would she act?

What was she like?

Did she perform as well as he did in school? Did she derive the same satisfaction from completing puzzles and writing reports? From observing? Translating?

Did she like music?

Did she like art?

Would she like him?

Romantic love was not a concept that belonged anywhere in his state of being. He was too Vulcan, too young, to be concerned with a feeling he didn't understand. He was concerned about compatibility.

(And maybe the existence of cooties.)

The flyer landed outside the compound of her family, and he got out hurriedly to stand by the gate. He was nervous and he didn't want his parents to see. He was nervous, and he wanted to hide behind Mother.

They were greeted by a contingent of very proper Vulcans who, to their credit, managed not to sneer at the human Amanda. This escort led them through the halls into the courtyard of the great house where his betrothed awaited. She was dressed in white, a prim little figure with large dark eyes. Her name was T'Pring.

He looked at her, observed her, drew conclusions about her as the venerable T'Pau, the elder at the ceremony, spoke with his father. T'Pring regarded him stonily in return. Her lips were faintly colored, as were her cheeks, and her eyes had a kind of gleam to them. She was a pragmatic individual.

She was utterly cold.

T'Pau placed her hands on their foreheads and, like that, the ceremony began. He felt the bond form between him and T'Pring like warm rain running down his face. Suddenly there was a connection, a togetherness. It was to be incomplete, as Father had said it would be, until his time of mating. He did not know how to react to that.

T'Pau removed her hands, her fingers grazing his ear as she pulled away. He gazed at his betrothed and tried to access the new thread between them, but she did not meet his touch. She was looking at the flowers in the garden boxes, plucking the petals off one by one in her mind's eye.

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