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"Yip yip!" Aang shouted and Appa, his furry flying bison took off. They were just enjoying the day off Sokka had given them. Laughing out loud in the deep blue sky, Katara stared at them for a brief moment before heading back towards their makeshift campsite.

Back at the campsite, Sokka and Toph were arm wrestling, with Toph winning each time.

"Ha ha! I win. AGAIN!!!" Toph said as Sokka hung his head in defeat. Zuko was doing nothing in particular. He was staring at the sky when he saw Katara at the corner of his eyes. He sat upright and muttered a "Hello" to Katara.

Aang came back with Appa. He had a great time.

"So, what should we do now?" Aang asked everyone.

"I don't know. Lie around doing nothing I guess," Katara answered. She knew they were supposed to do nothing, but something told her that something special was going to happen. Not that she knew of it.

"Well then, I think I'll get some rest. We have to be ready for tomorrow." Sokka marched to his sleeping bag. He was missing a lot of sleep lately, and now was the perfect time to get more rest!

Just then, something fell from the sky onto Sokka's feet. "Ouch!" Sokka screamed, holding his injured foot in pain.

"What's that?" Katara asked, picking up the "something", which was actually a scroll. There were words which were unfamiliar to them, but somehow, Aang knew what was written.

"Prepare for the twirl. This might hurt." Aang translated. They looked at one another in surprise. What did it mean?

Suddenly, the scroll jumped out of Katara's hand and onto the floor. It opened, and suddenly, everything was a blur to them.

They were being sucked into the scroll.

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