E/O Challenge: "Spent"

Sorry this is ridiculously late, I was away all weekend with no computer access…probably the same deal next weekend, but I'll do my best. Just a little tag to Sex and Violence. Standard disclaimers apply.

I'm working on a new story, probably out by the end of August, but until then there's still two chapters of Solitude to read and review, if you like!


Dean had gone out; Bobby had decided that Sam's need was greater just then. Having a doorknob shoved into your back made it difficult to do much but sit upright, unmoving, on the motel bed.

"You could go with him, make some cash."

A shaky breath. "It'd all be spent on booze by morning, anyway."

Sam was still as a statue, pain passing over like a shadow, its non-existence pretended.

"I wish I had been able to stop myself. I didn't want to say it, any of it."

"But did you mean it, then?"

Neither of them wanted an answer.