Back to the Future Z

#0. Prologue.

I'm back after a LOOOONG time absent (writing that is - I WAS reading and reviewing!
And I come back with a sketch for my possible new crossover between BTTF and DB/Z/GT!

DBZ-verse is actually OUR Earth but it's like the 2001-st CENTURY!
You know, nuclear wars, other disasters.
So, the idea is that:
1. All weird looking earthlings are basically human mutants (much like X-Men!
2. Sayajins are the mutated descendants of a loooong lost space expedition (from the 1001-st century) AND so are Namekseijins and ALL other "aliens"!
3. Kais and Kaioshins are also some descendants of a lost space expedition (this one even earlier - year 5000!
4. The technology level is somewhat weird because the history had its twists in weird directions during those TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND years!
5. DeLorean has no "time jump" limit at all!
6. etc...