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Chapter Nine:

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Aizen was leaning against the side of his white escalade when Ichigo came out of his shop. "What happened to not working late tonight?" Aizen asked.

"Sorry." Ichigo said walking over to his lover. He placed his hands on Aizen's hips and pressed his lips against Aizen's neck, knowing it would distract the older man. "There was a last minute walk in, she needed her car fixed as soon as possible, her father was sick and her car broke down on the way to visit him in the hospital." Ichigo explained, then kissed Aizen's neck again.

Aizen reached up and tangled his fingers into Ichigo's orange hair, making the teen tilt his head back. "You were supposed to be home early." Aizen said sternly and Ichigo couldn't help but smirk, having finally grown used to his possessive and sometimes demanding older lover.

"Having problems old man?" Ichigo asked pushing his body up against Aizen's, and feeling the other's hard cock pressing into his hip.

"You're just asking for trouble." Aizen said coldly and squeezed Ichigo's ass, making him let out a not so manly squeak, and for his face to flush. "Get in the car." Aizen ordered and Ichigo did as he was told only because he wanted to get home just as quickly as Aizen wanted at the moment.

When they returned to Aizen's house, the two barely made it in the front door before Aizen had Ichigo pushed up against the wall, and was stripping off his dirty shirt. Ichigo shivered when Aizen's hands ran down his sides and gripped his hips with bruising force.

"Wait until we're not here!"

Aizen barely pulled away to look up the stairs at Yuzu and Karin who were both walking down. They were planning on spending the weekend at Orihime's in order to give their brother and his lover privacy.

Ichigo pushed against Aizen's chest, but the man refused to move away. Ichigo eventually gave up and decided to address his sisters any way. "If you need anything just call, tell Orihime I owe her and thank you." Ichigo said, swatting Aizen's hands away from his nipples.

"We will." Yuzu said, seeing as Karin had already gone outside. "Have fun you two." She giggled and left closing the door again.

Aizen bit Ichigo's neck, making Ichigo yelp slightly and turn his attention back to Aizen fully. "Can we move upstairs now?" Aizen asked raising an eye brow. Ichigo glared at him before pulling away.

"You can sleep on the couch." Ichigo suggested moving towards the stairs, though the way he was swaying his hips and the smirk on his face was telling Aizen other wise.

Aizen simply smirked and followed Ichigo up the stairs to their shared bedroom. He pushed open the door in time to see Ichigo bent over picking up his discarded clothes from the floor. Aizen licked his lips and stepped up behind his naked lover and rocked his hips forward, pushing his straining erection against Ichigo's ass. Ichigo gasped and stood straight up.

"Look at you." Aizen said with a chuckle as he reached around Ichigo's hip to stroke his answering hardness. Ichigo moaned softly, and leaned his head back against Aizen's shoulder. "You were silly enough to pretend you wanted me to sleep on the couch, yet you're like this already." Aizen brought his other hand up to Ichigo's mouth, and ran his fingers over the seam of Ichigo's mouth, asking for entrance. Ichigo opened his mouth slowly and wrapped his tongue around Aizen's fingers and pulled them into his mouth where he sucked and licked them to get them wet. All the while Aizen stroked Ichigo's cock slowly, swiping his thumb over the head and pushing his nail lightly into the dripping slit.

Once Aizen was pleased that his fingers were coated well enough he pulled them from Ichigo's mouth and ran them between the crack of Ichigo's ass to push against the pucker waiting there for him. Aizen smiled as Ichigo squirmed but didn't fight as the first finger pushed past the resisting ring of muscles into the waiting heat of Ichigo's body.

Ichigo moaned and gripped Aizen's arm to keep himself steady as his lover moved his finger in and out of him slowly, then added a second. Aizen all but carried Ichigo to the bed where he bent him over the edge. Aizen released Ichigo's cock and put his hand to better use holding tightly to one of the smooth cheeks of Ichigo's ass. He twisted his fingers until Ichigo cried out, rocking his hips back then forward against the sheets to get friction against his straining cock.

Aizen chuckled and knelt down and added a third finger which made Ichigo moan into the sheets and spread his legs all the more. Aizen smirked and pressed a kiss to Ichigo's tailbone, before sliding his tongue down and licked at the stretched skin around his fingers. Ichigo cried out in pleased surprised and pushed himself up on his arms and turned to try and see what Aizen was doing. Aizen slid his tongue into Ichigo while pulling his fingers out and using both hands to spread Ichigo's cheeks apart. Ichigo moaned and dropped his head against his arms.

"S-Sosuke!" Ichigo whimpered and gripped the sheets tighter, but Aizen only smirked and continued to move his tongue in and out of Ichigo's hole.

Finally Aizen pulled away when he realized Ichigo had slid a hand under himself to stroke his neglected cock which was now leaking pre-cum heavily. Aizen got to his feet and flipped Ichigo onto his back. He took a thigh in each hand and moved between Ichigo's legs. Ichigo looked up at Aizen with a flushed face and dazed eyes, but slowly a smiled spread across Ichigo's lips and he put both arms over his head and gripped the bed. He wrapped his legs tightly around Aizen's waist and sighed at the feeling of Aizen's cock sliding over his.

Aizen leaned down and pressed a kiss to Ichigo's lips then trailed them down Ichigo's neck to his chest where he sucked on each of Ichigo's pale nipples until they were hard. Ichigo moaned and squeezed his legs around Aizen's body as a hint and Aizen chuckled as he nipped on Ichigo's right nipple. "Ask for it." Aizen ordered. "Tell me what you want." His voice was husky and Ichigo moaned.

"Your cock." Ichigo all but whispered breathlessly. "Fuck me Sosuke, I can't stand it anymore."

Aizen grinned and shifted until his cock pressed against Ichigo's winking hole. Aizen thrust in, and watched as Ichigo's body tensed beneath him, and his lover moaned loudly at the feeling of being so full. Aizen ran a hand over Ichigo's chest to play with the soft well kept patch of orange curls at the base of Ichigo's cock, before trailing his finger up the shaft to the shining head to spread pre-cum. He was in no hurry to end his night, and he knew Ichigo wasn't either.

Ichigo caught his breath and shifted his legs around Aizen's waist and clenched his body around Aizen's cock. "Move damnit." He hissed and Aizen raised an amused eyebrow and pulled out of Ichigo sharply, earning him a gasp and a glare.

"As you wish love." Aizen replied and thrust into Ichigo hard and fast with a snap of his hips, and quickly set up a pace which had Ichigo begging for more along with making the most beautiful sound Aizen had ever heard. Aizen leaned down to lavish Ichigo's straining neck and chest kisses, licks and sucks that would leave marks for all to see in the morning.

Ichigo began moving against Aizen's thrust, angling his hips as best as possible so that Aizen hit his prostate with every powerful thrust. Ichigo saw stars and reached down to begin tugging his own cock.

It didn't take long after that for Ichigo to cum, hot ropes of cum falling onto his stomach and hand. His intense pleasure added to by Aizen's thrusts into his body.

Aizen pressed his lips against Ichigo's as he came, pushing himself as deep as possible into his lover's trembling body. He wrapped his arms around Ichigo as well, showing his love and possessiveness of the younger man.

Aizen moved them further onto the bed and carefully laid on top of Ichigo. He slipped out of him carefully then pressed a kiss to Ichigo's forehead.

"I love you." Ichigo whispered tiredly, opening his eyes to look up at Aizen.

"I love you too." Aizen replied and pressed his lips tenderly to Ichigo's.

End of Love Hate Relationship.

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