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Chapter 13

Moonpaw didn't know what to do. She liked Shadepaw. She wanted to go. But she couldn't bring herself to move her paw. The air was freezing cold. It was leaf-bare, and snow drifted down from the sky. When moonhigh came it started snowing, and Moonpaw couldn't feel her paws anymore as she stepped cautiously onto the pure white snow. This snow is whiter than Whitetail's pelt, thought Moonpaw as she recalled the thin, warm pelt of the small white warrior. Moonpaw decided that she was going to go meet Shadepaw no matter what. No matter what Wingfeather might think, she thought bitterly. No matter what that voice thinks or says. She shuddered. Quietly she sneaked pass the only two other apprentices who were snoring away outside. Hivepaw and Fernpaw didn't budge when Moonpaw passed them, to Moonpaw's relief. The moor was all quiet except for a howling of the cool winds looming over the dead grass of leaf-bare.

She slipped away easily, for her pawsteps were soft and steady. Trees shaded her silver pelt, and when she reached the border ShadowClan and WindClan shared, she saw that Shadepaw was waiting patiently, grooming his fur quietly. The half-moon's moonshine dappled his pale gray pelt, which was covered in snow, making it glimmer in the murk. His amber eyes gleamed when he saw her coming.

"You came," he breathed, his warm breath visible in the freezing atmosphere. Shyly, Moonpaw nodded, and Shadepaw pressed his muzzle against her cheek with joy. Moonpaw flushed bright red. His grin was wide, and he nudged Moonpaw to move. Shadepaw led her through the shadows of pine trees, when Moonpaw's teeth began to chatter and she sneezed. Worriedly, he glanced at her.

"Let's don't go there tonight," Shadepaw decided, staring at Moonpaw with anxiety. "It's too cold. I'll show you that place another night." Another night? Moonpaw thought. She was surprised at the ecstasy that overwhelmed her when she realized something: Shadepaw wanted to meet her again. Again, she quivered in the cold. Looking concerned, Shadepaw pressed against her, and Moonpaw was surprised at how warm he was. She pressed against him as well, making the young tom beam. Moonpaw ignored it and concentrated on keeping warm. Snowflakes drifted from the dark sky.

Shadepaw broke the awkward silence. "Well, how's it going in WindClan?"

Moonpaw just shrugged. She wasn't going to make WindClan sound weak, although they were all growing thinner and thinner because of leaf-bare. "Pretty well. What about ShadowClan?" Shadepaw ignored the question and stared into her dark blue eyes.

"We're almost out of prey. An elder has died," he then meowed grimly. Moonpaw was surprised he was so honest with her. Didn't he think about his Clan? However, this made her slightly delighted. He even preferred her over his Clan? Was that possible? Could she prefer him over WindClan? No, she sighed. That is against the warrior code… But she wanted to break the warrior code. She already broke it by meeting Shadepaw, but she felt like breaking it thoroughly.

"I can't believe we're doing this," Moonpaw suddenly whispered softly, her silver pelt ruffled in the snowy breeze. She stared up from the crack between the pine trees, and searched for the half moon. There was no moon. The snow had clouded it entirely, and Moonpaw glared at her paws. Shadepaw blinked in wonder. He cocked his head curiously.

Glimpsing at the silver apprentice, he nipped her ear gently. "It's okay," Shadepaw mewed. "As long as we're together." His exquisite amber eyes sparkled with passion. He really doesn't care about his Clan? Moonpaw found herself flushing wildly, and hoped that the snow was so heavy Shadepaw couldn't see. She certainly couldn't see much. The snow was becoming a blizzard, and it swarmed. However, the pine trees did block some snow, so it was less snowy in the shadows. Moonpaw sighed.

"I have to go now. The snow is getting very heavy. You should go home too…" Glancing at the ShadowClan tom once more, she darted away fleetly, leaving paw-prints behind. She was so bewildered when she returned to camp that she accidentally bumped into Whitetail, who was on guard.

The small white warrior blinked her yellow eyes. "What? Where were you, Moonpaw?"

Caught off guard, Moonpaw quickly meowed, "I-I couldn't sleep so I slipped away from the apprentice's spot. I thought I could hunt, but while I was looking for prey, it started snowing. Now it's almost a blizzard, so I thought I should come back." She fixed her eyes on Whitetail, trying to look innocent. The white warrior seemed to have accepted her excuse.

"Okay. Next time you should tell me first, or whoever is on guard. Go back to sleep now. I might have to tell Onestar about this snowstorm…" she looked thoughtful for a moment, and then flicked her tail, dismissing Moonpaw. Immediately Moonpaw sighed in relief as soon as she was three fox-lengths away from the warrior. That was close. She slipped back to her nest, and trembled, snow still stuck on her pelt. How could WindClan sleep when it was getting so snowy? They slept in the open moor, and it seemed like Onestar would have to start building dens shielding the Clan from snow this leaf-bare. Irritated, Moonpaw got up and used her tail to sweep off the snow on her sleeping spot. She lay down. It was still cold, too cold for her thin fur. So she scrambled to Fernpaw and Hivepaw, who were deeply asleep, and snuggled beside them. It was slightly warmer when she swept the snow away and settled beside them.

She tried to sleep, but things other than the cold were bothering her. How could she sleep properly, when she was doing a deed that may harm her Clan by meeting Shadepaw? But I need to meet him, she suddenly thought. Was she actually in love with him? How was that possible? I met him. I do like him. She tried to blink herself to sleep but it was no use either. Suddenly she remembered the voice. Did that mean Wingfeather knew about her and Shadepaw? Her heart was filled with shame. I'm so sorry, Wingfeather. But she couldn't help it. The voice… what was it, anyway? Abruptly, she was afraid of sleeping. When she slept, she would dream. When she was awake, she had to suffer with her thoughts.

Nowhere was truly safe.