Katie's POV



Fucking hell.

My head screamed.

Why the hell did we have to do it there?

Why the fuck didn't we check the cubicles?

Why the fuck did we do it again and again?

I thought as i clutched my throbbing cheek.

Emily gave a mean slap.

I'd never seen her that angry.

That hurt.

That betrayed.

She was right though.

I treated her like shit, as i heard myself say to her "Not gay. Stupid." over and over again in my head, like a tape recorder.

Was i saying it reminding myself how much of a bitch i was to Emily?

Or because i was reminding myself i couldn't be gay? I just couldn't.

I stared at Effy, who was crying softly to herself.

I couldn't understand the need i had to go over to her, and console her.

To hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay.

Tell her she'd be fine.

Tell her it didn't matter about what people thought.

Before i knew it my legs began to carry me away.

Towards something.

I pulled the door open slowly, catching quick glances over my shoulder.

With one last glance back towards Effy i left the toilets.

Tears stung my eyes as i walked down the corridor.

Why was i crying?

'Cause of Emily?

'Cause she slapped me?

Or 'cause of Effy?

My mind went over it in my head begging it not to be the last one.

I'm not gay. I'm not.#