Cammie POV

Hmm. I woke up to the most comfortable feeling ever. The thing was…I had no idea where I ended up falling asleep. I open my eyes and shifted a little. I then noticed I was asleep on the couch NEXT TO ZACH!! Mmmm…He's so warm! Ahh snap out of it Cammie. I turned to my left to see if I could get off the couch without him noticing…What I didn't notice was that there was no more couch left and I ended up falling eating the floor. Ouch!

Zach: ?

He turned to smirk at me…

Zach: Tsk Tsk Tsk Gallagher Girl. You're a spy. You should be more careful than that.

My little mishap woke everyone up. Hah Everyone was kind of embarrassed that we ended up falling asleep with each other.

I hopped up and tried to play it off. It totally didn't work. Bex was snickering and Macey had an amused look on her face. Liz was giggling and the boys were all saying, "Ugh. Why'd you wake us? It's too early!"

I walked over to the kitchen and fished out some cereal and milk. I sat down and turned on the tv to MTV and ate. It was nice and peaceful until Zach decided he wanted to "wake up" too and come eat with me. Eww. I probably look disgusting!! But not Zach. Oh no. He looked hot…like I just woke up and I shook my hair and i'm sexxay! Ha. I kind of let a small smile play on my lips.

I rinsed out my bowl and walked into my bedroom to put on a bathing suit. I wanted to have a subtle glow for my first day of school tomorrow. I slipped on a red white and blue swimsuit. It looked like a sailor bikini. So cute. I grabbed a towel, my sunglasses, sunscreen, and a few magazines.

When the girls saw me, They all jumped up and said "Wait. I'm coming too!"

It was already about 2 PM. We did go to sleep like really late and we drove like all day after all. Macey and Liz were lounging on the Chases next to the pool while Bex and I were on Floaty bed type things in the pool. We were all talking and laughing and trying to consider what we would wear for school and what sports we'd join. Apparently, the school was really big on Sports. The AP classes would be a breeze. I mean, really, I'm doing doctorate degree math in the 11th grade. Macey was dead set on becoming a cheerleader. Bex wanted to be one too, so we all made a pact that we'd all try out. I would join the volleyball team, while Bex would join the wrestling team, Liz would join the soccer team, and Macey would join Lacrosse.

I heard the door open and when I opened my eyes the sun was too bright, and…it was too late. Zach and Grant had already jumped in the pool. It was pretty funny. Bex got grant into a headlock and I was trying really hard not to laugh. I sort of expected this.

This was nice. Hanging out with my friends, having fun, not having to be a total psycho path and have everyone hate you because I'm becoming OCD. Yeah, this was a nice change. It was good to be back.

We messed around for a while, finding a way to climb onto the room and jump into the pool and taking pictures. Macey put the camera on auto shot and we got pictures of all of us. She got one good one of Zach and I smiling, and she got on of us laughing together, and another of us staring at each other like we were the only people on the planet. I so needed a copy of that.

At around 6 PM (Okay…so it was actually 5:56 and 24 seconds but I'm supposed to pretend Not to be a spy remember?!) We got out of the pool and went to take showers. When we came out, we were all changed and sitting on the couch. Macey announced to the boys that we'd be going to the mall and if they'd like to come.

The boys agreed and we were off. When we got to the malls and had the cars parked, Bex said "See you boys later."

Grant: Where are you guys going?

Liz: Why, Grant, That is classified information.

Go Liz!!

Jonas: Aww…Lizzie. Come on, At least tell me where you're going so I won't be worried.

Bex: Yeah Right. Don't give in to his puppy dog eyes Liz. She'll be safe with me Jonas. We'll be back.

"Guys…Where are we going?" I asked. Really curious!!

Macey: We're getting haircuts of course!!

She said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Too bad I didn't speak Macey.

Zach POV

So we get to the mall, THINKING we're going to hang out, I mean come on, we're like on Mini Vacation. We don't have to do spy stuff, and we can act normal. But I do not speak girl, so I guess even "normal" girls are complicated. I thought it was just spy girls.

The guys and I walked around the entire mall, pretty bored might I add. We were walking passed this jewelry store when I saw the most amazing looking necklace. It was a locket. I told the guys that they could keep going and that I'd catch up with them later, and if they met up with the girls, to tell them I was in a sporting good store, NOT a jewelry store. I looked pointedly at Grant. He could never keep a secret.

I was snooping around and I saw a small machine next to the sales man.

"Do you engrave on the spot?"

"Sure, But it'll cost you a bit extra."

"Money is no object sir, I'm going to need this necklace and on the inside, I'd like it to say, "Gallagher Girl, My heart is forever yours."

I want this picture put on the other side, and on the back I'd like it to say "Love, Blackthorne Boy"

"Yes sir."

I waited there for 20 minutes, looking around and then he was finally done. I turned to look at him and he was gift wrapping it in the most delicate silk cloth in a small blue box with a little bow tied around it. (it was almost like the Tiffany's blue, but not.)

I went to the cash register and paid, leaving the man a 50$ tip. This was perfect.

I walked out to find the guys sitting on a bench eating pretzels. I sat down next to Alex, and he handed me one, and we sat there waiting for 5 minutes before the girls showed up.

Cammie POV

Finally, our haircuts were done. Geesh, I didn't know It took so much effort to trim my hair and bangs, but it did. But of course, we got our hair styled, I wanted to see how long it'd take for Zach to notice my haircut.

I spotted Zach sitting on the bench a few feet away from the exit of the hair salon. Tsk Tsk. We could totally sneak up on the boys, and BAM we'd catch them off guard.

We tiptoed behind the boys and before I could do anything, Zach abruptly turned and kicked my feet out from under me so that I was in his lap laughing, well scowling is more like it.

"Gallagher Girl. Don't you know that you can't sneak up on me?"

"A girl can dream."

"Nice haircut, by the way."

"Huh?" I tried to play dumb.

"Oh, don't try and act dumb with me, I can tell when you look different, even if your hair was only cut about 2/3 of an inch."

"Haha, I was waiting to see how long it'd take you to notice. And see you tipped off all of your friends about it too."

"Come on you silly girl, lets go home."

When we finally got home, we all started to get our books and stuff together, I made the lunches for tomorrow and made sure to put some pocket litter in my purse.

We were looking for outfits to wear tomorrow too.

We ended up falling asleep around 10 PM. After all, school did start at 7:40.

I decided on a pair of skinny dark wash true religion jeans, with black tory burch flats, and a red wrap around cashmere sweater. My backpack was a blue and darker blue element one from Zumiez, and I grabbed a small louis vuitton purse.

Macey decided on a pair of dark citizens jeans, with dark colored sperry topsiders, and a white flowing top, she looked like a supermodel as usual. She had a black multi colored vera Bradley backpack and an oversized Chanel purse.

Bex decided on a pair of destroyed Abercrombie and Fitch Jeans, a green flowing top, and a pair of chloe flats. She had a black Hurley backpack and grabbed a small coach purse.

Liz decided on a pair of dark wash 7 jeans, Brown Ugg boots, and a pink cashmere short sleeved top. She had a brown dolce purse and a white vera Bradley backpack.

We were playing the rich teenagers after all, and I think we looked the part. I let Bex and Macey play Barbie with me, and I told everyone to put all our workout clothes in one bag, since today was cheerleading tryouts. How convenient.

When I walked out into the living room, I saw the boys and my heart almost stopped when I saw Zach. Wowza, he was looking good, and he smelled good, and I was trying really hard not to stare, start swooning, or have my legs turn to jelly. He looked amazing, wearing khaki pants, a light blue polo, and a pair of boys sperry topsiders, with a simple black backpack, he hair disheveled in the hot guy kind of way and his teeth were pearly white.

I think he knew I was checking him out to, because his little smirk was plastered on his face, but he was totally checking me out too, his eyes always gave him away.

I strolled over to him and said, "well, you don't look hideous."

"Ouch Juliet, that hurts my ego."


"ooh, sorry, we just got our cover names. You my friend are Juliet Clark, I'm Ryan Craven, Alex is Matt Fields, Jonas is Kyle Allison, Grant is Mark Johnson, Macey is Felicity Reaser, Liz is Madeline Scott, and Bex is Katy Whering.

"ooh. Haha, thanks for the heads up, I guess I didn't even think to look at my driver's license."

"Well let's get going, we have to get to school on time. Remember guys, we don't want to be found, blend in, act rich, and lets have a good time."

"Agreed. We're like on vacation. Let's make our freedom count."

We drove off to school. This was going to be a hell of a time, pretending to be normal. But of course, we are spy's, so we always have to stay on our toes, never let our guard down. I was so excited for my "new fake life". I couldn't wait to see what would happen to us in the next few months, if they'd ever catch those bad guys who were after us, we had promised to stay out of trouble after all, but where is the fun in that?