Dr. Leland gazed over the Arkham rogues assembled for group therapy.
Most seemed bored; a few, like Prof. Crane, sneered at her. But Harvey Dent was different. He was leaned forward slightly in his chair, watching her. Big Bad Harv wouldn't do that; he'd have leaned the chair back against the wall by now. She gave him a small smile; perhaps today she could make some progress on healing him?

Two of the female guards brought in Pamela Isley, and stood guard over her so that she wouldn't try to "recruit" any of the men for her latest scheme. But Pamela was behaving herself so far; she was paler than usual, thanks to two days in Solitary.

Dr. Leland gave Pamela a reassuring smile, trying to put her at ease. Then she cleared her throat and began. "First off, I'd like to discuss the incident in the Rec Room three days ago..." she started.

Prof. Crane arched an eyebrow. "Incident? She was endeavoring to rip his eyes out, you mean?" he interrupted.

"Neither of us did anything to her!" Harvey protested, wincing as the several small bandages on the right side of his face shifted. "She just hates us..."

"Once you murdered them, your fate was sealed!" Pamela hissed back at Harvey.

He blinked, confused. "Murdered who?!"

"The wild thorny roses!" Pamela started to leap from her chair, but was intercepted and forced to sit again by the guards. "It was your idea, your penitentary, that killed them -- tore them apart and buried them under Man's materials!" She pointed an accusing finger at Harvey.
"And they were the last of their kind!"

Harvey reeled back, then yanked the Coin from his pocket and flipped it. He looked down at it, then back up at her with as sorrowful an expression as he could manage. "...why didn't you say so?!"

He stood, pacing back and forth as he would have before a jury. "If I'd had any idea that the construction site was threatening endangered species, I wouldn't have allowed it to happen. I'd never allow such a breach of the enviromental laws -- not on my watch!"

Pamela's jaw dropped; this wasn't what she expected at all. "Really?!"

"Of course!" Harvey stated firmly, turning to face her. "But it's too late now; the evidence is destroyed, and whoever was ignorant -- or corrupt -- enough to do this has escaped to threaten other wildlife."
He shook his head sadly. "Not that it matters; even if we had the evidence still... who'd believe us?"

Pamela looked up to him. "You -- you mean that..?"

Harvey started to offer his hand to her, but was stopped by her guards.
"Yes, I do."

"I -- I'm not feeling well. If I could go back to my cell?" Pamela asked Dr. Leland, sounding a bit shaken.

"All right. But I do hope you'll be better soon?" Dr. Leland replied as the guards led Pamela away. ~And maybe she and Harvey will be better soon?~ Dr. Leland thought.