Lawli: My first contribution to the Pandora Hearts community, and hopefully not my last. I love this series to pieces, especially Gil and Oz. 3

The following drabbles are based on prompts from the "7RainbowPrompts" community on Livejournal. The relationship between Gil and Oz can be taken as either friendship or something more, depending on your preferences. But I didn't specifically write it as one or the other.

Please read, enjoy, and leave a review if you like!

7 Rainbow Prompts
Blue Set
Gilbert Nightray & Oz Bezarius

Prompt One - Whispers in the Night

It's his first night at the Nightray manor, and the bedroom is dark. Gilbert doesn't like it. He curls up on his side, looking everywhere but at the sleeping boy – his brother? It still feels strange to say it, to even think it; he doesn't want a brother – beside him. Vincent insists on sharing a bed; he's under the impression it will make his brother more comfortable, to be with someone that knows him (but Gilbert doesn't know, can't believe this is quite the reason, and it doesn't make him any more comfortable).

He can't look at him. It's so hard to see that blonde head of hair and not reach for it; to not clutch at the small body and cry young master, young master, young master!

Vincent sighs and rolls over, and instead of the soft whisper of "Nii-sama," that actually leaves his mouth, Gilbert hears a playful call of, "Gil~!" His young master, undoubtedly up to no good, beckoning him.

Blindly Gilbert wraps his arms around him, buries his nose in the longer-than-Oz's blonde hair and tries to keep his tears at bay.