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Chapter One: Tan Jackets

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Two men in high end suits walked across the parking garage and into the elevator. Ichigo was leaning against a column the hood of his tan zip up jacket pulled up, his hands in the pocket of his black jeans. Orihime was humming softly playing in her purse like she was trying to find her keys, her skirt swishing as she twisted her hips lightly, smiling at the two men who grinned at her lustfully. Ichigo rolled his eyes waiting for the elevator doors to slid closed, and they did.

Ichigo nodded at Orihime who turned her back to Ichigo, keeping watch with her large brown eyes. Ichigo sniffed and knelt down, picking at the lock on the 2010 Mazda-3. The car was a dark blue, with black out windows. It would heft a couple thousand, or it could be broken down at a chop-shop and get double it's value whole. Ichigo pulled the door handle and it opened with ease, and no alarm sounded. People thought that because they parked in a parking garage they only had to lock the doors, they hardly thought to set the alarms. Their loss, Ichigo's gain.

"Nice Ichi, six seconds," Orihime chirped as Ichigo slid into the driver's seat. He unlocked the passenger door and let Orihime in.

He didn't say anything, only worked on getting the engine to roar to life. Ichigo hit the accelerator just to test the engine as it started. He smirked, maybe he'd be cleaning this car for himself. He slammed his door and put the car in gear and pulled out of the parking garage, honking at the third man of the team, the big bulky guy who had been sent to distract the girl in the booth. Chad or Sado gave a nod as he and Ichigo exchanged quick glances before Ichigo speed the car off down the street.

"Call Ishida, tell him to have the garage opened," Ichigo ordered and Orihime pulled her phone from the pocket of her tan zip up jacket and flipped it open. Ichigo wore the same jacket, but over his he had a dark brown suit jacket.

Chad had been wearing one too, and Ishida would have his on, or tied around his waist, if he was working.

Each member of their crew had traits in their outfit, unique to their own personal style, but the tan jacket was a common piece to all four members. They were known in the crime world of the city for their work, respected for it. Not only were they known by their work but also by their matching jackets. They had the largest share in the business of stolen cars and things relating to the field. They did chop shop work, re-working; which was basically taking all identifying pieces and creating new ones. You asked for a car, they'd get it to you.

"He's waiting," Orihime said, but the tone of her bubbly voice was off, and Ichigo caught it.

"What's wrong?" Ichigo asked.

"We have a guest," Orihime said.

"Did Ishida say who?" Ichigo asked tightening his grip on the steering wheel. He wasn't worried about cops, they've never made a mistake. But if someone was moving in on their territory, Ichigo knew he'd be in another very blood fight for claim, the last thing he wanted was to go home to his younger sisters covered in blood with broken bones again.

"A guy in a suit," Orihime said.

Ichigo and Orihime exchanged glances.


When Ichigo pulled the car into the garage, Chad was sitting on the couch, although he looked relaxed, Ichigo could tell the hispanic was tensed. Ishida was sitting on a creeper, the flat cart that went under cars that the mechanic could lay on. Ishida's glasses were pushed down on his nose, the thin man had his tan jacket around his waist, meaning he'd been working when the strange businessman had come in.

Ichigo then turned his attention to said man. He stood at least six feet tall, taller then Ichigo, but shorter then Chad; all in all though a tall man. His body was fit, evident from the clothes that he wore which laid on him very flatteringly. He was dressed in a pair of black trousers, his dark blue button up shirt had the first two buttons undone. He had dark brown hair combed back, minus a two strands that hung in his face. His eyes were calculating, deep and intense.

"I take it that BMW M6 is yours," Ichigo said unimpressed, he'd stolen a few of those. Two just last week now that he thought about it, a client asked for them, cleaned and repainted.

"Yes," The man said.

Ichigo glanced at Ishida and Chad, then finally at Orihime, all of them wanting to know the same thing, but none of them going to ask, unless Ichigo said it was okay.

"If you want to know why I am here, you only need to ask," The man spoke with a sly tone, and a charming ease.

"How 'bout we start with who you are," Ichigo said, sitting on the arm of the couch. He glanced at Orihime who gave a soft nod before heading up the stairs to the loft, Ichigo would fill her in later, but for now, she had things to do.

"Sosuke Aizen," The man said.

Ichigo's eyes went wide for only a second as he looked at the crime lord he had only heard rumors about. This man was legend in the city, most of all with criminals, no matter how petty. The list of things Aizen could do seemed endless, and he didn't get caught, not that it really mattered. He had money old and new, plus ties in politics, he could kill someone on camera, and not go to jail for it. "What do you want with some small timers like us?" Ichigo asked, trying to sound uninterested and calm. Ichigo didn't want anything from this man, knowing Aizen's help always had a catch. He also was going over the thought of denying this many whatever he had come to ask. But bad things usually happened to people who didn't do what this man wanted.

"I've heard great things about you," Aizen said, Ichigo straightened up, lifting his chin. "I must say I'm impressed, your groups work is swift, clean, and highly efficient. I own several of your 'Cleaned' cars myself, including the one parked in front of your shop,"

"I'm glad you like it," Ichigo said. "Do you need an upgrade? Maybe something a little flashier?" Ichigo asked. He didn't want to tell the man out-right to get lost, but he didn't want him in his shop either.

"I'm very happy with the car that I have now," Aizen said putting his hands in his trouser pocket, relaxing his stance slightly.

"I'm glad," Ichigo said.

"Your friends are rather quiet," Aizen said with amusement.

"We are a quiet group," Ichigo said.

"A good trait," Aizen said.

"What do you want with us?" Ichigo finally asked, tired of Aizen.

"Have you ever thought of expanding?" Aizen asked.

Ichigo's lips twitched into a scowl. "Sorry, but we are a four man operation, we'd like to keep it that way. Small means less possibilities for leaks. No need for expansion, we're doing fine,"

Aizen only smiled. "A pity, under new management and with some.... job security, there's no telling how well your business might flourish," Aizen looked at Ichigo, who lifted his chin again.

Ichigo knew a threat when he heard one, and exchanged glances with this two friends, but neither's look told him to change his words. "Thanks for showing interest in our work, but we're fine," Ichigo said.

Aizen's eyes took on a slightly unnerving glint which Ichigo would never admit affected him. "It's a pity, no one told me how rather.... pretty the Ryoka leader was if something were to happen, prison would not be a nice place for you," Aizen winked at Ichigo, making the teen's cheeks flush with embarrassment and anger. Aizen smiled, and walked from the shop.

The sound of a car's engine could be heard through the cracked shop door, then silence.

"That arrogant fucking prick!" Ichigo growled jumping off the armrest of the couch and went over to the shop door, hitting the button so it slid closed. His cheeks and chest puffed out as he glared at the metal door. "We have to clean shop," He said turning to Ishida and Chad. "Chad, how long do you think it will take to clean the two cars we've got right now?" Ichigo asked.

"Two days," Chad said.

"Ishida, can you get our computers cleaned quickly?" Ichigo asked.

"You don't have to ask," Ishida said.

"All clean, like new," Ichigo said going up the stairs two at a time until he was on the loft. He went to the safe and knelt down and stared at it, wondering if he should clean it out, or just leave the cash in it, there wasn't enough money to raise alarms if police went. There wasn't any paper work on the illegal parts of th business, just that of a regular car shop. But the fact that all of the teens were underage and/or runaways would get them thrown back into foster home, or back to their not so friendly families.

For Ichigo, it would mean him and his younger twin sisters separated and sent off. Ichigo's parents were dead, and Ichigo had been pretending to be his father, when it came to the girls' schooling. He himself had dropped out of high school at first he'd been working as a night clerk at a convinces store, then moved to a body shop, from their he started his own business with his three closest friends. Ichigo wouldn't allow his sisters to be taken away.

Ichigo stood, gritting his teeth and leaned over the railing to look at Chad who had moved to work under the hood of the car they had just brought in. Ishida was sitting at the computer desk, erasing any trace of anything remotely illegal, replacing it with harmless things one would find on the computer of a normal teen.


Four days past and Ichigo was jarred from his work on a legit car by pounding on the metal garage door.

"Police, open up,"

Ichigo straightened, wiping his blackened hands on his dirty ripped jeans then went to the garage, he opened the regular door. "Can I help you?" Ichigo asked putting his tool in his back pocket.

"Police we have a warrant," A police officer came over, holding up a thick group of papers.

"Come in, we've got nothing to hide," Ichigo said.

"We need you to open the garage door," The police said.

Ichigo merely nodded and hit the button on the wall. Ten police officers in uniforms ushered in, two men and a woman dressed in suits followed behind.

Ichigo read the warrant carefully, they were looking for stolen cars, stolen car parts, computer or paper files things of that nature.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Ichigo asked following the un-uniformed officers up to the loft.

"Sit down and shut up," One of the men said. Ichigo sat on the railing, watching as the police searched threw everything. He suppressed a laugh when a police officer opened a file on the computer and the sounds of a woman moaning filled the shop. He'd have to give Ishida a raise for that. The police officer who had opened the file was sputtering, blushing and trying to close the file, taking a very long amusing two minutes or so.

For over an hour, Ichigo sat by and allowed his shop to be searched from top to bottom, he got up from hip spot only to grab a soda from the fridge, and that was only to annoy the officers, he sipped it slowly, an expression of enjoyment present on his face.

His amusement was however cut short, when one of the detectives turned his attention on him.

"So tell me, Ichigo," The detective growled. "How old are you?" He asked.

"Nineteen," Ichigo lied.

"Have id on you?" The detective asked.

"Left my wallet at home," Ichigo said.

"How did you get to work?"

"Same way I do everyday, walked and took the sub," Ichigo said.

"Where's your boss?"

"On business," Ichigo said. "Have I done something wrong?" He asked.

"No," The detective said bitterly.

"Well, I have to get back to work, there's an electrical system that needs my attention," Ichigo finished his drink, and tossed the bottle in the blue bin next to the the detective. "I don't get paid by the hour,"

The detective sneered, following his comrades from the shop. Ichigo went to the door smiled at them, before punching the button so that the garage door slid shut nosily.

Ichigo inhaled deeply, sure he and the others had gotten away this time, but that was because Aizen took pity on them and gave them a few days head start. Next time, the crime boss wouldn't be so merciful, and Ichigo and the others would have their hands full.

He was glad that he told the others to take the day off, being right about the day the police would come knocking. It seemed he was going to have to play a game with the devil, but he'd have to talk to his friends first.

Ichigo scowled and chewed the inside of his right cheek and crossed his arms over his chest. They'd be laying low for a few weeks, and Ichigo weighed the chances of Aizen showing up again, or if he'd be searching out the crime boss to form this very interesting love hate relationship.


End of Chapter One

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