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It was 2 in the morning, and I couldn't sleep. I'd tried everything from making a milky drink to reading a book, to no avail. In the end I gave up on sleep and just curled up against Wilsons side and relaxed.

It was actually rather nice, and I couldn't help but smile at the domestic-ness of it all. I would never of thought I'd be in this kind of situation with anyone ever again after Stacy left, let alone with my best friend. I can still remember the night we started our relationship, 2 and a half years ago…

It was in the middle of the night. I was having a nightmare, that I don't think I'll ever forget. Wilson was here, with me in my bed, kissing me like there was no tomorrow. Then there was an echoing click of a gun being cocked. Wilson broke away from the kiss to slowly turn his head to the doorway. There, pointing the gun at us was Tritter.

With no emotion showing on his face, he fired the gun and shot Wilson in the chest. I screamed, then he vanished. I immediately applied pressure, though I knew it wouldn't save him. Nothing could now. As he looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes I couldn't hold back any longer and let the tears flow down my cheeks, to which he covered my hands - covered in his blood - with his own. As he slipped away from he I wrapped him in my arms and stroked his hair.

I woke up to Wilsons face staring worryingly at me, hands on my shoulders. I immediately hauled him onto the bed and buried my face in his chest, sobbing my eyes out and grasping at his shirt. Wilson instantly cradled me in his arms and whispered soothing words to me, gently and slightly rocking me.

"Ssshhh… hey, what's wrong?" I heard you shouting and moving in your sleep so I came in here to see if you were okay…?"

Taking a few deep breaths, I explained as best I could my nightmare - even the bit about us kissing - , to which he held me even closer.

"We can look at security systems tomorrow if you want? And I'm not going anyway, okay? I love you too much to just leave you." My breath caught in my throat at that last sentence.

"I.. I love you too." I gasped out, wiping my tears away with his shirt. He stayed with me that night, and in the morning made me pancakes like it was a normal day.

As embarrassed as I am that I was found so emotional, I'm so glad that we've made it work. As I felt the first few pulls of sleep, I pressed a soft kiss to Wilsons neck, and sighed with contentment.