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At the hospital, House was still a snaky bastard, the same as before he and Wilson became a couple. He wasn't nice to his team, he still made jokes about Cuddys ass and he still stole Wilsons food and came into his office whenever he felt like it.

But there were subtle changes, that unless you knew House & Wilson you wouldn't pick up on.

Like how House gave Wilson a comforting arm around the shoulder, and how they often stared at each other during conversations. However, at their apartment, behind closed doors, it all changed.

House would walk through the door and find Wilson in the kitchen. Setting his cane against the cupboards, he embraced Wilson from behind and planted several kisses on his cheek, ear and neck.

"Sorry I'm late - patient crashed, made me stay and figure out why." House said into his shoulder. Wilson turned around and pulled his face towards him for a kiss.

"It's fine, don't worry," Wilson whispered against Houses' lips as they broke apart. "I already… ate dinner… did you get anything?" He continued, punctuated by soft kisses from his lover.

"Stopped off at a rest stop. Coming to bed?" Wilson nodded, gave his lover his cane and led him to their bedroom. Making short work of changing into just their boxers, they got into bed and faced each other. House smiled and sighed, much to the confusion of Wilson. Hi simply brought his hand up and cupped the side of his face.

"Just thinking about you." He explained, to which Wilson blushed and reached up to cover the hand on his face with his own. Then he gave House one final kiss before turning over. House moved over and slung his arm around Wilsons waist, laying his head at the back of his neck.

They savoured their time alone, especially House. Behind the closed door of their apartment, they made their own little world.

And neither of them were planning to leave it just yet.