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"This is your apartment?!?!" Naruto shouted, not believing his eyes. In front of them, there was a more than an apartment. Five large rooms were in the apartment, one for each of them. The living room was equally big too.

"Well, Lady Tsunade would never let her honored guests sleep in a small house," Sakura said in defense. It was true about that point.

Toph was the first one to run into the living room. She lay on the sofa, her hands tucked behind her head. "Man, this is sweet! It's even better than the ones at home!"

"I'd say, if this house was a little more bigger, it would have been as big as the Hyuga compound," Neji remarked, impressed. And he was rarely impressed with anything.

Aang's gang then went to check out their rooms. All their rooms were almost the same size: king-sized bed, lots of extra space, things like that. But Aang's room was different; his room was way bigger, which he guessed was for Appa and Momo to sleep in too. (By the way, they had picked up the two along the way to their new apartment.)

It was already dark when they finished exploring their whole house (Or mansion). By now, all their stomachs started to growl, asking for food. Since nobody wanted to go eat ramen, although Naruto kept pleading for it, they all voted to eat whatever was cooked.

"Alright, there's some vegetables, eggs…" Sakura rambled on as she took out the ingredients from the cabinet one by one. Katara thought for a while. "Hmm… I think I can make us some soup and a little something else…"

Katara found a pot big enough for all of them to have enough soup. Then she thought of how to make fire.

"Um… excuse me, but how do we make the fire?" Katara asked.

Sokka heard that, and acting smart, he replied, "Ask Zuko to firebend silly!!!"

"Oh I thought of that, but what if we burn down the house? Will you pay for the damages?"

It's not like I'm a beginner firebender, Zuko thought.

Katara and Sokka continued quarreling about the issue until Sakura cut in. "Guys? You know, there is a thing called a 'stove'? Yeah, you can cook it there," Sakura said nervously as she pointed to the stove.

The siblings looked sheepish. "Oh."

Katara poured water into the pot and let it boil over the fire. She then mixed the ingredients together using her waterbending. Finally, using her waterbending again, she poured the soup into bowls for them to drink.

Team Kakashi and Team Gai were all astounded. So this is the waterbending I've heard about, they all thought.

Soon, all of them sat at the large dining table slurping up the soup. Five minutes later praises could be heard.

"This is amazing!!!"

"I'm already full!!!"

"This is the best I've ever tasted!!!"

"Could you cook more of these?"

Katara blushed. It wasn't everyday people praised your food.

Maybe coming here wasn't too bad after all…

Kakashi yawned as he stepped into his cosy home. After taking a quick shower, he went into his bedroom, where he prepared to read his perverted book before calling it a day. He got onto his bed, and his hand stretched out to grab his book. But instead, he found a scroll on top of his book. Next to it, there was a note.

Kakashi frowned. There wasn't any note before. Shrugging that off, his eye scanned the note he was now holding in his hands:


I'm giving you this scroll so that you would understand why I chose them.

- Tsunade

Kakashi moved his eye over to the scroll. It was tattered and torn, the paper already yellowish. It was definitely old. He picked up the scroll and opened it. Inside read:

Training The Avatar

When the Avatar is being trained, it is best for him/her to be trained by a special person. That person is preferably a Jinchuriki. The more special a person is, the better the Avatar is trained. Below is the list of types of people who are best to train the Avatar :

The list went on. Kakashi scanned the list.

People with silver coloured hair? No.

People who could use the Sharingan? No.

People who read perverted books? Definitely not.

People who trained a Jinchuriki, the last Uchiha and a brainiac? Also a big no.

Kakashi finally realized why Tsunade had chosen them to lead. They were perfect. He just couldn't figure out 1 thing – why was there a scroll on training the Avatar? As far as he knew, no Avatar had ever set foot onto Konoha before. Maybe there was, just that he didn't know.

But if there was 1 thing he was certain about, it was:

You will lead the Avatar to success, Naruto.

The next day, Team Kakashi and Aang's gang went to the training grounds to begin training. Team Gai had a mission on that day, and Lee wasn't exactly feeling… youthful about it. He didn't complain, but the look on his face was clear that he wanted to continue following the others around. Neji and Tenten noticed this too, but they just pretended not to see it.

Right before anyone started, Toph grabbed Aang, Katara, Sokka and Zuko into a heated dicussion. They stood in a circle, whispering to one another. Team Kakashi looked at them nervously. Was there something wrong?

After a few minutes, they looked up. Most of them looked uncertain, except for Toph. Team Kakashi wondered what they were discussing before.

Toph started by saying, "Since you guys are our guides and great ninjas, we figured that it wouldn't hurt if you trained with us a bit. I mean, if you just sit down all day seeing us train, it wouldn't be fun at all, would it?"

Team Kakashi looked at one another, as silence hung in the air. They all knew what Toph was talking about.

"You're saying…" Naruto said.

Toph smirked, which in their eyes, was not a good sign.

"We wanna fight you."

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